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UAlbany Course Reviews

State University of New York at Albany - SUNY

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AANT 108Cultural Anthropology45441
TEAS 190Confucianism and Samurai Ethic54541
AHIS 244Zion/Palest/Isra-His Perspec55551
RPOS 367Politics-Middle East23121
AHIS 292Trials United States History22431
AHIS 158The World since 190055441
AHIS 286African Civilizations45331
ACHM 661Resrch Updates Inorganic Chem00000
AART 705BConcentration in Drawing00000
ACOM 386Persuasion and Film00000
AEAC 597Independent Study in Chinese00000
ACHM 447Advanced Forensic Chemistry00000
AART 531BProjects In Painting00000
ACOM 238Intro to Mass Communication00000
AARH 170Survey of Art Western World I00000
ACOM 698Research Seminar Practicum Com00000
AATM 103Intro to Climate Change00000
AANT 340Topics In Ethnology00000
AEAS 270Women East Asian Lit00000
AARH 332Gothic Art & Architecture00000
AATM 497Independent Study II00000
AECO 374WIndustrial Organization00000
AECO 519Economic Surveys & Forecasting00000
AARH 476Women in Art New Woman to Now00000
AATM 652Atmospheric Predictability00000
ABIO 298Contemp Issue Bio Sci with Lab00000
ACHM 352ZPhysical Chem Lab00000
AART 499Honors Project II00000
ACHM 525APhysical Organic Chemistry I00000
AANT 608Field Methods in Ethnology00000
ACHM 812Physical Chemistry Research00000
AART 631BAdv Projects in Painting00000
ACOM 365Strategic Com Challenges00000
AANT 304Human Biomechanics00000
ACOM 575Interpersonal Interaction00000
AART 730BWorkshop In Painting00000
AEAC 205XChinese Research/Biblio Method00000
AARH 260Introduction to Film Studies00000
AEAK 201YIntermediate Korean I00000
AATM 306Climate Variability and Change00000
AECO 320Economic Statistics00000
AAFS 530Law and the Black Communty00000
AECO 445International Trade00000
AATM 550Paleoclimatology00000
AECO 620Econometrics I00000
AANT 424Language and Culture00000
ABIO 130Gen Bio: Molecular & Cell Bio00000
AARH 575Women Art Renaiss-Impressionsm00000
AAFS 612Race Theory and Social Thought00000
ABIO 326Enviromental Microbiology Lab00000
AANT 490Internship Arch Conservation00000
AART 110Two-Dimensional Design00000
ABIO 399Supervised Research Juniors00000
ABIO 413Biology of Stem Cells00000
AART 230Beginning Painting00000
ABIO 499Supervised Research Seniors00000
ABIO 517ACurr Lit in Forensic Biology I00000
ACHM 250Intro to Forensic Chemistry00000
AART 490Internship in Studio Art00000
ACHM 427Honors Undergrad Rsrch CHM00000
AANT 542Advanced Phonology00000
ACHM 495Materials Independent Study00000
AART 530BPainting III00000
ACHM 547Advanced Forensic Chemistry00000
AANT 211Human Population Biology00000
ACHM 698TReview of Chemical Literature00000
AART 620AGraduate Sculpture00000
ACOM 100Language and Social Action00000
AANT 791Directed Reading00000
ACOM 304Conference & Group Leadership00000
AART 644BGraduate Photography00000
ACOM 372Persuasion in Media00000
AAFS 432Afro-Amer Woman Contemp Issues00000
ACOM 415Persuas/Public Relations00000
AART 706BWorkshop in Drawing00000
ACOM 660Digital Social Media/StratComm00000
AARH 222American Art II00000
ADOC 499Spec Proj/Internship Doc Stdy00000
AART 751AConcntratn Comb Media00000
AEAC 423Practicum in Teaching Chinese00000
AANT 325Sociolinguistics00000
AEAJ 497Independent Study in Japanese00000
AATM 240Python Programming AES00000
AEAK 501Elementary Korean I00000
AARH 269The Crime Film00000
AECO 210Tools of Economics00000
AATM 400Synoptic Meteorology I00000
AECO 355Public Finance00000
AAFS 219Intro Afro Afro-Amer History00000
AECO 383Economics of Law00000
AATM 504Intro to Atmospheric Physics I00000
AECO 475Managerial Economics00000
AARH 383His-Prac Video Art I00000
AANT 504Proseminar in Archaeology00000
AART 310Studio Experim Visual Thinking00000
ABIO 599ALab Rotation I00000
ABIO 650MCDN Graduate Research Seminar00000
AART 341Concept & Printmak00000
ABIO 898Doctoral Research00000
ACHM 101Chemistry of Sex, Drugs, Sport00000