UBC Course Reviews

University of British Columbia

GEOB 102Our Changing Environment: Climate and Ecosystems4.
GEOB 402Air Pollution Meteorology4.33551
GEOB 103Our Changing Environment: Water and Landscapes3.33431
GEOB 200Atmospheric Environments00000
GEOB 206Geomorphic Processes and Hazards00000
GEOB 207Introduction to Biogeography00000
GEOB 270Geographic Information Science00000
GEOB 300Microscale Weather and Climate00000
GEOB 305Introduction to Hydrology00000
GEOB 307Biogeography and Global Change00000
GEOB 308Quaternary and Applied Geomorphology00000
GEOB 309Geographical Sciences Field Course00000
GEOB 370Advanced Geographic Information Science00000
GEOB 372Cartography00000
GEOB 373Introductory Remote Sensing00000
GEOB 405Fluvial Geomorphology00000
GEOB 407Vegetation Dynamics: Disturbance, Climate and Human Impacts00000
GEOB 448ADirected Studies in Geographical Sciences - DRCT ST GEOGSCIE00000
GEOB 448BDirected Studies in Geographical Sciences - DRCT ST GEOGSCIE00000
GEOB 449AUndergraduate Thesis - UNDERGRAD THESIS00000
GEOB 449BUndergraduate Thesis - UNDERGRAD THESIS00000
GEOB 472Research in Cartography00000
GEOB 479Research in Geographic Information Science00000
GEOB 500Contemporary Research Trends in Physical Geography00000
GEOB 503ATopics in Geomorphology and Hydrology - TPCS GEMO & HYDR00000
GEOB 504ATopics in Climate Studies - CLIMATE STUDIES00000
GEOB 505Permafrost00000
GEOB 507ADirected Studies in Geographical Sciences - DIR ST GEOG SCI00000
GEOB 508AAdvanced Seminar in Geomorphology - ADV SEM GEOMRPHY00000
GEOB 401Urban Meteorology00000
GEOB 408The Changing Cryosphere00000
GEOB 406Watershed Geomorphology00000
GEOB 504DTopics in Climate Studies - CLIMATE STUDIES00000
GEOB 507BDirected Studies in Physical Geography - DIR ST PHYS GEOG00000