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UC Course Reviews

University of Cincinnati

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 7001CS Seminar I11111
CS 1005CIntroduction to Programming for Informatics with Python and...00000
CS 4003Programming Languages00000
CS 5127Requirements Engineering00000
CS 5153Network Security00000
CS 5168Parallel Computing00000
CS 6025Data Encoding00000
CS 6043Computer Networking00000
CS 6058Data Security and Privacy00000
CS 6070The Theory of Formal Languages and Automata00000
CS 7003Biomedical Informatics Seminar00000
CS 8035Advanced Topics in Data Security and Privacy00000
CS 1100Introduction to Computer Science00000
CS 4071Design and Analysis of Algorithms00000
CS 5138Malware Analysis00000
CS 5158Data Security and Privacy00000
CS 5197Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Networking00000
CS 6033Artificial Intelligence00000
CS 7080Self Study and Research00000
CS 2005CIntroduction to Programming for Informatics with Python and...00000
CS 4092Database Design and Development00000
CS 5135Learning Probabilistic Models00000
CS 5155Cyber Defense Overview00000
CS 5173Deep Learning00000
CS 6034Natural Language Processing00000
CS 6052Intelligent Data Analysis00000
CS 7070Big Data Analytics00000
CS 8060Master of Engineering Capstone Project00000
CS 2021Python Programming00000
CS 4065Computer Networks and Networked Computing00000
CS 5128Large Scale Software Engineering00000
CS 5152Intelligent Data Analysis00000
CS 5170The Theory of Formal Languages and Automata00000
CS 1021CComputer Science 100000
CS 3003Programming Languages00000
CS 5134Natural Language Processing00000
CS 5156Security Vulnerability Assessment00000
CS 5175Principles of Modern Networking00000
CS 6030Advanced Software Engineering00000
CS 6038Malware Analysis00000
CS 6065Introduction to Cloud Computing00000
CS 6073Deep Learning00000
CS 7038Malware Analysis: Introduction to Reverse Engineering00000
CS 7081Advanced Algorithms I00000
CS 8089Thesis Research00000
CS 3001Introduction to Big Data for Non-Majors00000
CS 5125Data Encoding00000
CS 5143Computer Networking00000
CS 5165Introduction to Cloud Computing00000
CS 6021Mathematical Logic00000
CS 6037Machine Learning00000
CS 6054Information Retrieval00000
CS 6067User Interface I00000
CS 7052Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing00000
CS 7082Advanced Algorithms II00000
CS 8092Independent Study00000
CS 2028CData Structures00000
CS 5001Computer Science Senior Design I00000
CS 5121Mathematical Logic00000
CS 5151Database Theory00000
CS 5160Computer Graphics I00000
CS 6028Large Scale Software Engineering00000
CS 6051Database Theory00000
CS 6056Security Vulnerability Assessment00000
CS 6068Parallel Computing00000
CS 7002CS Seminar II00000
CS 7051Advanced Topics in Mining Spatial and Temporal Data00000
CS 7092Sensor-based Embedded Systems Design00000
CS 2071Discrete Computational Structures00000
CS 5002Computer Science Senior Design II00000
CS 5137Machine Learning00000
CS 5167User Interface I00000
CS 6035Learning Probabilistic Models00000
CS 6053Network Security00000
CS 6060Computer Graphics I00000
CS 6072Network Science00000
CS 7035Cryptography 100000
CS 7063Advanced Methods in Machine Learning00000
CS 8080Doctoral Dissertation Proposal00000
CS 2011Introduction to Computer Systems00000
CS 4033Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Applications00000
CS 5130Advanced Software Engineering00000
CS 5154Information Retrieval00000
CS 5172Network Science00000
CS 6027Requirements Engineering00000
CS 6055Cyber Defense Overview00000
CS 6097Introduction to Wireless and Mobile Networking00000
CS 7056Readings In Autonomous Agents And Distributed Ai00000