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UAlberta Course Reviews

University of Alberta

CHRTC 100The Bible: An Introduction44441
CHRTC 203Topics in the Catholic Tradition31531
CHRTC 101Catholicism: An Introduction00000
CHRTC 150Introduction to Science and Religion Dialogue00000
CHRTC 221Indigenous Spiritual Traditions and Christianity00000
CHRTC 250The Theological Education of the Catholic Teacher00000
CHRTC 266Jesus in the New Testament00000
CHRTC 341Contemporary Film and Christian Values00000
CHRTC 347World War II and Christians00000
CHRTC 349Social Justice and Christianity00000
CHRTC 351Sex, Love and Marriage: Christian Perspectives00000
CHRTC 354The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke00000
CHRTC 391Women's Spirituality in Contemporary Christianity00000
CHRTC 396Environmental Issues: Christian Perspectives00000
CHRTC 430The Human Sexual Body: Christian Perspectives00000
CHRTC 450Directed Readings in Catholic Theology00000
CHRTC 220Sport and Religion00000
CHRTC 241Catholicism and Pop Culture00000
CHRTC 264Dimensions of the Christian Faith00000
CHRTC 272Catholic Moral Thought: An Introduction00000
CHRTC 303Well-being and Resilience: Christian Perspectives00000
CHRTC 390Neuroscience, the Person and Christian Theology00000
CHRTC 410Integrative Learning in Catholic Education00000
CHRTC 449Field Placement in Christian Service00000
CHRTC 609Topics in Christian Tradition00000
CHRTC 103Introduction to the Roads of Happiness00000
CHRTC 242The Writings of C.S. Lewis00000
CHRTC 267The New Testament Letters: An Introduction00000
CHRTC 292Spirituality for Today's Christians00000
CHRTC 339International Service Learning00000
CHRTC 342Tolkien: The Theology of Middle Earth00000
CHRTC 348A History of Christianity in Canada00000
CHRTC 350Science and Religion: Christian Perspectives00000
CHRTC 352Bioethical Issues: Christian Perspectives00000
CHRTC 355The Catechism of the Catholic Church: Theological Perspectives00000
CHRTC 358The Gospel and Epistles of John00000
CHRTC 361Death, Dying and Culture: Christian Perspectives00000
CHRTC 372The Theology and Spirituality of Eastern Christianity00000
CHRTC 380Teaching Religion: Elementary00000
CHRTC 381Teaching Religion: Secondary00000
CHRTC 309Topics in the Christian Tradition00000
CHRTC 394Business Ethics: Christian Perspectives00000
CHRTC 407Topics in Christian Religious Education00000
CHRTC 432Current Theological Issues in Advanced Bioethics00000
CHRTC 501Directed Reading in Catholic Theology00000