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UCF Course Reviews

University of Central Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EUH 4465Hitler�s Third Reich 4.74551
EUH 2000Western Civilization I 24111
EUH 2001Western Civilization II 00000
EUH 2001HHonors Western Civilization II 00000
EUH 3122Medieval Society and Civilization 00000
EUH 3124The Crusades 00000
EUH 3130Medieval Knights & Age of Chivalry 00000
EUH 3142Renaissance and Reformation 00000
EUH 3180Sorcerers, Saints and Heretics: Religion in the Medieval World 00000
EUH 3180HHonors Saints, Sorcerers, and Heretics: Religion in the Medieval World 00000
EUH 3235Romanticism and Realism 00000
EUH 3242Modern Europe and the First World War 00000
EUH 3281Second World War and Rebirth of Europe 00000
EUH 3310History of Medieval Spain 400-1100 00000
EUH 3313History of Medieval Spain 1100-1500 00000
EUH 3411History of the Roman Republic 00000
EUH 3431History of Modern Italy 00000
EUH 3441Early Modern France 00000
EUH 3451History of Modern France 00000
EUH 3531Medieval Ireland 00000
EUH 3536Early Modern Ireland 00000
EUH 3538Modern Ireland 00000
EUH 3651War and Society 00000
EUH 4131European Warfare 1300-1650 00000
EUH 4283Cold War Homefronts 00000
EUH 4284Fascism and Nazism in the Interwar Europe 00000
EUH 4315History of Modern Spain 1500-present 00000
EUH 4400The History of Ancient Greece 00000
EUH 4402The Age of Alexander the Great 00000
EUH 4413History of the Roman Empire 00000
EUH 4426Sex and Gender in Antiquity 00000
EUH 4500English History to 1485 00000
EUH 4501English History: 1485-1815 00000
EUH 4502British History: 1815-Present 00000
EUH 4504English Legal History I 00000
EUH 4571History of Russia to 1801 00000
EUH 4574History of Russia: 1801-1917 00000
EUH 4576History of Russia in the 20th Century 00000
EUH 4610Women in European Society: From Medieval to Modern 00000
EUH 4610HHonors Women in European Society 00000
EUH 4620European Great Powers: 1815-1914 00000
EUH 4663History of Communism in Europe 00000
EUH 4674Sport and Society in the Ancient World 00000
EUH 4674HHonors Sports & Society in the Ancient World 00000