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UAlberta Course Reviews

University of Alberta

MICRB 315Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology43541
MICRB 343Analysis of Microbial Macromolecules00000
MICRB 392Environmental Microbiology Laboratory00000
MICRB 491Environmental Microbiology00000
MICRB 514Advanced Topics in Microbiology00000
MICRB 591Advanced Environmental Microbiology00000
MICRB 311Microbial Physiology00000
MICRB 320Microbial Ecology00000
MICRB 410Bacterial Structure and Virulence Factors00000
MICRB 511Advanced Microbial Physiology00000
MICRB 516Advanced Molecular Microbiology00000
MICRB 606Microbiology Seminar00000
MICRB 265General Microbiology00000
MICRB 316Molecular Microbiology00000
MICRB 345Microbial Laboratory Techniques00000
MICRB 423Extreme Microbiology00000
MICRB 510Advanced Topics in Bacterial Structure and Virulence Factors00000
MICRB 523Advanced Extreme Microbiology00000
MICRB 607Microbiology Seminar00000