UAF Course Reviews

University of Alaska Fairbanks

ANTH F409Anthropology of Religion00000
ANTH F628Zooarchaeology and Taphonomy00000
AMIT F130Surface Mining Operations00000
ANTH F698Non-thesis Research/Project00000
ANL F608Indigenous Knowledge Systems00000
AFPM F151Cleaning and Corrosion Control00000
ANTH F415Zooarchaeology and Taphonomy00000
ACNS F670Oral Sources: Issues in Documentation00000
ANL F221Intermediate Conversational Alaska Native Language00000
ACNS F662Alaska Government and Politics00000
ANS F341Community Research Toolbox00000
ANS F113Alaska Natives, Indigenous Peoples and International Laws00000
AFPM F146Basic Electricity00000
ANTH F605Archaeological Method and Theory00000
ACNS F654International Law and the Environment00000
ANTH F631Linguistic Anthropology: Language, Thought and Action00000
AFPM F152Federal Aviation Regulations00000
ANTH F111XAncient Civilizations00000
ABUS F231Introduction to Personnel00000
APAR F150PIntroduction to Traditional Crafts00000
ACNS F449Northern and Environmental Literature00000
ANL F393Eskimo-Aleut Language Contact and Prehistory in the Pacific...00000
ACCT F262Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
ANS F300Alaska Native Writers Workshop00000
ACNS F660Government and Politics of Canada00000
ANS F329Indigenous Alaska Native Language and Culture Revitalization00000
ANS F401Cultural Knowledge of Natv Elders00000
AFPM F270Airframe Testing00000
ANS F325Native Self-government00000
ACNS F201The Circumpolar North: An Introductory Overview00000
ANTH F407Kinship and Social Organization00000
AFPM F244Lubricating Systems00000
ANTH F100XIndividual, Society and Culture00000
ABUS F183Professional Skills for Job Hunt00000
ANTH F647Global to Local Sustainability00000
AFPM F246Fuel Metering Systems00000
ANTH F411Senior Seminar in Anthropology00000
ACNS F652International Relations of the North00000
ANTH F405Archaeological Method and Theory00000
AIS F342MS Excel for Finance00000
ANTH F221Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology00000
ABUS F202Principles of Accounting III00000
ANTH F445Gender in Cross-cultural Perspective00000
ANL F121Conversational Alaska Native Language I00000
APAR F157PSkin SewingTraditional Mittens00000
ACCT F261XPrinciples of Financial Accounting00000
ANL F241Intermediate Dene / Athabascan I00000
ACNS F690Researching and Writing Northern History00000
ANL F287Teaching Methods for Alaska Native Languages00000
ABUS F277Dynamics of Leadership00000
ANS F350Cross-cultural Communication: Alaska Perspectives00000
ACNS F675Historiography Capstone00000
ANS F112Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: Land Claims in the 21st...00000
ACCT F356Internship In Accounting00000
ANS F351Advanced Practicum in Alaska Native Cultural Expression00000
ACNS F681Polar Exploration and its Literature00000
ANS F458The Politics of Indigenous Identity00000
ANS F114Alaska Natives, Indigenous Peoples and North American Legal...00000
AFPM F149Fluid Lines and Fittings00000
ANS F393Indigenous/AK Native Lang/Cul00000
ACCT F472Internal and Government Auditing00000
ANS F160Alaska Native Dance00000
AFPM F254Ice and Rain Control Systems00000
ANTH F260Fundamentals of Linguistic Anthropology: Language in Culture...00000
ABUS F102BKeyboarding: Skill Building00000
ANTH F427Anthropology of Death00000
AFPM F257Instrument Systems00000
ANTH F624Analytical Techniques00000
ACNS F625Visual Images of the North00000
ANTH F470Oral Sources: Issues in Documentation00000
AFPM F264Sheet Metal Structures00000
ANTH F383History and Cultures of Northern Dené00000
ABUS F134Alphabetic Filing00000
ANTH F646Economic Anthropology00000
AFPM F266Assembly and Rigging00000
ANTH F623Human Origins00000
ACNS F647U.S. Environmental Politics00000
ANTH F225Anthropology and Race00000
AFPM F293FAA A&P Test Prep00000
ANTH F309Circumpolar Archaeology00000
ABUS F265Current and Emerging Trends in Applied Marketing00000
ANTH F493Human Evolutionary Biology00000
AFPM F240Turbine Engines00000
ANTH F672Culture and History in the North Atlantic00000
ACNS F611Environmental History00000
ANTH F426Bioarchaeology00000
AMIT F129Surface Mine Safety00000
ANTH F422Human Osteology00000
ABUS F199Practicum in Applied Business00000
ANTH F602Anthropology of Art00000
ANL F401Alaska Native Language Apprenticeship00000
ANTH F308Language and Gender00000
ACNS F698Non-thesis Research/Project00000
ANL F690Seminar in Cross-cultural Studies00000
ABUS F102CKeyboarding: Document Formatting00000
ABUS F193Financial Planning For Future00000
ABUS F178Professionalism00000
ACCT F430Advanced Taxes00000
AFPM F253Transport Category Aircraft00000
ANS F202XAesthetic Appreciation of Alaska Native Performance00000