UCBA Course Reviews

University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College

HIST 2021The Civil War and Reconstruction00000
MA 1020Introduction to Medical Asstisting/Medical Ethics00000
ECON 1002Introduction to Macroeconomics00000
FREN 1012Extended Basic French 200000
EMDT 2050CWeb Design I00000
DHYG 1061Oral Medicine and Medical Emergencies00000
HPE 3001Health Across the Lifespan I: Adolescent and Child00000
CHEM 2031Survey of Biochemistry II00000
EMDT 1085History of Photography00000
CJ 1090American Justice: Rethinking Guilt and Innocence00000
FAA 1053Basic Printmaking for non-DAAP majors00000
EMDT 3097CProfessional Practice00000
COMM 2012Persuasion and Civic Engagement00000
GRMN 1013Extended Basic German 300000
CHEM 1020Introduction to Chemistry and Biochemistry00000
HIST 3051World War II00000
DHYG 2088CPain Control II00000
IT 2020Implications of Information Technology00000
BIOL 1005Genetics and Society00000
MA 2042CSpecialty Assisting Procedures00000
CHEM 2041LOrganic ChemistryLaboratory II00000
EMDT 2030CPhotography I00000
BIOL 1022Introductory Biology II: Life on Earth, Organism to Ecosyste...00000
EMDT 2065C3D Modeling & Texture00000
CLRS 4002Clinical Research Ethics00000
EVST 2024Global Environmental History00000
ENGL 2008American Literature Survey II00000
CODE 1011Design Aesthetics00000
FIN 2081Personal Finance00000
BIOL 2084CEcology and Evolution00000
GEOG 1021World Regional Geography00000
DHYG 1036Independent Study II: Professional Activity00000
HIST 1003World History I00000
ASL 1002Beginning American Sign Language II00000
HIST 2039History of Ireland00000
DHYG 2046Advanced Periodontics00000
HPE 1002Introduction to Public/Community Health00000
CHEM 1040General Chemistry I00000
IT 1001CComputer Applications00000
DSGN 1081Sources of Modern Design00000
JAPN 1011Extended Basic Japanese 100000
AIS 4001Technology: Promises and Perils00000
MA 2025Medical Front Office Procedures00000
EMDT 1010CMedia Design Foundations I00000
MATH 0029Mathematical Literacy00000
BIOL 1011Cincinnati Natural History and Conservation00000
EMDT 2020CAudio Production I00000
CJ 1002Introduction to Criminology00000
EMDT 2040CVideo Production I00000
AIS 4085Global Challenges for the 21st Century00000
EMDT 2060CAnimation I00000
CJ 2042Legal Issues in Corrections00000
EMDT 3035Media Assets and Law00000
BIOL 1081Biology I: Molecules, Cells, and the Foundation of Life00000
ENGL 0099Preparatory Composition00000
CMDS 1085Computer Graphics for Non-Majors00000
EVST 1012Introduction to Environmental Studies 200000
ENGL 2021World Literature I00000
CMDS 2040Branding & Identity00000
FAA 1020Painting Fundamentals I00000
BIOL 2028Introduction to Pharmacology00000
FIN 2060Fundamentals of Financial Planning00000
COMM 1010Introduction to Communication Studies00000
FREN 1002Basic French II00000
ARTH 1002History of Art II00000
FREN 1014Extended Basic French 400000
COMM 2081Business Communication00000
GRMN 1002Basic German 200000
BLAW 2085Employment Law00000
HFL 1062CYoga for Health and Fitness00000
DHYG 1043Oral Anatomy/Histology/Embryology00000
HIST 1005European History I00000
AIS 3050Law and Ethics in Professional Settings00000
HIST 2023Environmental Activism00000
DHYG 1079COral Radiography00000
HIST 2061African History II: The Rise of Globalization and Africa, 18...00000
CHEM 1030LGeneral, Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory I00000
HNRS 2090Honors Seminar00000
DHYG 2082Special Needs Patients00000
HPE 1006Consumer Health00000
BANA 2081Business Analytics I00000
INTR 1010Introduction to the Liberal Arts00000
DSGN 1010Foundation 2D Design00000
IT 1081CSystem Administration00000
CHEM 1041LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory II00000
IT 2060CDatabase Management I00000
ECE 2022Child Guidance in Play-Based Contexts00000
JAPN 1014Extended Basic Japanese 400000
ACCT 3072Introduction to Taxation00000
MA 1032Medical Coding00000
EDST 1001Introduction to Education00000
MA 2029Medical Assisting Capstone00000
CHEM 2040LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory I00000
EMDT 1070Electronic Media Survey00000
ACCT 2082Managerial Accounting00000
AIS 3010Team Building00000
ALH 1050Medicine in Human Societies00000
BIOL 1082Biology II: Evolution, Physiology, and Ecology00000
CMDS 2020Publication Design for Print and Web00000
ENGL 2080Ethnic Literatures of the United States00000