U of St Thomas Course Reviews

University of St. Thomas

BIOL 1422Ecosystems, Society and Health00000
BIOL 4292Directed Reading/Independent Study in Biology00000
ARTS 3301Intermediate Printing: Monoprint I00000
AUNI 1300College Foundations00000
ARTS 3346Intermediate Ceramics: Hand-building I00000
ARTS 2311Life Drawing II00000
BIOL 3310Bioinformatics00000
AMAT 1300Foundations of Mathematics I00000
ARTS 3316Intermediate Photography: Photoshop and Digital Imaging for...00000
ANET 2305Securing Information00000
ARTS 4363Advanced Enameling II00000
ARTS 4302Advanced Printing: Monoprint II00000
ARTS 1302Drawing Fundamentals II00000
BIEDL 5333Applied Linguistics00000
AEXC 1335Personal Finance & Financial Literacy00000
BIOL 2471Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ARTS 2340Beginning Ceramics I00000
BIOL 3461Cell Biology00000
ACCT 5333Auditing00000
CG 5302Theology and Themes in the Old Testament00000
ANET 1350Introduction to Servers I00000
ARTS 3322Inter Painting I-Abstract Painting Essentials00000
ACCT 5366Comparative Accounting Practices00000
ARTS 3362Intermediate Enameling I00000
ARTHS 2351Survey of Art I00000
ARTS 4334Advanced Sculpture II Mixed Media00000
ARTS 4311Advanced Life Drawing II00000
ARTHS 4345Iconography of Christian Art (I and II)00000
ARTS 4395Advanced 2-D Critique II00000
AEEG 1350Principles of Electronic Communication00000
BIEDL 4333Applied Linguistics00000
ARTS 2303Beginning Printmaking I00000
BIOL 1151Introduction to Biology Practicum00000
ACCT 5313Managerial Accounting00000
BIOL 2343Pathopharmacology I00000
ARTS 2320Beginning Painting I00000
BIOL 3134Biochemistry Lab00000
AFSC 2201Evolution of Air Power I00000
BIOL 3341Marine Biology00000
ARTS 2361Beginning Jewelry II00000
BIOL 4154Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory00000
ACCT 4333Auditing00000
BIOL 4354Pathogenic Microbiology00000
ARTS 3305Intermediate Photography I00000
CG 5305Moral Theology00000
ACCT 5360Governmental/Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
ARTS 3321Intermediate Painting II00000
ANET 2300Introduction to Linux Networking00000
ARTS 3334Intermediate Sculpture II: Mixed Media00000
ACCT 4335Fund Accounting00000
ARTS 3349Intermediate Ceramics: Wheel-Throwing II00000
ARAB 1331Elementary Arabic I00000
ARTS 3381Intermediate Watercolor II00000
ACCT 5395Special Topics00000
ARTS 4305Advanced Photography I00000
ARTHS 3340Early Medieval Art00000
ARTS 4326Advanced 3-D Critique00000
ARTS 4316Advanced Photography: Digital Emphasis I00000
ARTHS 3382Early Twentieth-Century Art00000
ARTS 4360Advanced Jewelry I00000
AEEG 1305Fundamentals of Digital Signals00000
ARTS 4392Advanced Level Independent Study in Studio Arts00000
ARTHS 4393Special Topics in Art History00000
ASFT 1300Foundations of Programming00000
ACCT 5191Internship in Accounting00000
BIEDL 3339Multicultural Populations00000
ARTS 1305Basic Photography00000
BIEDL 4364Spanish Language Arts for the Spanish Dominant Child00000
AEXC 1310Political Structures in America00000
BIEDL 5362Techniques of Teaching English as a Second Language00000
ARTS 2306Color I00000
BIOL 1152Basic Lab Techiques in Biology00000
ACCT 3336Financial Statement Analysis00000
BIOL 2046Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab00000
ARTS 2316Beginning Digital Photography I00000
BIOL 2445Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
AEXC 1350Environmental Science & Healthy Living00000
BIOL 3111Junior/Senior Seminar00000
ARTS 2330Beginning Sculpture I00000
BIOL 3151Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
ACCT 5330Advanced Accounting00000
BIOL 3333Microbiology00000
ARTS 2350Collage and Assemblage I00000
BIOL 3362Cancer Biology00000
AFSC 3302Air Force Leadership Studies II00000
BIOL 4111Bioscience Communication I00000
ARTS 2363Beginning Enameling II00000
BIOL 4194Guided Biological Research00000
ACCT 1301Intro to Financial and Managerial Accounting00000
BIOL 4333Research Methods in Biological Investigation00000
ARTS 3303Intermediate Printmaking I00000
BIOL 4393Special Topics in Biology00000
AMAT 1355Foundations of Mathematics II00000
ARTS 3311Intermediate Life Drawing II00000
ACCT 5X11Fundamentals of Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 3332Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 4391Internship in Accounting00000
ACCT 6191Internship in Accounting00000
ARTHS 3352Survey of Art II00000
ARTS 4321Advanced Painting II00000