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UAB Course Reviews

University of Alabama at Birmingham

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MA 260Intro to Linear Algebra44341
EH 213Lit Ideas: Unreal Stories54531
EH 101English Composition HON45451
CMST 321Persuasion Communication43551
AFS 201LLeadership Laboratory II00000
ARS 332Function, Form & Fantasy00000
ANTH 487Spec Problems in Peace Res00000
ARS 530Space, Place & Identity00000
AST 113Ast of Solar Sys Lab00000
AH 788Health Policy00000
ANTH 641Anthropology of Human Rights00000
BME 333Biomechanics of Solids00000
ARS 1044-D Design Foundations00000
ANTH 436Community Internship00000
ARS 460Advanced New Media00000
AFS 401National Security I00000
ASEM 611Hazard Analysis & Waste Elim00000
ANTH 520Cultural Transformation00000
BMD 330Clin Microbiology for HP00000
AC 474Forensic Accounting Practicum00000
BME 496BME Honors Seminar00000
AHD 714Marketing Strat and Research00000
ARA 101LIntroductory Arabic I Lab00000
ARH 419Arts of Death Middle Ages00000
AC 540International Accounting00000
ANSC 602Gross Anatomy Supplement00000
ARH 468Race and Representation00000
ARH 650Cltrl Heritage Policy Pract00000
ANTH 407Peace Ethology00000
ARS 280Creativity& Imagination00000
AFS 102Air Force Today00000
ARS 362Sound and Motion00000
ANTH 452Adv Linguistic Anthropology00000
ARS 502Drawing-Special Topics 300000
AC 413Internal Auditing00000
ARS 565Advanced New Media00000
ANTH 508Con Res Cross-Cult Pers00000
ASEM 626LB Rspns Org Acc and Incdnts00000
AH 706Strategic Mgt Theory and Res00000
BHS 690Integrating Basic &Clincal Sci00000
ANTH 608Adv Linguistic Anthropology00000
BMD 475Capstone Experience in BMD00000
AAS 335The Psychology of Hip Hop00000
BME 443Medical Image Processing00000
ANTH 686Spec Probs in Applied Anth00000
BME 517Engineering Analysis00000
AC 510Financial Accounting II00000
ARH 204Early Modern to Contemporary00000
AHD 731Health Policy00000
ARH 450American Art to 190000000
AAS 420Pub Hlth/Med Issues in Africa00000
ARH 478Buddhist Arts of East Asia00000
ANSC 696Research Project00000
ARH 486Mughal Art & Architecture00000
ARH 493Seminar: South Asian Art00000
AC 573Fraud Examination00000
ANTH 106Introductory Archaeology00000
ARH 521GR in Italian Renaissance Art00000
ARH 590Art Theory Ren Gender Family00000
ANTH 357Anthropology Of Gender00000
ARS 100Drawing Foundations00000
AEL 650Organizational Theory00000
ARS 230Experiential Ceramics00000
ANTH 418The Power of Nonviolence00000
ARS 311Obsv Painting Concep Purpose00000
AC 309Intermediate Acctg Corporate00000
ARS 351Logo, Brand, Identity00000
ANTH 445Med Anth & Health Disparities00000
ARS 410Advanced Painting00000
AFS 202LLeadership Lab00000
ARS 495Logo, Brand, Identity00000
ANTH 464Political Anthropology00000
ARS 512Experimental Painting00000
AAS 311Race and Media00000
ARS 545Advanced Printmaking00000
ANTH 497Sptp: Peace Ethology00000
ARS 592Hyper-Architecture00000
AH 703Philosophy of Science00000
ASEM 616Policy Issues in PtD00000
ANTH 516War Peace Ancient Meso00000
AST 101Astronomy of the Universe00000
AC 452Income Taxation II00000
BHS 600Integrated Systs IV: Gastroint00000
ANTH 601Forensic Anthropology00000
BMD 300Lab Tech in Biotechnology I00000
AH 727Applied Multivariate Statistic00000
BMD 400Lab Tech In Biotechnology II00000
ANTH 628Comparative Religion00000
BME 210Engineering in Biology00000
AAS 223African-Amer Hist to 186500000
BME 417Engineering Analysis00000
ANTH 654Bio Anth and Contemp Issues00000
BME 489Undergraduate Research in BME00000
AHD 705Health Care Finance00000
ARH 54119th c Art II: Impres/Post-Imp00000
ANTH 248Peoples/World: Latin America00000
ARH 567Modern Architecture00000
ARH 574Landscape & Image in East Asia00000
ANTH 693Spec Problems in Linguistics00000
AAS 165Jazz Style: History and Appr00000