UCCS Course Reviews

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

ATRN 6063Athletic Training Clinical Education III00000
BIOL 3750Conservation Biology00000
ANTH 3810Language, Culture, and Society00000
ATRN 5000Foundations in Athletic Training II00000
ANTH 4710Internship in Anthropology00000
ANTH 3310Human Reproduction: Dating, Mating, and Parenting00000
BIOL 2050Nutrition for Health Sciences00000
AH 3250Women, Visual Arts, And Culture I00000
ANTH 4300Advanced Topics in Biological Anthropology00000
AH 3920Folk Arts, Folk Expressions, and Folkscapes00000
ASL 3110American Sign Language V00000
ANTH 5345Paleoneurology00000
ANTH 3210Lab Techniques in Archaeology00000
ATRN 5061Athletic Training Clinical Education I00000
AH 2800Survey: Ancient Art00000
BIOL 1060Introductory Biology Laboratory00000
ANTH 3380Evolutionary Medicine and Health00000
BIOL 3110Bacteriology/Mycology Laboratory00000
ACCT 6750Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BIOL 4230Injury Prevention And Treatment00000
AH 3460Islamic Arts00000
ANTH 4355Neandertal Cognition00000
AFAS 1020Foundations of the United States Air Force II00000
ANTH 4990Honors Thesis00000
AH 4470Art And Ritual Of The South Pacific00000
AOCC 5430Career Development00000
ANTH 5915History of Evolutionary Cognitive Archaeology Since 196900000
ANTH 3030Why Science Matters00000
ASL 4000Contrastive Linguistic Analysis: ASL/English00000
AH 1001Object and Image from Leonardo to Jackson Pollock00000
ATRN 5015Manual Therapy I00000
ANTH 3240The Archaeology and Genetics of the Stone Age00000
ATRN 6053Athletic Training Lab III00000
ACCT 6710Individual Income Tax00000
BGSO 5500Business, Government, and Society00000
ANTH 3350Forensic Anthropology00000
BIOL 1360General Biology: Introduction to the Cell Laboratory00000
AH 3000Topics in Art History00000
BIOL 3020Cell Biology00000
ANTH 3470Environmental Anthropology00000
BIOL 3240Perspectives On Biological Sustainability00000
ACCT 4600Auditing00000
BIOL 4000Current Topics in Biology00000
ANTH 4115The Evolution of Ritual and Religion00000
BIOL 4280Mammalogy00000
AFAS 1000AFROTC Leadership Laboratory00000
ANTH 4330Parasites in Human Evolution00000
AH 3850Topics in American Art00000
ANTH 4420Museums and Meaning00000
ACCT 5500Introduction to Accounting00000
ANTH 4915History of Evolutionary Cognitive Archaeology Since 196900000
AH 4030Internship in Art History00000
ANTH 5115The Evolution of Ritual and Religion00000
AFAS 2020The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power II00000
ANTH 5515The Archaeology of Numbers00000
AH 9400Independent Study in Art History00000
AOCC 5280Teams and Organizational Leadership00000
ANTH 9500Independent Study in Anthropology00000
ANTH 2220Experimental Anthropology00000
AOCC 5750Mental Health Triage and First Aid00000
AFAS 4020National Security Affairs and Preparation for Active Duty II00000
ASL 3490Internship in Applied American Sign Language00000
ANTH 3100Special Topics in Anthropology:00000
ASL 9400Independent Study in American Sign Language00000
ACCT 6600Auditing00000
ATRN 5012Injury Diagnosis and Management II00000
ANTH 3215Mapping Archaeology00000
ATRN 5051Athletic Training Lab I00000
AH 2000Survey: Special Topics00000
ATRN 6010Pharmacology and General Medical Conditions00000
ANTH 3260Agricultural Origins and the Emergence of Urban Society00000
ATRN 6054Athletic Training Lab IV00000
ACCT 4310Introduction to Accounting Systems00000
ATRN 6090Graduate Research Project00000
ANTH 3320Primatology00000
BIOL 1010Introduction to Human Biology00000
AH 2820Survey: Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo Art00000
BIOL 1310General Biology: Organismic Biology Laboratory00000
ANTH 3370Human Biology and Ecology00000
BIOL 2020Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ACCT 6730Introduction to Accounting Systems00000
BIOL 2500Plant Biology00000
ANTH 3430Anthropological Approaches to Globalization00000
BIOL 3060Human Physiology00000
AH 3210The Life and Works of Yoko Ono00000
BIOL 3220Animal Physiology00000
ANTH 3600History and Practice of Archaeology00000
BIOL 3450Anatomy and Exercise Science: Fundamentals and Applications...00000
ACCT 3020Intermediate Accounting II00000
BIOL 3840Genetics Laboratory00000
ANTH 3970History and Theory of Anthropology00000
BIOL 4200Developmental Neurobiology00000
AH 3270From Modern to Postmodern Art00000
ANTH 4210Advanced Laboratory Techniques in Archaeology00000
ACCT 2020Introduction to Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 4210Individual Income Tax00000
ACCT 6100Accounting for Decision Making00000
AFAS 3020Air Force Leadership Studies II00000
ANTH 1030Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
AOCC 5160Field Work in Counseling and Leadership00000