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UAS Course Reviews

University of Alaska Southeast

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EDET S679Gamification and Open Education00000
ENGL S303Literature and the Environment00000
CHEM S104A Survey of Organic and Biochemistry00000
ED S448Classroom Management in K-8 Classrooms00000
COMM S219Studies in Media Communication: Elections00000
BIOL S300Vertebrate Zoology00000
EDSE S293ST: American Sign Language in Education00000
ART S430Artists Studio, Advanced00000
CIS S371Systems Analysis and Design00000
ART S285Beginning Northwest Coast Carving00000
ECON S201*Principles of Macroeconomics00000
CT S121Light Wood Frame Construction00000
BA S490The Political and Social Environment of Business00000
ED S122Introduction to Education00000
ANTH S200Alaska Native Cultures00000
EDRE S674Developing Reading, ECE-1200000
BIOL S193PCoastal Resources Contemp and Traditional Uses00000
ENGL S193PSt: English Composition Studio00000
AKLA S001NC: Beginning NWC Design00000
ENVS S493ST: Environmental Biogeography00000
ART S301Intermediate Ceramics00000
COMM S342History and Theory of Documentary Film00000
ANS S460ANCSA and Tribal Governance00000
CT S291Int: Drafting00000
AUTO S121Basic Electrical Systems00000
DESL S225Advanced Hydraulics00000
CT S170Residential Design, Codes and Standards00000
BA S451Human Resource Total Rewards00000
ED S617Science Methods in the K-8 Classroom00000
ANTH S101*Introduction to Anthropology00000
ED S320BPhysical Education in the K-8 Curriculum00000
BIOL S310Animal Physiology00000
ED S646District Operations00000
AKL S110*Beginning Tsimshian II00000
EDMA S656Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability: Content and Peda...00000
BIOL S396Field Studies in Behavior and Ecology00000
EDSE S685Transition Planning for Secondary Students00000
ART S401Advanced Ceramics00000
EDSE S495Professional and Ethical Practice00000
BIOL S393ST: Marine Vertebrate Field Research & Conservation00000
ENGL S215*Introduction to Literary Study00000
AKL S393Advanced Tsimshian II00000
ENVS S693Readings in Freshwater Ecology00000
CHEM S106RGeneral Chemistry II Recitation00000
ENVS S407Snow Hydrology00000
ANS S393ST:Alaska Native Hlth/Wellness00000
COED S007CE:Beginning Drawing00000
ART S282Beginning Northwest Coast Basketry00000
COMM S101*Introduction to Mass Communication00000
AKL S410Indigenous Language Curriculum Design & Instruction00000
CT S103Construction Tools and Materials00000
ART S263*Northwest Coast Native Art History & Culture00000
CT S212Interior Finish Carpentry00000
ANTH S335Native North Americans00000
CT S222Building Construction I00000
BA S466Strategic Human Resource Management00000
DESL S260Heavy Duty Power Trains00000
DESL S262Marine Auxiliary Systems Lab00000
BA S116Business Mathematics00000
ECE S420Developing Literacy in the Early Years00000
ANTH S348Anthropology of Death and Burial00000
ECON S100*Political Economy00000
BA S160Principles of Banking00000
ED S638Curriculum and Instructional Leadership I00000
AKL S305Advanced Tlingit I00000
ED S416Teaching Literacy in the K-8 Curriculum00000
BIOL S115*Fundamentals of Biology I00000
ED S639Curriculum and Instructional Leadership II00000
ANTH S311Meth/Theor in Archaeology00000
ED S320CMusic in the K-8 Curriculum00000
BIOL S311Communicating Science00000
ED S693ST: Secondary Methods: Humanities00000
AKL S310Advanced Tsimshian II00000
EDET S673Ethics in Educational Technology00000
BIOL S175Current Topics in Marine Research00000
EDMA S698Master's Research Project/ Portfolio00000
ANTH S491Internship: Museums00000
EDRE S681Reading Instruction and Assessment II00000
BIOL S391Int: Habitat Restoration/Monit00000
EDSE S492Seminar: Special Education00000
AKL S309Advanced Tsimshian I00000
EDSE S694Special Education Practicum00000
BIOL S401Phycology00000
ENGL S461Adv. Creative Writing: Zen in the Art of00000
ART S280Northwest Coast Art: Intermediate Chasing & Repousse00000
ENGL S111Methods Of Written Communication00000
BIOL S106*Fundamntl of Biology II00000
ENGL S363Nature Writing00000
ACCT S121Introduction To Accounting I00000
ENVI S210Temperate Rainforest Ecosystems00000
CHEM S393PST: Organic Chem Recitation00000
ENVS S406Remote Sensing00000
ART S393St: Northwest Coast Art History00000
CIS S310Management Information Systems00000
ACCT S311Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCT S201Principles of Financial Accounting00000
AKL S401Alaska Language Apprenticeship/Mentorship00000
ANTH S336Prehistory of South America00000
BA S412Operations Management and Production00000
DESL S291Int: Diesel Internship00000