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UBC Course Reviews

University of British Columbia

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMM 101Business Fundamentals2.
COMM 186ETopics in Business I - VALUES,ETHCS,COM1.
COMM 120Business Immersion3.73.543.52
COMM 354Cost Accounting3.42.53.532
COMM 370Corporate Finance3.
COMM 296Introduction to Marketing2.42322
COMM 335Information Systems Technology and Development23122
COMM 290Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making4.35441
COMM 420Marketing3.33431
COMM 202Career Fundamentals2.73231
COMM 453Financial Accounting-Advanced21141
COMM 395Business Communications1.73111
COMM 438Management of Information Systems23231
COMM 205Introduction to Management Information Systems43451
COMM 220Business Communications53551
COMM 320Foundations in Accounting I11121
COMM 381Co-operative Work Placement II00000
COMM 388Design Methods for Business Innovation00000
COMM 412Negotiation00000
COMM 437Database Technology00000
COMM 462Integrated Marketing Communication00000
COMM 477Risk Management and Financial Engineering00000
COMM 490CDirected Studies in Commerce - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
COMM 612Advanced Topics in Optimization00000
COMM 673Advanced Topics in Theoretical Asset Pricing00000
COMM 291Application of Statistics in Business00000
COMM 311Research Theory for Commerce Scholars00000
COMM 355Income Taxation00000
COMM 434Land Law00000
COMM 466New Venture Design00000
COMM 490ADirected Studies in Commerce - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
COMM 590BTopics in Business Administration - TOPICS BUS ADMIN00000
COMM 682Advanced Topics in Stochastic Models00000
COMM 204Logistics and Operations Management00000
COMM 337Business Programming and Analytics00000
COMM 377International Financial Markets and Institutions00000
COMM 386RTopics in Business III - PUBLIC RELATNS00000
COMM 405Real Estate Finance00000
COMM 454Accounting for Management Control and Incentives00000
COMM 471Mergers and Acquisitions00000
COMM 486MSpecial Topics in Business - STRAT DECSN MKNG00000
COMM 548Directed Study in Business Administration00000
COMM 634Empirical Research Methods in Information Systems00000
COMM 203Managing the Employment Relationship00000
COMM 295Managerial Economics00000
COMM 321Organizational Behaviour00000
COMM 374Applied Financial Markets00000
COMM 386OTopics in Business III - BEHAVRL FINANCE00000
COMM 394Government and Business00000
COMM 435CIO Strategies00000
COMM 450Financial Accounting - Intermediate II00000
COMM 467Brand Management00000
COMM 481Co-operative Work Placement IV00000
COMM 498International Business Management00000
COMM 621Seminar in Human Resource Management00000
COMM 674Advanced Topics in Empirical Asset Pricing00000
COMM 336Introduction to Digital Business00000
COMM 382Economics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation00000
COMM 386UTopics in Business III - SOCIAL MEDIA00000
COMM 407Real Estate Economics00000
COMM 444Air Transportation00000
COMM 482New Product Development00000
COMM 491Strategic Management00000
COMM 616Optimization Theory and Applications00000
COMM 671Theory of Finance00000
COMM 307Real Estate Investment00000
COMM 365Market Research00000
COMM 383Innovation Leadership00000
COMM 387Entrepreneurial Finance00000
COMM 431Law of Business Organizations and Corporate Governance00000
COMM 452Taxes and Decision Making00000
COMM 468Marketing Applications00000
COMM 484Sustainability Marketing00000
COMM 547Major Essay/Industry Project00000
COMM 626Advanced Topics in Organizational Theory00000
COMM 692Research Seminar in Policy Analysis00000
COMM 271Introduction to Capital Markets00000
COMM 306Urban Land Economics00000
COMM 353Financial Accounting: Intermediate I00000
COMM 371Investment Theory00000
COMM 386ITopics in Business III - INNOV&SUSTNABLTY00000
COMM 436Information Systems Analysis and Design00000
COMM 455Principles of Auditing00000
