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UC Davis Course Reviews

University of California, Davis

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MIC 102Intro Microbiology32551
MIC 010Nat Hist Infect Disease00000
MIC 099Special Study Undergrads00000
MIC 104LGeneral Microbiology Lab00000
MIC 111Human Microbiology00000
MIC 117Molec Genetic Circuits00000
MIC 162General Virology00000
MIC 175Cancer Biology00000
MIC 197TTutoring in Microbiology00000
MIC 200BAdvanced Bacteriology00000
MIC 292Sem Bac Phy Gen00000
MIC 091Intro Research00000
MIC 105Microbial Diversity00000
MIC 115Recombinant DNA Cloning00000
MIC 120Microbiol Ecology00000
MIC 170Yeast Molecular Genetics00000
MIC 190CUndergrad Research Conf00000
MIC 192Internship00000
MIC 198Directed Gp Study00000
MIC 215Recombinant DNA00000
MIC 276Adv Concepts DNA Metab00000
MIC 298Group Study00000
MIC 172Host-Parasite Interacts00000
MIC 191Intro Research Adv00000
MIC 194HHonors Rsch00000
MIC 199Special Study00000
MIC 217Molec Genetic Circuits00000
MIC 290CAdv Res Conf00000
MIC 299Research00000
MIC 098Directed Gp Study00000
MIC 103LIntro Microbiology Lab00000
MIC 105LMicrobial Diversity Lab00000
MIC 275Sem DNA Rep & Recomb00000
MIC 291Topics in Micro00000
MIC 396Teaching Asst Train Prac00000