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UAlberta Course Reviews

University of Alberta

FIN 488Selected Topics in Finance55551
FIN 301Introduction to Finance4.74551
FIN 414Operation of Financial Institutions00000
FIN 422Capital Investment00000
FIN 436AInvestment Management00000
FIN 440Commodities Analytics and Trading00000
FIN 473Mergers, Restructuring, and Corporate Control00000
FIN 495Individual Research Project I00000
FIN 502Introduction to Financial Valuation00000
FIN 614Investments00000
FIN 625Finance in Professional Accounting00000
FIN 640Commodities Analytics and Trading00000
FIN 657New Enterprise Finance00000
FIN 701Advanced Seminar in Finance I00000
FIN 704Individual Research00000
FIN 800Finance00000
FIN 804China Investment Banking00000
FIN 808Risk Management00000
FIN 818Fixed Income00000
FIN 886History of Finance00000
FIN 415Trading and Financial Markets00000
FIN 434Advanced Topics in Finance00000
FIN 436BInvestment Management00000
FIN 445Sustainable Finance00000
FIN 480Honours Essay in Finance00000
FIN 497Individual Research Project III00000
FIN 503Introduction to Corporate Finance00000
FIN 615Trading and Financial Markets00000
FIN 618Fixed Income00000
FIN 644International Finance00000
FIN 658Creative Destruction Lab - Rockies00000
FIN 702Advanced Seminar in Finance II00000
FIN 705AResearch Seminar in Finance00000
FIN 801Introduction to Financial Management00000
FIN 806Investments00000
FIN 809Mergers and Acquisitions00000
FIN 830Finance00000
FIN 888Strategic Financial Management00000
FIN 413Risk Management00000
FIN 416Advanced Portfolio Management00000
FIN 430Corporate Financial Planning00000
FIN 442International Financial Markets00000
FIN 501Managerial Finance00000
FIN 604The Practice of Investment Banking00000
FIN 616Securities Markets and Financial Intermediation00000
FIN 635Venture Capital00000
FIN 654Risk Management00000
FIN 686Selected Topics in Finance00000
FIN 703Advanced Seminar in Finance III00000
FIN 705BResearch Seminar in Finance00000
FIN 802Financial Analysis and Decision Making00000
FIN 807Corporate Finance00000
FIN 815Financial Analysis and Decision Making00000
FIN 412Investment Principles00000
FIN 418Fixed Income00000
FIN 496Individual Research Project II00000
FIN 634Corporate Financial Planning00000
FIN 673Mergers, Restructuring, and Corporate Control00000
FIN 866International Finance00000