COMM 470Venture Capital00000
COMM 485Social Entrepreneurship00000
COMM 547AMajor Essay/Industry Project - MAJOR ESSAY/PROJ00000
COMM 649Ph.D. Thesis00000
COMM 294Managerial Accounting00000
COMM 449Supply-Chain Management00000
COMM 475Investment Policy00000
COMM 547BMajor Essay/Industry Project - MAJOR ESSAY/PROJ00000
COMM 651Analysis of Accounting Information in Markets00000
COMM 293Financial Accounting00000
COMM 380Co-operative Work Placement I00000
COMM 386TTopics in Business III - INDIGENOUS ECDEV00000
COMM 408Real Estate Development00000
COMM 439Business Telecommunications00000
COMM 460Social and Nonprofit Marketing00000
COMM 100Introduction to Business00000
COMM 280Entrepreneurship00000
COMM 298Introduction to Finance00000
COMM 386VTopics in Business III - PHILANTHROPY00000
COMM 525Introduction to Behavioural Research Methods for Business00000
COMM 628Organizational Studies Research Seminar00000
COMM 693Seminar in Research Methodology I00000
COMM 386LTopics in Business III - IMPACT INVESTING00000
COMM 415Quantitative Policy Analysis00000
COMM 447Applied Project Management00000
COMM 464Digital Marketing00000
COMM 480Co-operative Work Placement III00000
COMM 497New Enterprise Development00000
COMM 590ATopics in Business Administration - TOPICS BUS ADMIN00000
COMM 675Research Seminar in Finance Workshop00000
COMM 312Business Ethics Leadership00000
COMM 362Consumer Behaviour00000
COMM 386HTopics in Business III - HR ANALYTICS00000
COMM 390Business Writing00000
COMM 414Data Visualization and Business Analytics00000
COMM 445Maritime and International Transportation00000
COMM 461Business Development00000
COMM 479Advanced Topics on Corporate Finance00000
COMM 490DDirected Studies in Commerce - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
COMM 549AMaster's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS00000
COMM 659Advanced Topics in Empirical Accounting Research00000
COMM 292Management and Organizational Behaviour00000
COMM 363Marketing Analysis00000
COMM 386JTopics in Business III - RESP BUS STRATGY00000
COMM 393Commercial Law00000
COMM 421Introductory Finance00000
COMM 443Service Operations00000
COMM 459Financial Statement Analysis00000
COMM 474Fixed Income Markets and Management00000
COMM 486WSpecial Topics in Business - CDL VENTURES00000
COMM 549BMaster's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS00000
COMM 660Research Seminar in Marketing00000
COMM 465Marketing Management00000
COMM 625AAdvanced Topics in Organizational Behaviour - MCRO-LVL ORG B...00000
COMM 463Public Relations00000
COMM 623Qualitative Research Methods in Organizational Behaviour00000
COMM 691Advanced Topics in Policy Analysis00000
COMM 329Principles of Organizational Behaviour00000
COMM 486HSpecial Topics in Business - ADV TPC INVSTMNT00000
COMM 661Analytical Methods and Models in Marketing00000
COMM 473Business Finance00000
COMM 633Modelling Methods in the Research and Practice of Informatio...00000
COMM 314Strategies for Responsible Business00000
COMM 483Leadership and General Management00000
COMM 635Advanced Topics in Management Information Systems00000
COMM 458Fundamentals of Managerial Accounting00000
COMM 618Discrete Optimization II00000
COMM 672Advanced Topics in Theoretical Corporate Finance00000
COMM 386PTopics in Business III - PROTOTYPING00000
COMM 486CSpecial Topics in Business - CORP SOCL RESP00000
COMM 657Empirical Methods in Accounting Research00000
COMM 457Fundamentals of Financial Accounting00000
COMM 493Strategic Management in Business00000
COMM 663Consumer Judgment and Decision Making00000
COMM 386GTopics in Business III - VENTURE CAPITAL00000
COMM 489Applied Methods in Technology Start-ups at CDL00000
COMM 662Buyer Behaviour00000
COMM 398Introduction to Business Processes and Operations00000
COMM 486DSpecial Topics in Business - SOCIAL ENTRSHIP00000
COMM 655Stock Market Inefficiencies00000
COMM 695Advanced Topics in Empirical Corporate Finance00000