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UCF Course Reviews

University of Central Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PLA 4806Domestic Relations Law 3.33431
PLA 4607Estates and Trusts 35331
PLA 3155Legal Writing 35451
PLA 4244Community Mediation and Conflict Resolution 55551
PLA 4813Juvenile Law and Procedure 55551
PLA 3615Property and Real Estate Law 00000
PLA 4424The Law of Contracts 00000
PLA 4834Study Abroad: US/UK Comparative Law 00000
PLA 4240Negotiation Alternatives in Law 00000
PLA 4485Administrative Law 00000
PLA 4609Estate Administration 00000
PLA 4956Undergraduate Law Journal 00000
PLA 4160Law on Trial: Empirical Legal Scholarship 00000
PLA 4571Intercultural Legal Competence 00000
PLA 4830World Legal Systems 00000
PLA 3014Law and the Legal System 00000
PLA 4160HHonors Law on Trial: Empirical Legal Scholarship 00000
PLA 4511Law and Human Behavior 00000
PLA 4705Professionalism & Civility in the Law 00000
PLA 4886Sexuality, Gender, & the Law 00000
PLA 3205Civil Practice and Procedure 00000
PLA 4226Advanced Trial Advocacy 00000
PLA 4521World Hunger Morality & the Law 00000
PLA 4935Capstone: Legal Issues 00000
PLA 3951HHonors Moot Court 00000
PLA 4464Bankruptcy Law 00000
PLA 4617Urban Development Law 00000
PLA 4823Sports Law 00000
PLA 3309Criminal Procedure 00000
PLA 4263Evidence 00000
PLA 4545Military Law00000
PLA 4807Adoption Law 00000
PLA 4952Advanced Moot Court 00000
PLA 3108Legal Research 00000
PLA 4530Legal Issues of the Elderly 00000
PLA 4824Legal Issues for Athletic Trainers 00000
PLA 3871HHonors Law and Technology: Drones and Artificial Intelligence 00000
PLA 4410Intellectual Property Law and Practice 00000
PLA 4554Environmental Law 00000
PLA 4825Entertainment Law 00000
PLA 4942Mediation Practicum 00000
PLA 3871Law and Technology: Drones and Artificial Intelligence 00000
PLA 4410HHon: Intellectual Property Law and Practice 00000
PLA 4020Law and Society 00000
PLA 4436Florida Partnerships and Corporations 00000
PLA 4703Professional Ethics and Liability 00000
PLA 4861Aviation Law 00000
PLA 4022Contemporary Issues in Law 00000
PLA 4510Law and Emotion 00000
PLA 4734Advanced Legal Applications Computer Software 00000
PLA 4887Law, Social Science, and the Criminal Courts 00000
PLA 3277The Law of Torts 00000
PLA 4243Negotiation in Practice 00000
PLA 4525Disability Rights and Protections (A Legal Perspective) 00000
PLA 4843Immigration Law and Policy 00000
PLA 3306Criminal Law 00000
PLA 4864Admiralty and Maritime Law 00000
PLA 4081Rhetoric & The Law 00000
PLA 4472Employment Discrimination Law 00000
PLA 4764Law Office Practices 00000
PLA 4910Trial Advocacy 00000