UCalgary Course Reviews

University of Calgary

PHYS 221Mechanics3.53232
PHYS 369Acoustics, Optics and Radiation (for students in Engineering)2.72421
PHYS 211Mechanics00000
PHYS 271How Things Work00000
PHYS 341Classical Mechanics I00000
PHYS 371Introduction to Energy00000
PHYS 381Computational Physics I00000
PHYS 449Statistical Mechanics I00000
PHYS 457Electromagnetic Theory III00000
PHYS 501Relativity00000
PHYS 509Plasma Physics00000
PHYS 577Implementations of Quantum Information00000
PHYS 598Honours Research Thesis00000
PHYS 609Advanced Classical Mechanics00000
PHYS 617Relativistic Quantum Mechanics00000
PHYS 671Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy00000
PHYS 691Scientific Communication Skills00000
PHYS 106Module M6 Thermal Physics00000
PHYS 227Classical Physics00000
PHYS 259Electricity and Magnetism (for students in Engineering)00000
PHYS 323Optics and Electromagnetism00000
PHYS 355Electromagnetic Theory I00000
PHYS 375Introduction to Optics and Waves00000
PHYS 435Mathematical Methods in Physics00000
PHYS 497Applied Physics Laboratory II00000
PHYS 521Non-linear Dynamics and Chaos00000
PHYS 581Computational Physics III00000
PHYS 599Senior Research Thesis00000
PHYS 611Statistical Physics00000
PHYS 619Statistical Physics II00000
PHYS 663Applications of Stable Isotopes00000
PHYS 677Implementations of Quantum Information00000
PHYS 701Independent Study00000
PHYS 229Modern Physics00000
PHYS 303Quantum Mysteries and Paradoxes00000
PHYS 343Classical Mechanics II00000
PHYS 365Acoustics, Optics and Modern Physics (for students in Engineering)00000
PHYS 397Applied Physics Laboratory I00000
PHYS 451Statistical Mechanics II00000
PHYS 481Computational Physics II00000
PHYS 507Solid State Physics00000
PHYS 561Stable and Radioactive Isotope Studies, Fundamentals00000
PHYS 597Senior Physics Laboratory00000
PHYS 605Advanced Data Analysis00000
PHYS 615Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics00000
PHYS 629Gravitation00000
PHYS 675Special Topics in Laser and Optical Sciences00000
PHYS 699Project in Physics00000
PHYS 223Introductory Electromagnetism, and Thermal Physics00000
PHYS 321Harmonic Motion, Waves, and Rotation00000
PHYS 443Quantum Mechanics I00000
PHYS 455Electromagnetic Theory II00000
PHYS 543Quantum Mechanics II00000
PHYS 593Topics in Contemporary Physics00000
PHYS 603Experimental Methods of Physics00000
PHYS 613Electrodynamics00000
PHYS 621Nonlinear Dynamics and Pattern Formation00000
PHYS 673Quantum and Non-linear Optics00000
PHYS 697Topics in Contemporary Physics00000