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UAF Course Reviews

University of Alaska Fairbanks

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART F4723D Animation00000
AUTO F162Suspension Alignment00000
ANTH F407Kinship and Social Organization00000
ART F211Beginning Sculpture00000
ANTH F653Current Perspectives in Cultural Resource Management00000
ANS F425Federal Indian Law and Alaska Natives00000
ASLG F101XAmerican Sign Language I00000
AFPM F256Communications and Navigation Systems00000
ANTH F409Anthropology of Religion00000
AIS F324Advanced MS Excel00000
ART F411Advanced Sculpture00000
ANTH F606Folklore and Mythology: Anthropological Perspective00000
ANS F420Alaska Native Education00000
ART F127Introduction to Weaving00000
AFPM F145Basic Mathematics00000
ART F601Ceramics00000
ANS F160Alaska Native Dance00000
ATM F415Cloud Physics00000
ACNS F611Environmental History00000
AVTY F203Flight Instructor Flight Training00000
AFPM F252Propellers00000
ANTH F645Gender in Cross-cultural Perspective00000
ACNS F600Perspectives on the North00000
ANTH F493Human Evolutionary Biology00000
AMIT F145Introduction to Mineral Beneficiation00000
APAR F157PSkin SewingTraditional Mittens00000
ANTH F221Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology00000
ANL F293Alaska Native Languages and Archives00000
ART F042Bookmaking: The Clamshell Casement00000
ACNS F681Polar Exploration and its Literature00000
ART F605Drawing00000
ANS F113Alaska Natives, Indigenous Peoples and International Laws00000
ART F365Alaska Native Art History00000
ACNS F694Thesis Writing Workshop00000
ART F104PIntroduction to Drawing00000
ANS F329Indigenous Alaska Native Language and Culture Revitalization00000
ART F497Advanced 2D Digital Art00000
AFPM F260Aircraft Landing Gear Systems00000
ATM F678Mesoscale Dynamics00000
ANTH F492Human-Animal Relations in the North00000
ATM F444Weather Analysis and Forecasting00000
ABUS F134Alphabetic Filing00000
AVTY F235Elements of Weather00000
ANTH F100XIndividual, Society and Culture00000
BA F309Professional Development: Finding a Career00000
ACNS F601Research Methods and Sources in the North00000
ANTH F460Cross-cultural Filmmaking00000
AFPM F152Federal Aviation Regulations00000
ANTH F101XIntroduction to Anthropology00000
ACCT F356Internship In Accounting00000
ANTH F485Discourse in Society: Analyzing Language in Social Context00000
AIS F310Management of Information Systems00000
ANTH F405Archaeological Method and Theory00000
ACNS F669Arctic Politics and Governance00000
ANTH F111XAncient Civilizations00000
ANL F315Alaska Native Languages: Eskimo-Aleut00000
ANTH F308Language and Gender00000
ANTH F609Anthropology of Religion00000
ANL F150Interpretive Communication00000
ART F209Beginning Metalsmithing and Jewelry00000
ACNS F603Public Policy00000
ART F231Previsualization and Preproduction00000
ANL F608Indigenous Knowledge Systems00000
ART F619Life Drawing00000
ACNS F625Visual Images of the North00000
ART F401Advanced Ceramics00000
ANS F461Native Ways of Knowing00000
ART F498Undergraduate Research00000
AFPM F248Induction Systems00000
ART F162Color and Design00000
ANS F478Alaska Native Studies Senior Thesis00000
ART F607Printmaking00000
ABUS F235Fund Accounting for Nonprofits00000
ART F488Professional Practices00000
ANS F365Alaska Native Art History00000
ART F313Intermediate Painting00000
AFPM F270Airframe Testing00000
ART F491Fine Art Seminar00000
ANS F225Applied Communication Skills00000
ART F394Intermediate 3D Figure Studies in Multi-Media00000
ACNS F429Geography of the Arctic and Circumpolar North00000
ATM F699Thesis00000
ANS F111History Of Alaska Natives00000
ATM F688Atmospheric Science Informal Seminar00000
AFPM F257Instrument Systems00000
ATM F493Mesoscale Dynamics00000
ANTH F427Anthropology of Death00000
AUTO F150Brake Systems00000
ABUS F269Food And Beverage Management00000
AUTO F110Basic Electrical Systems00000
ANTH F605Archaeological Method and Theory00000
AVTY F193PDrone Use opport in Rural AK00000
AFPM F231Powerplant Electrical Systems00000
ANTH F626Bioarchaeology00000
ABUS F210Income Tax00000
ABUS F201Principles of Accounting II00000
ACNS F620Images of the North: Polar Weird00000
ACNS F662Alaska Government and Politics00000
ANL F402Alaska Native Language Apprenticeship II00000
ANTH F424Analytical Techniques00000