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UC Davis Course Reviews

University of California, Davis

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
FPS 161Struct & Prop of Fibers00000
FPS 192Internship Fib & Ply Sci00000
FPS 250BPolymer & Fiber Science00000
FPS 396Teaching Asst Train Prac00000
FPS 161LText Chem Analy Lab00000
FPS 197TTutoring Fib & Ply Sci00000
FPS 250EPolymer & Fiber Science00000
FPS 100Prin Polymer Mat00000
FPS 180AIntro Res Polymer Sci00000
FPS 198Directed Group Study00000
FPS 299Research00000
FPS 150Polym Synth React00000
FPS 180BIntro Res Polymer Sci00000
FPS 199Special Study00000
FPS 250APolymer & Fiber Science00000