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UCF Course Reviews

University of Central Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HSC 3537Medical Terminology 4.954.552
HSC 2000Introduction to Careers in Health Professions 55551
HSC 4558Pathophysiology II 42551
HSC 3147Introduction to Pharmacology 2.73231
HSC 4201Community Health 55451
HSC 3110Medical Self Assessment 00000
HSC 3432Occupational Safety for the Health Care Professional 00000
HSC 4008Professional Development in Health Professions 00000
HSC 4555Pathophysiology I 00000
HSC 4572Clinical Nutrition 00000
HSC 4930Health Sciences Seminar 00000
HSC 1931CFoundations of Leadership 00000
HSC 2921LEAD Colloquium 00000
HSC 3593HIV Disease: A Human Concern 00000
HSC 4159Medical Pharmacology II 00000
HSC 4501Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases 00000
HSC 4652Health Law and Ethics 00000
HSC 2524Introduction to Human Disease 00000
HSC 3102Foundations of Health Behavior 00000
HSC 3211Preventive Health Care 00000
HSC 3559Disabilities in American Society 00000
HSC 4158Medical Pharmacology I 00000
HSC 4500Epidemiology 00000
HSC 4553Concepts in Pathophysiological Diagnosis 00000
HSC 4564Health Care Needs of the Elderly 00000
HSC 4730Applied Health Research Methodology 00000
HSC 4943Health Sciences Internship 00000