UAS Course Reviews

University of Alaska Southeast

BA S166Small Business Management00000
BIOL S380Marine Ornithology and Herpetology00000
ANTH S200Alaska Native Cultures00000
ART S205Intermediate Drawing00000
ART S193PNWC Basketry Weaving Wrap Up00000
ANTH S493ST: Anthropology of the Senses00000
BA S361Human Resource Management00000
AKL S493St: Tsimshian Culture And History00000
ART S286Beginning Northwest Coast Woolen Weaving00000
AKL S394Practicum: Indigenous Language Teaching00000
ART S230Artists Studio, Beginning00000
ART S213Beginning Painting (Oil and Acrylic)00000
ANTH S475Alaska Native Social Change00000
BA S466Strategic Human Resource Management00000
AKL S106*Beginning Tlingit II00000
BA S351Organizational Effectiveness00000
ANTH S193PCoastal Resources Contemp and Traditional Uses00000
BIOL S310Animal Physiology00000
AKL S207*Intermediate Haida I00000
BIOL S193ST: One Health Perspectives: Marine Mammals of Alaska00000
AKL S205*Intermediate Tlingit I00000
ART S261*History of World Art I00000
AKL S393Advanced Tsimshian II00000
ART S381Advanced Northwest Coast Design00000
AKLA S002NC: Beginning Northwest Coast Carving00000
ART S282Beginning Northwest Coast Basketry00000
ART S105*Beginning Drawing00000
ANS S491Alaska Native Studies Internship00000
ART S486Advanced Northwest Coast Woolen Weaving00000
AKL S208Intermed Haida II- Hydaburg00000
AUTO S102Intro To Automotive Tech00000
ANTH S393ST: Alaska Native Ecological Knowledge See 36189 ANTH S393-K...00000
BA S254Personal Finance00000
ACCT S452Auditing00000
BA S263Business Communications00000
ANTH S314Archaeology of Southeast Alaska00000
BA S301Principles of Management00000
AKL S305Advanced Tlingit I00000
BIOL S115*Fundamentals of Biology I00000
ANTH S430Ethnographic Methods00000
BIOL S305Invertebrate Zoology00000
ACCT S100Recordkeeping for Small Businesses00000
BIOL S193RST: Fundamentals of Biology I Recitation00000
ANTH S491Internship: Museums00000
BIOL S482Evolution00000
AKL S107*Beginning Haida I00000
ART S401Advanced Ceramics00000
AKL S104Tlingit II00000
ART S382Intermediate Northwest Coast Basketry00000
ACCT S342Advanced Managerial Cost00000
ART S262*History of World Art II00000
AKL S101Haida I00000
ART S180NWCA ST: Chilkat Design00000
AKL S206*Intermediate Tlingit II00000
ART S305Advanced Drawing00000
ALST S300Alaska Studies00000
ART S189Northwest Coast Tool Making00000
ART S281Intmd NWC Design00000
ANS S101*Introduction to Alaska Native Studies00000
ART S380Northwest Coast Art: Advanced Chasing & Repousse00000
AKL S293ST:Intermed Tsimshian I00000
ART S330Artists Studio, Intermediate00000
ANTH S205*Biological Anthropology00000
ART S263*Northwest Coast Native Art History & Culture00000
ACCT S310Income Tax for Individuals00000
ASTR S225General Astronomy00000
ANTH S400Anthropology of Religion00000
BA S310Management Information Systems00000
AKL S470Indigenous Language Revitalization00000
BA S454Fraud and Forensic Examination00000
ANTH S454Economic Anthropology00000
BA S476Project Management00000
ACCT S222Comput Automated Accounting00000
BA S315Personal Finance00000
ANTH S494Pr: Capstone Trbl Behav Hlth00000
BA S451Human Resource Total Rewards00000
AKL S460Indigenous Language Field Methods00000
BA S160Principles of Banking00000
ANTH S101*Introduction to Anthropology00000
BA S462Capstone: Strategic Management00000
AKL S310Advanced Tsimshian II00000
BA S461Labor-Management Relations00000
ANTH S324Psychological Anthropology00000
BIOL S405Invertebrate Zoology00000
AKL S241Native Oratory00000
BIOL S355Experimental Design and Data Analysis00000
ANTH S202*Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL S353Tropical Marine and Coastal Ecology00000
ACCT S491Int: Accounting00000
BIOL S101Introduction to Biological Research Techniques I00000
ANTH S350Ancient Civilizations00000
BIOL S103*Biology and Society00000
AKL S306Advanced Tlingit II00000
ART S160*Art Appreciation00000
ACCT S202Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT S225Payroll Accounting00000
ACCT S122Introduction To Accounting II00000
AKL S105*Beginning Tlingit I00000
ANS S393ST:Alaska Native Hlth/Wellness00000
ART S385Intermediate Northwest Coast Carving00000