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U of St Thomas Course Reviews

University of St. Thomas

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARTS 4306Advanced Photography II00000
BIEDL 5365Assessment Strategies for Linguistically Diverse Populations00000
ARTHS 4375Bernini and Baroque Rome00000
ARTS 3317Intermediate Photography: Photoshop and Digital Imaging for...00000
ARTS 2311Life Drawing II00000
ANET 2305Securing Information00000
ARTS 4392Advanced Level Independent Study in Studio Arts00000
ACCT 6362Taxation of Business Entities00000
ARTS 2301Beginning Printing: Monoprint I00000
AEEG 1305Fundamentals of Digital Signals00000
ARTS 3308Intermediate Photography II00000
ARTS 2331Beginning Sculpture II00000
AFSC 3302Air Force Leadership Studies II00000
ARTS 3341Intermediate Ceramics II00000
ACCT 5399Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility00000
ARTS 4327Advanced 3-D Critique00000
ARTHS 3341Late Medieval Art00000
BIEDL 3339Multicultural Populations00000
ACCT 5313Managerial Accounting00000
BIOL 2372Introduction to Microbiology Lecture and Lab00000
ACOM 1350Basics of Writing00000
ARTS 2305Beginning Photography I00000
ACCT 5333Auditing00000
ARTS 2317Beginning Digital Photography II00000
AEXC 1300Computer Applications & Communication in the Workplace00000
ARTS 3302Intermediate Printing: Monoprint II00000
ARTS 2350Collage and Assemblage I00000
AEXC 1350Environmental Science & Healthy Living00000
ARTS 3313Intermediate Drawing II00000
ACCT 5391Internship in Accounting00000
ARTS 3323Inter Painting II-Abstract Painting Essentials00000
ANET 1305Basics of Networking00000
ARTS 3349Intermediate Ceramics: Wheel-Throwing II00000
ACCT 4393Special Topics in Accounting00000
ARTS 4317Advanced Photography: Digital Emphasis II00000
ARTHS 1350Introduction to the Visual Arts00000
ARTS 4360Advanced Jewelry I00000
ACCT 6331Financial Accounting Theory00000
ARTS 4699Senior Project Concept and Practice00000
ARTHS 3391Early Renaissance Art00000
BIEDL 4365Spanish Literature for Children & Adolescents00000
ACCT 3336Financial Statement Analysis00000
BIOL 1422Ecosystems, Society and Health00000
ARTS 1302Drawing Fundamentals II00000
BIOL 2470Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ACCT 5330Advanced Accounting00000
ARTS 2303Beginning Printmaking I00000
AEEG 1300AC Circuits00000
ARTS 2308Beginning Photography II00000
ACCT 3342Intermediate Accounting: Equities00000
ARTS 2313Drawing & Paintng the Human Head II00000
AEEG 1310Structure and Functions of Electronic Devices00000
ARTS 2321Beginning Painting II00000
ACCT 5336Financial Statement Analysis00000
ARTS 2340Beginning Ceramics I00000
AEXC 1310Political Structures in America00000
ARTS 2381Beginning Watercolor II00000
ARTS 2361Beginning Jewelry II00000
AEXC 1345Healthy Relationships00000
ARTS 3304Intermediate Printmaking II00000
ACCT 5362Taxation of Business Entities00000
ARTS 3311Intermediate Life Drawing II00000
AFSC 2201Evolution of Air Power I00000
ARTS 3316Intermediate Photography: Photoshop and Digital Imaging for...00000
ACCT 4366Comparative Accounting Practices00000
ARTS 3321Intermediate Painting II00000
AMAT 1300Foundations of Mathematics I00000
ARTS 3334Intermediate Sculpture II: Mixed Media00000
ACCT 5395Special Topics00000
ARTS 3347Intermediate Ceramics: Hand-building II00000
ANET 1360Introduction to Servers II00000
ARTS 4302Advanced Printing: Monoprint II00000
ACCT 3333Income Taxation I00000
ARTS 4312Advanced Drawing I00000
APHY 1305Fundamentals of Physics00000
ARTS 4322Advanced Painting I-Abstract Painting Essentials00000
ACCT 6313Managerial Accounting00000
ARTS 4334Advanced Sculpture II Mixed Media00000
ARTHS 2352Survey of Art II00000
ARTS 4363Advanced Enameling II00000
ACCT 5191Internship in Accounting00000
ARTS 4395Advanced 2-D Critique II00000
ARTHS 3361Greek Art00000
AUNI 1300College Foundations00000
ACCT 6336Financial Statement Analysis00000
BIEDL 4331Teaching the Content Areas in Bilingual Education (Elementar...00000
ARTHS 4345Iconography of Christian Art (I and II)00000
BIEDL 5351Instructional Strategies for Dual Language Learners00000
ACCT 1301Intro to Financial and Managerial Accounting00000
BIOL 1351Introduction to Population Biology and Evolution00000
ARTHS 4395Michelangelo00000
BIOL 2333Introduction to Microbiology00000
ACCT 6393Accounting Information Systems00000
ARTS 13043-D Design00000
ACCT 5X11Fundamentals of Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 1342Principles of Accounting II00000
ACCT 4335Fund Accounting00000
ACCT 5360Governmental/Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
AEXC 1335Personal Finance & Financial Literacy00000
ARTS 2363Beginning Enameling II00000