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UCF Course Reviews

University of Central Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MCB 3020CGeneral Microbiology
MCB 4720Industrial Perspectives Seminar 4.35441
MCB 4312Molecular Biotechnology 4.33551
MCB 4204Cellular Microbiology: Host-Pathogen Interactions 53551
MCB 4414Microbial Metabolism 32341
MCB 1000The Invisible World 00000
MCB 3203LPathogenic Microbiology laboratory 00000
MCB 3933Biomedical Sciences Careers 00000
MCB 4276Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases 00000
MCB 4410Cellular Metabolism 00000
MCB 4603Environmental Microbiology 00000
MCB 1310Introduction to Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering 00000
MCB 3202Principles of Infectious Disease 00000
MCB 3316HHonors Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Seminar 00000
MCB 4114CDeterminative & Systemic Microbiology 00000
MCB 4207Infectious Processes 00000
MCB 4653Applied Industrial Microbiology 00000
MCB 4915Program for Undergraduate Research Experience 00000
MCB 4920HHonors Group Effort Applied Research (GEAR) 00000
MCB 2004CMicrobiology for Health Professionals 00000
MCB 3203Pathogenic Microbiology 00000
MCB 3903Explorations in Biomedical Science Research 00000
MCB 4201Microbial Stress Response 00000
MCB 4224Molecular Biology of Diseases 00000
MCB 4404Bacterial Genetics and Physiology 00000
MCB 4503CVirology 00000
MCB 4721CMethods in Biotechnology 00000
MCB 4920CGroup-Effort Applied Research 00000
MCB 4940Methodology in Biomedical Sciences 00000