UAA Course Reviews

University of Alaska Anchorage

ANTH A361Language and Culture00000
ART A201Beginning Handbuilt Ceramics00000
AMT A181LAircraft Fuel Systems Lab00000
ANTH A487Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology00000
AMT A279Aircraft Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul00000
AKNS A109ACentral Yup'ik Orthography00000
ANTH A445Evolution Of Humans And Disease00000
AEST A699AEST Thesis00000
AMT A272Aircraft Electrical Hardware and Systems00000
AET A285Design Project 100000
ANTH A205LBiological Anthropology Laboratory00000
ANTH A205Biological Anthropology00000
AKNS A292AAlaska Native Language Apprenticeship00000
ANTH A200Alaska Native Cultures00000
AE A685Arctic Applications Of Heat And Mass Transfer00000
ANTH A211LArchaeology Laboratory00000
AKNS A101FElementary Dena'ina Language I00000
ART A413Advanced Painting00000
ADT A162Suspension and Alignment00000
ART A424Advanced Photography00000
AET A295Architectural And Engineering Technology Internship00000
AMT A185LAircraft Sheetmetal Structures Lab00000
ADT A152Heavy-Duty Suspension and Steering00000
AMT A284Aircraft Electrical Machinery00000
AET A121Architectural Construction Drawings00000
ANTH A482Historical Archaeology00000
ANTH A410Anthropological Theory00000
AKNS A102FElementary Dena'ina Language II00000
ANTH A699Thesis Research00000
ADT A222Automotive Engine Performance00000
ANTH A457Food and Nutrition: An Anthropological Perspective00000
AKNS A216World Indigenous Music00000
ANTH A630Advanced Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology00000
ACCT A202Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
ANTH A202Cultural Anthropology00000
AKNS A240Alaska Native Cultural Orientation Alutiiq/Sugpiaq00000
ANTH A490DAlaskan Identities00000
AE A684Arctic Utility Distribution00000
ART A262History of Western Art II00000
AKNS A190Native Early Transition/Cultural Identity Project00000
ART A370Intermediate Alaska Native Art00000
ACCT A222Introduction to Computerized Accounting00000
ART A311Intermediate Sculpture00000
AMT A177Reciprocating Engine Theory00000
ART A1013D Act: Ceramics00000
ADT A268Mobile Hydraulic Systems00000
AMT A283LAircraft Auxiliary Systems Lab00000
AET A213Fundamentals of Civil Construction00000
AMT A273Aircraft Fluid Power Systems00000
ACCT A430Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
AMT A174LFundamentals of Aircraft Electronics Lab00000
AET A123Codes and Standards00000
AMT A279LAircraft Turbine Engine Repair and Overhaul Lab00000
ADT A150Brake Systems00000
ANTH A620Research Design00000
AIRS A150US Air Force Leadership Laboratory00000
ANTH A438Tlingit and Haida Adaptations00000
ANTH A464Culture and Globalization00000
AIRS A402National Security Affairs II/Prep for Active Duty00000
ANTH A290Archarological Site I00000
ADT A153Medium/Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines00000
ANTH A495Practicum in Anthropology00000
AKNS A101BElementary Tlingit Language I00000
ANTH A610Anthropological Theory00000
ACCT A452Auditing00000
ANTH A690EAdvanced Peace and Conflict00000
AKNS A356Yup'ik Music and Dance Ensemble00000
ANTH A416Arctic Archaeology00000
AE A683Arctic Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering00000
ANTH A499Senior Thesis in Anthropology00000
AKNS A230Oral Traditions of Alaska Native People00000
ANTH A452Culture and Human Biodiversity00000
ACCT A650Seminar in Executive Uses of Accounting00000
ANTH A654Advanced Studies in Culture and Ecology00000
AKNS A102DElementary Inupiaq Language II00000
ANTH A611Archaeological Theory00000
AE A682Ice Engineering00000
ANTH A461Decolonizing Methodologies00000
AKNS A290Alaska Native Ecological Knowledge: Contemporary Application...00000
ANTH A436Aleut Adaptations00000
ACCT A410Corporate and Partnership Income Tax00000
ART A180ABeginning Stained Glass00000
AKNS A313Tribes, Nations and Peoples00000
ART A315Intermediate Printmaking00000
AEST A698Individual Research00000
ART A590ST: AAEA Conf 202100000
AKNS A482Indigenous Knowledge(s) and the Sciences in Global Contexts00000
ART A323Color Photography00000
ABE A001ABE/GED Preparation00000
ART A252Beginning Graphic Design00000
AMT A274Aircraft Electronic Systems00000
ART A367History of Photography00000
AET A242Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems00000
AMT A185Aircraft Sheetmetal Structures00000
ABE A003ABE/GED Preparation00000
ACCT A295Entry-Level Accounting Internship00000
ACCT A201Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ADT A202Auto Fuel and Emissions Systems00000
AIRS A302US Air Force Leadership and Management II00000
ANTH A490EPeace and Conflict00000