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UAA Course Reviews

University of Alaska Anchorage

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
WRTG A111Writing Across Contexts55331
BA A489From Startup to Growth00000
BIOL A662Advanced Virology00000
BIOL A495AInternship in the Biological Sciences00000
BA A347International Marketing00000
BA A426Financial Institutions00000
BIOL A490Global Climate Change00000
ATP A301CFI Flying00000
ATP A126Instrument Flying00000
BA A290AANCS: Land Claims, Sovereignty, Future Challenges00000
BA A306Real Estate Principles00000
BA A388Globalization and Business Environment00000
BA A432Real Estate Law00000
BA A617Technology Management00000
ATC A242ATC Terminal Radar Procedures00000
BIOL A492Undergraduate Seminar00000
BA A231Fundamentals of Supervision00000
BIOL A103Introductory Biology Laboratory00000
ATA A337Airline Operations00000
BIOL A613Neurophysiology00000
ATP A219Commercial Flying II00000
BA A266Retailing Management00000
ATA A290Basic Unmanned Aviation Systems00000
ATP A100Private Pilot Ground School00000
BA A421Real Estate Management Capstone00000
BA A628Executive Leadership00000
BA A242Business Law II00000
BA A260Marketing Practices00000
BA A491AStudent Managed Portfolio00000
ATC A147Air Traffic Communications00000
BA A463Branding and Content Marketing Strategies00000
BA A655Strategic Management Seminar00000
BIOL A461Molecular Biology00000
ATA A335Airport Operations00000
BIOL A179Introduction to Oceanography Laboratory00000
BA A648Business Intelligence and Data Mining00000
BIOL A432Experiential Learning: Marine Mammal Biology00000
ATC A242LATC Terminal Radar Procedures Lab00000
BIOL A452Human Genome00000
BA A381Consumer Behavior and Relationship Management00000
BIOL A243Experiential Learning: Cell Biology and Genetics00000
ASL A201Intermediate American Sign Language I00000
BIOL A458Behavioral Ecology of Marine Mammals00000
BA A273Introduction to Statistics for Business and Economics00000
BIOL A487Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates00000
ATA A233Aviation Safety00000
BA A695Graduate Internship00000
ATP A433Aerospace Physiology00000
BA A241Business Law I00000
ASTR A103Solar System Astronomy00000
BA A385Intermediate Financial Management00000
ATP A300CFI Ground School00000
BA A480Marketing Media Analytics00000
ATA A132History of Aviation00000
ATP A235Elements of Weather00000
BA A201Introduction to Alaska Native Business00000
BA A387International Business Management00000
BA A483Marketing Campaign Practicum And Portfolio00000
BA A131Personal Finance00000
BA A325Corporate Finance00000
ATC A239Fundamentals of Nonradar Separation00000
BA A460Marketing Management00000
BA A343Principles of Marketing00000
BA A682Integrated Marketing Communications00000
ASTR A104LStars, Galaxies and Cosmology Laboratory00000
BA A490BANCSA Land00000
BA A482Integrated Marketing Communications00000
BA A627Leadership in the Multicultural Organization00000
ATC A239LFundamentals of Nonradar Laboratory00000
BIOL A486Evolutionary Ecology00000
BA A233Survey of Finance00000
BIOL A467Wildlife Population Dynamics and Management00000
ART A309Intermediate Metalsmithing And Jewelry00000
BIOL A111Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
BA A686Management Simulation00000
BIOL A415Comparative Animal Physiology00000
ATC A325Tools for Weather Briefing00000
BIOL A699Thesis00000
BA A629Negotiation and Conflict Management00000
BIOL A663Advanced Molecular Biology of Cancer00000
ATA A295Aviation Internship I00000
BIOL A474Ecotoxicology00000
BA A303Real Estate Investment Finance00000
BIOL A365Astrobiology00000
ATP A101Pre-Professional Flying00000
BIOL A114Lectures in Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
BA A451Advanced Investment Strategies00000
BIOL A427Marine Invertebrate Biology00000
ART A499Thesis00000
BIOL A200Introduction to Complexity00000
BA A656Management Project00000
BIOL A677Advanced Tundra and Taiga Ecosystems00000
ATP A351Flight Dispatcher Operations00000
BA A403Inside the Boardroom of Alaska Native Organizations00000
BA A431Real Estate Appraisal00000
ART A353Illustration I00000
ART A103Basic Digital Photography00000
ASTR A103LSolar System Astronomy Laboratory00000
ATC A144ATC Flight Procedures00000
ATP A225Tailwheel Airplane Transition00000