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U of S Course Reviews

University of Saskatchewan

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
POLS 112Justice and Injustice in Politics and Law44.5432
IS 110Global Issues33211
CMPT 214Programming Principles and Practice32231
POLS 237Modern Political Theory43431
CMPT 141Introduction to Computer Science54551
ANTH 111One World Many Peoples Introduction to Cultural Anthropology43331
COMM 213Management Information Systems12111
AREC 851Agricultural Policy00000
ANTH 806Environmental Anthropology00000
ART 223Painting and Related Work II B00000
ART 326Printmaking III A00000
AREC 494Research and Technical Writing Honours Thesis00000
ANTH 354Ritual Spaces in Ukrainian Culture00000
ART 141Sculpture I Foundation00000
ANSC 355Sheep and Goat Management00000
ART 251Intermediate Printmaking00000
APMC 994Research00000
AGRC 111Discovery in Plant and Soil Sciences00000
ART 416Photography IV00000
ANSC 810Nutrition of Grazing Ruminants00000
ARCH 250Introduction to Archaeological Science00000
ART 442Sculpture and Related Work B00000
ART 477Printmaking IV B00000
ANSC 863Advanced Ruminant Nutritional Management00000
ARCH 472Palaeopathology00000
ARCH 855Problems in Archaeology: Advanced Zooarchaeology II00000
AREC 445Competition Regulation and Antitrust Theory and Applications00000
ANTH 326Applied Anthropology00000
AREC 837Non-market Valuation for Natural Resources and the Environme...00000
ANSC 212Livestock and Poultry Production00000
AREC 996Research00000
ANTH 422Anthropology in Context: Contemporary Influences00000
ART 212Drawing and Related Work II00000
ACB 990Scientific Communication00000
ART 236Digital and Integrated Practice II A00000
APEC 990Seminar00000
ART 316Photography III00000
ANSC 485Swine Production and Management00000
ART 341Sculpture and Related Work III A00000
APPY 996Research00000
ART 431Special Studies Painting and Related Work IIInstructors Sign...00000
ACB 406Comparative Vertebrate Histology00000
ART 461Animation and Digital Space III00000
ARCH 385Computer Applications in Archaeology00000
ART 486Special Studies Painting and Related Work II A00000
AGRC 113Agri Food Issues and Institutions00000
ARCH 498Archaeology of Food00000
ANSC 898Nutritional Toxicology00000
ACB 821Advanced Topics in Developmental Biology00000
ARCH 898Advance Forensic Anthropology00000
ANBI 110Introductory Animal Bioscience00000
ANSC 996Research00000
ARCH 996Research00000
AREC 230Innovation and Entrepreneurship00000
ANTH 211Cultural Competency in Community Health and Violence Interve...00000
AREC 251Introduction to Agricultural Policy00000
AREC 298History of Aboriginal Agriculture in Canada00000
AREC 432Rural Development Theory and Applications00000
ANTH 310Anthropology of Gender00000
AREC 459The Economics of Agricultural Innovation00000
ANBI 492Literature Thesis in Animal Bioscience00000
AREC 820Applied Microeconomic Theory00000
ANTH 330Oral History and Storytelling Anthropological Perspectives00000
AREC 842Agricultural Market Organizations00000
ACB 840Development of Nervous SystemDepartmental Approval Required00000
AREC 898Project Eval for Water Managem00000
ANTH 401Independent Research in Anthropology00000
ART 111Painting I Foundation00000
ANSC 315Animal and Poultry Nutrition00000
ART 152Introductory Printmaking II00000
ANTH 801Contemporary Anthropological TheoryDepartmental Approval Req...00000
ART 220Drawing and Related Work II A00000
ACB 401Undergraduate Research Project00000
ART 231Animation and Digital Space I00000
ANTH 990Seminar00000
ART 241Sculpture and Related Work II A00000
ANSC 430Intensive Management of Beef Cattle00000
ART 313Printmaking III00000
APMC 898Advanced Quality Assurance & HACCP00000
ART 322Painting and Related Work III A00000
ACB 996Research00000
ART 330Video Art and Sound II00000
APPY 990Seminar00000
ART 411Painting and Related Work IV00000
ANSC 494Research Thesis in Animal Science00000
ART 423Special Studies Printmaking I00000
ARCH 112The Human Journey Introduction to Archaeology and Biological...00000
ART 438Digital and Integrated Practice IV A00000
ACB 331Methods in Cell and Developmental Biology00000
ART 452Advanced Studies Art III Print00000
ARCH 359Archaeology of the Northwest Coast and Plateau00000
ART 472Painting and Related Work IV A00000
ANSC 816Biotechnology and the Rumen Ecosystem00000
ANBI 375Animals and the Environment00000
ANTH 227Cultures of Central and Eastern Europe00000
AREC 322Agricultural Finance00000
AREC 343Grain and Livestock Marketing00000
ANTH 235Anthropological Approaches to Ethnicity and Ethnic Groups00000
AREC 347Agribusiness Marketing Management00000
AREC 361Intermediate Statistics and Decision Making00000