UAB Course Reviews

University of Alabama at Birmingham

EH 101English Composition HON45451
CMST 321Persuasion Communication43551
MA 260Intro to Linear Algebra44341
EH 213Lit Ideas: Unreal Stories54531
AFS 201LLeadership Laboratory II00000
AAS 400Seminar in AAS: Public History00000
CHHS 611School Health Education/Promo00000
AC 452Income Taxation II00000
AC 620Tax Research00000
ME 432Intro Elec/Hybrid Vehicle EGR00000
FR 350Soccer, History, and Politics00000
AH 785Qualitat Res: Analy & Interpre00000
AAS 235African History and Culture00000
ANSC 601LHuman Gross Anatomy Lab00000
AC 305Professional Development/AC00000
HI 674UserExperienceCapstoneProj II00000
AC 514Gvmtl and Not-For-Prof Acct00000
EE 725Information Theory and Coding00000
AFS 102Air Force Today00000
ENT 350Social & Community Enterprise00000
AHD 715Resrch in Organization Theory00000
NNE 785LPract II: Neonatal NP00000
KIN 111Outdoor Pursuits Leadership00000
ME 532Intro to Electric Vehicles00000
HB 712Examining Health Inequities00000
PHL 331Family and Philosophy00000
NMT 692NMT and CT Clinical Practice00000
AAS 165Jazz Style: History and Appr00000
UHP 463Gadflies+Protectors of Justice00000
AAS 311Race and Media00000
HI 646Adv Quantitative Meths for HI00000
AAS 497Honors Seminar00000
ARH 372Art in India to 120000000
AC 413Internal Auditing00000
EH 432ST: Rhetorics of Parenthood00000
AC 480Advanced Accounting00000
CJ 564Crime and Place00000
AC 573Fraud Examination00000
JPA 405Japanese Literature00000
AFS LABAir Force Learning Lab00000
ENH 617Sustainability and Public Hlth00000
AH 720Continuing Seminar00000
CH 444Spect and Sep Lab Methods00000
AHD 705Health Care Finance00000
HI 676UserExperienceCapstoneProj III00000
AHD 730Health Econ & Insurance00000
GRD 772Emotional Intelligence00000
MA 774Algebraic Topology00000
NTR 737Research Concept Development00000
NCC 722Adv Ped Nursing II Acute Care00000
CJ 537LDigital Media Forensics Lab00000
NTC 683LTeaching Practicum in Nursing00000
PSC 432Law and Society00000
NUR 433Complementary Therapies00000
PHL 393Classical Chinese Philosophy00000
HC 316Liberty and Justice for All00000
PY 305Medical Psychology00000
PSC 494ST: Women's Rights, Health & P00000
UHP 449Ecstatic Experience in Lit00000
SPA 555Pop Culture in Translation00000
AAS 220The History of Sport00000
HEA 630Higher Education Law00000
AAS 300African American Music00000
AAS 346Race, Rhetoric, and Resistance00000
AAS 335The Psychology of Hip Hop00000
ECE 774Adv Sem Language Development00000
AAS 490African Amer Studies Inter00000
ARH 331Seventeenth-Century Painting00000
AC 201Principles of Accounting II00000
HI 659QualitativeSynthForHCInsights00000
AC 320Financial Accounting Survey00000
CE 447Principle of Sustain Develop00000
AC 402Income Taxation I00000
BY 203Aging: From Cells to Society00000
AC 472IT Auditing00000
CJ 336Criminal Invest Tech & Analys00000
AC 495Financial Analysis00000
IDNE 702Topics in Neuroengineering II00000
AC 540International Accounting00000
CNBY 499Senior Capstone Course00000
AC 600Financial AC Research00000
EH 570Arthurian Legend00000
AEL 650Organizational Theory00000
EH 470Arthurian Legend00000
LING 453Hist of the Engl Language00000
AFS 301LLeadership Laboratory III00000
FR 250Food for Thought00000
AH 775Strategic Planning and Mgt00000
ARH 205African Art Survey00000
AH 799Dissertation Research00000
HI 673DataAnalytics Capstone Proj II00000
AHD 710Comparative Health Systems00000
NMT 605Cross-Sectional Anatomy00000
PY 619Diversity, Equ, & Incl in Res00000
SOC 318Passion in Action: US Soc Mvmt00000
SOC 628Teaching Sociology00000
SPA 311Greatest Hits Hispanic Lit I00000
INFO 403Bioinformatics-II00000
AH 779Mixed Methods: Comm BasedRes00000
ARH 360Twentieth-Century Art to 194500000