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UAFS Course Reviews

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DHYG 3412Oral Embryology Histology00000
EDUC 490AInternship ELEM00000
CHEM 3423Biochemistry II00000
CS 3123Bus App Prog I FULL ONLINE00000
CJ 3413Psychology and Crime00000
CGT 2694Digital Layout Level II00000
ECED 2093Hlth Safety Nut FULL ONLINE00000
BIOL 3824Plant Physiology00000
CJ 2403Legal Asp Law Enf FULL ONLINE00000
BIOL 4914Developmental Biology00000
CS 2022IT Sys Mgmt FULL ONLINE00000
COMM 495VCommunication Internship00000
CGT 16443D Visualization00000
CS 4033Ethics Professional Practice00000
BIOL 1463Microbiology and Immunology00000
DHYG 4311Periodontology II00000
CHEM 1403College Chemistry I00000
ECON 4343Managerial Economics HYBRID00000
ART 11032D Design00000
EDUC 3612Classroom and Behavioral Mgmt00000
BIOL 4504Ichthyology00000
CJ 3023Child Maltreatment FULL ONLINE00000
ART 3753Screen Printing00000
CJ 4883Current Pol Policy FULL ONLINE00000
BSAT 3033Motion for Applied Animation00000
CS 1053Computer Hardware00000
COMM 3801Publications Staff CHRONICLE00000
CGT 1001CAD Concepts and Applications00000
CS 3013Human Computer Interaction00000
AUTO 1384Transmissions and Drivetrains00000
CS 3403Net Appl Prog SYNC ONLINE00000
CGT 2624Photoshop Applications00000
DHYG 3103Pre Clinical Dental Hyg Theory00000
ANTH 493VInd Stdy Anth Prehistoric Hunt00000
DHYG 4132Clinic III Theory00000
CHEM 400VChemistry Research00000
DIES 2154Intro to Diesel Systems00000
BIOL 3403Ecology00000
ECON 2803Prin of Macroeconomics00000
CHEM 2713Organic Chemistry II00000
ECTC 2703Preschool Curr FULL ONLINE00000
AHIS 2863Art History Survey I00000
EDUC 3013Human Dev & Learn Secondary00000
CHEM 4614Instrumental Analysis00000
EDUC 4802Seminar in Ed ELEM/MLED00000
ART 3313Advanced Drawing HYBRID00000
CJ 2603Courts and Criminal Procedure00000
BIOL 4833Biology of Cancer00000
CJ 3213Criminal Investig FULL ONLINE00000
AHIS 3203Art Outside Western Tradition00000
CJ 3983Intro Res Meth FULL ONLINE00000
BSAT 3004Animation Overview00000
COBI 0100Business LLC00000
ART 3903ST:Site&Install Art00000
COMM 2223Foundations of Communication00000
BSAT 3063CAD Management HYBRID00000
CS 298VIntro Ugrad Research IND STDY00000
COMM 3903Communication Research Methods00000
BSAT 4044Sr Capstone Proj HYBRID00000
CS 1303Intro to Data Science00000
ATDI 1584Heating Air Condit Sys HYBRID00000
CS 2043Database Systems II00000
CGT 1234Engineering Graphics I00000
CS 3053Operating Systems00000
AHIS 4213Modern Art00000
CS 3223Route and Switch SYNC ONLINE00000
CGT 2204Land Surv Info Sys FULL ONLINE00000
CS 3523Computer Forensics00000
BIOL 420VSpec Top: Enviromental Micro00000
CS 4133Cloud Applications Development00000
CGT 2664Digital Design Level I00000
DHYG 3212Periodontology I00000
AERO 1011Heritage Values US Air Force I00000
DHYG 3453General and Oral Pathology00000
CGT 2834Machine Drawing and Design00000
DHYG 4224Dental Hygiene Clinic II00000
BIOL 2501General Microbiology Lab00000
DHYG 4522Ethics Practice Management00000
CHEM 1301Chemical Principles Lab00000
ECD 1103Child Growth Dev FULL ONLINE00000
ANTH 3303Anthrop Theory FULL ONLINE00000
ECED 3263Early Childhood Assessment PDS00000
CHEM 2701Organic Chemistry I Lab00000
ECON 3353Macroeconomics Analysis HYBRID00000
BIOL 3801Genetics Laboratory00000
ECTC 2503Child Guidance FULL ONLINE00000
CHEM 3401Biochemistry I Lab00000
ECTC 2903Future Persp EC FULL ONLINE00000
ACCT 3123Govt Nonprofit Accounting00000
EDUC 2783Intro to Educational Fndtns00000
CHEM 4203Biophysical Chemistry00000
EDUC 3401Int Creative Art FULL ONLINE00000
BIOL 4203Pathogenic Micro-ALT HYBRID00000
CHEM 4903Spec Topics Chemistry Polymer00000
ACCT 2803Prin of Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 4053Auditing00000
AHIS 3663Castles Cathedrals Middle Ages00000
ATDI 1334Braking Systems00000
BSAT 3893Computer Color Application00000
COMM 4643Writing for Media FULL ONLINE00000