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UB Course Reviews

University at Buffalo

CE 212LRFund Of Chemical Eng2.532.552
CE 422LECElectrochem Energy Environ45431
CE 435LECIntro To Polymers34441
CE 220LECCe Biotechnology Principles24211
CE 304LRChem Engr Thermodyn 200000
CE 327LLBChem Eng Prob And Stats00000
CE 329LECChemical Reaction Eng00000
CE 404LRCe Product Design00000
CE 407LECSeparations00000
CE 412LECSpecial Topics-Petroleum Engineering00000
CE 428LLBChem Engr Lab 400000
CE 450LECProtein Engineering00000
CE 505LECSpecial Topics-Industry Practices For Cheme00000
CE 509LECTransport Phenomena 100000
CE 516LECPrin Practice Of Env Catalysis00000
CE 525LECAdv Chem Thermodynamics00000
CE 530LECMolecular Modeling00000
CE 535LECPolymer Sci & Engineerg 100000
CE 547LECBiochemical Engineering00000
CE 552LECPetroleum Engineering00000
CE 560TUTThesis00000
CE 596TUTInternship/practicum00000
CE 602TUTIndividual Problems00000
CE 620LECHigh Perform Computing 100000
CE 631LECCe Research Methods 200000
CE 317LRTransport Process 100000
CE 328LLBChem Engr Lab 200000
CE 341LECApplied Ce Math00000
CE 405LECSpecial Topics-Industry Practices For Cheme00000
CE 408LRChem Eng Plant Design00000
CE 414LECEnergy And The Environment00000
CE 427LLBChem Eng Lab 300000
CE 433LECMaterials Sci & Corrosion00000
CE 441LECSix Sigma For Chem Engineers00000
CE 451LECComputer-Aided Ce/mse Research00000
CE 457LECColloid & Surface Phenom00000
CE 496TUTInternship/practicum00000
CE 498TUTUndergraduate Research00000
CE 500LECSpecial Topics-Nanoporous Materials00000
CE 502TUTIndividual Problems00000
CE 504TUTEngineering Projects00000
CE 508LECMetabolic Engineering00000
CE 514LECEnergy And The Environment00000
CE 522LECElectrochem Energy & Envo00000
CE 529LECAdv Coll Surf Phenom00000
CE 531LECCe Mathematics & Computation00000
CE 540LECMaterials Principles00000
CE 550LECProtein Engineering00000
CE 553LECBioprocess Modeling00000
CE 561LECApplied Chem Kinetics 100000
CE 601TUTIndividual Problems00000
CE 612SEMChemical Engineering Sem00000
CE 621LECHigh Perform Computing 200000
CE 659TUTDissertation00000
CE 318LRTransport Process 200000
CE 400LECSpecial Topics-Nanoporous Materials00000
CE 406TUTChem Eng Projects00000
CE 410LECMolecular Modeling00000
CE 416LECPrin Practice Of Env Catalysis00000
CE 424LECIn Vivo Molecular Imaging00000
CE 434LRChemical Systems Control00000
CE 446LECBiochemical Engineering00000
CE 452LECPetroleum Engineering00000
CE 453LECBioprocess Modeling00000
CE 459LECSpecial Topics-Process Dynamics And Control00000
CE 497TUTDept Honors Thesis00000
CE 499TUTIndependent Study00000
CE 501TUTIndividual Problems00000
CE 503TUTEngineering Projects00000
CE 506TUTMaster's Research00000
CE 512LECSpecial Topics-Petroleum Engineering00000
CE 517LECBioengineering Principles00000
CE 527LECColloid & Surface Phenom00000
CE 534LECMaterials Sci & Corrosion00000
CE 541LECSix Sigma For Chem Engineers00000
CE 551LECComputer-Aided Ce/mse Res00000
CE 559TUTThesis00000
CE 564LECTissue Eng00000
CE 599LABSupervised Teaching00000
CE 611SEMChemical Engineering Sem00000
CE 630LECCe Research Methods 100000
CE 660TUTDissertation00000