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UAFS Course Reviews

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ELEG 3924HMicroprocessor Sys Dsgn Honors00000
FIN 1521Personal Finance App00000
CS 1044Foundations of Networking00000
ELEC 1242Intro Electronics Technology00000
CS 4133Cloud Applications Development00000
CJ 3013Organized Crime00000
ENGL 2503Language Society FULL ONLINE00000
BSAT 3004Animation Overview00000
CS 3103Algorithms00000
CGT 2003GIS Analysis FULL ONLINE00000
EDUC 2752Introduction to Education00000
DHYG 3412Oral Embryology Histology00000
CHEM 4203Biophysical Chemistry00000
ELEC 3933Industrial Control Systems00000
BIOL 3801Genetics Laboratory00000
ELML 3013Ed Psychology FULL ONLINE00000
COMM 2213Media Production00000
ENGL 4203Chaucer00000
ART 3903ST:Site&Install Art00000
FREN 305VSp Top French Grammar Convers00000
BSAT 4044Sr Capstone Proj HYBRID00000
CS 3503IT Security FULL ONLINE00000
AUTO 1384Transmissions and Drivetrains00000
CS 4913Information Tech Internship00000
CGT 2674Digital Layout Level I HYBRID00000
ECTC 2403Math Scien EC FULL ONLINE00000
DIES 2154Intro to Diesel Systems00000
CHEM 2711Organic Chemistry II Lab00000
EDUC 4802Seminar in Ed ELEM/MLED00000
BIOL 2303General Botany-FULL ONLINE00000
ELEC 2433Robot Studio Programming00000
CJ 1013Intro Criminal Justice System00000
ELEG 3124System and Signal Analysis00000
ART 3303Artistic Anatomy00000
ELEG 4463Control Systems Lab00000
CJ 4113Professionalism Ethics in CJ00000
ENGL 0263Trans College Writing Reading00000
BIOL 4754Mammalogy00000
ENGL 3223Short Story FULL ONLINE00000
COMM 4643Writing for Media FULL ONLINE00000
ENGL 4911Sem Lit Pedagogy FULL ONLINE00000
AHIS 4213Modern Art00000
FIN 4733Portfolio Management HYBRID00000
CS 2033Web Systems00000
GEOG 2763Physical Geography FULL ONLINE00000
ATDI 1434Electrical Systems I00000
CS 3143Game Design Development00000
CGT 1104GPS Map Fund FULL ONLINE00000
CS 4003Software Engineering00000
ANTH 2803Cultural Anthropology00000
CS 4343Natural Language Processing00000
CGT 2624Photoshop Applications00000
DHYG 3103Pre Clinical Dental Hyg Theory00000
BIOL 400VUndergraduate Research Biology00000
DHYG 4142Adv Thr Spec Needs-Full Online00000
CGT 2764CAD Level II00000
ECON 3353Macroeconomics Analysis HYBRID00000
ECED 1411EC Field Exp II FULL ONLINE00000
CHEM 1403College Chemistry I00000
ECTC 2903Future Persp EC FULL ONLINE00000
BIOL 2201Human Anatomy Laboratory00000
EDUC 3401Int Creative Art FULL ONLINE00000
CHEM 3403Biochemistry I00000
EET 3953Power Electronics00000
ART 2203Figure Drawing ALT HYBRID00000
ELEC 1863Digital Fundamentals00000
CHEM 4704Inorganic Chemistry00000
ELEC 3413Energy Auditing00000
BIOL 3204Conservation Environmental Ser00000
ELEG 2103Electric Circuits I00000
CJ 2403Legal Asp Law Enf FULL ONLINE00000
ELEG 3224Electronics II00000
AHIS 3523History of American Art00000
ELEG 4233Intro to I C Design00000
CJ 3353Serial Killers FULL ONLINE00000
ELEG 4623Communication Systems00000
BIOL 4103Science Teaching Methods00000
ELML 4102Practicum II00000
COBI 0100Business LLC00000
ENGL 2023Intro American Lit FULL ONLINE00000
ART 3753Screen Printing00000
ENGL 3033Seminar American Lit I00000
COMM 3803Digital Games and Simulations00000
ENGL 3453Women and Lit FULL ONLINE00000
BIOL 4913Animal Behavior00000
ENGL 4333Second Language Assessment00000
CS 499VInform Tech Independent Study00000
ENGN 1121Intro to Engineering II00000
ACCT 4013Tax Accounting I FULL ONLINE00000
FIN 3813Money Bank Fin FULL ONLINE00000
CS 1303Intro to Data Science00000
FORL 2503Lang and Society FULL ONLINE00000
BSAT 3053Recording Mthds Hist Structs00000
CS 3013Human Computer Interaction00000
ACCT 3003Intermediate Accounting I00000
AERO 1021Heritage Value US Air Force II00000
ART 1113Drawing00000
BIOL 1461Microbiology Immunology Lab00000
CHEM 448VIndpt Study in Chemistry00000
ECED 3283Language Literacy II PDS00000