U of R Course Reviews

University of Regina

ARTH 390AKIndigenous Women and The Camera00000
BIOC 827AWAdvanced Microscopy with Application to Medicine00000
ART 431Senior Drawing II00000
ART 870AHSeriality and narrative00000
ART 472Senior Printmaking III00000
ART 355Installation Art00000
ASTR 202Stars and Galaxies00000
ANTH 248Ethnography of New Guinea00000
ART 453Senior Sculpture III00000
ANTH 402Theory in Anthropology II00000
ART 850AFContextualizing Practice00000
ART 496ABSenior Photography I00000
ART 324Space, Time, and Photo-Based Art00000
ARTH 290AQLandscape & Environment in Art00000
ADMN 436ANStrategic Communication for Indigenous Organizations00000
ARTS 002Arts Co-op Work Term II00000
ART 390ALIntermediate 2D Studio00000
BIOC 402Honours Thesis00000
ADMN 245Introduction to Strategic Communication for Indigenous Organ...00000
BIOL 052Biology Co-op Work Term II00000
ANTH 320ALAdvanced Topics in Community Museums00000
ART 463Senior Ceramics IV00000
ADMN 263Customer Service Strategies00000
ART 490ABSenior Painting Studies00000
ANTH 853Advanced Ethnographic Research00000
ART 850AOFrom Found To Fabricated00000
ART 820ASEco Art & Intermedia Research00000
ART 290ACIntroduction to Graphic Design00000
ART 860AICeramic Sculptural Form00000
ADMN 345Strategic Communication Planning for Indigenous Organization...00000
ARTH 210Curatorial Studies00000
ART 342Expressive Painting00000
ARTH 324Canadian Art and Cultural Identity00000
ADMN 205Management Communications00000
ARTH 890ASTheories of Art for Makers00000
ART 364Experimental Ceramics00000
ARTS 199AASports, Play, and Competition00000
ANTH 242MEIntroduction to Museum Ethnography00000
BIOC 312Analytical Chemisty III Instrumental Analysis00000
ART 419Senior Group Studio00000
BIOC 428AISelected Topics in Chemical Biology and Nanotheranostics00000
ACSC 390ADTopics in Property & Casualty Insurance00000
BIOC 827ARChemical Basis of Biological Systems00000
ART 442Senior Painting III00000
BIOL 100Biology I From Cells to Organisms00000
ADMN 261Introduction to Hospitality, Tourism, and Gaming Entertainme...00000
ART 461Senior Ceramics II00000
ANTH 343Medical Anthropology00000
ART 470Senior Printmaking I00000
ACSC 418Time Series Analysis and Forecasting00000
ART 474Senior Printmaking V00000
ANTH 499Honours Thesis00000
ART 492ACSenior Sculpture Studies00000
ADMN 285Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
ART 803Group Studio00000
ANTH 901Research00000
ART 850AQSolidifying the Soft00000
ART 820ARArt and Climate Change00000
ART 240Introduction to Painting00000
ART 850AJMultiples Duplicates Doubles00000
ADMN 328Nation Building for Indigenous Communities00000
ART 860AAGraduate Ceramic Studio00000
ART 291Intro to Graphic Design00000
ART 870ACProcess and Content: The Technical and Conceptual in Printma...00000
ADMN 100Introduction to Administration00000
ART 902Research and Exhibition00000
ART 336Drawing Media & Process00000
ARTH 213Seventeenth Century Art and Architecture00000
ADMN 375Managing Information Systems00000
ARTH 313Art and its Business00000
ART 344Representational Painting00000
ARTH 390ALNarration and Visual Art00000
ACSC 317Actuarial Models I00000
ARTH 491ABStudies in Renaissance Art00000
ART 361Contemporary Ceramic Processes00000
ARTH 890APCollecting: History and Theory00000
ANTH 241AMEthnography of Circumpolar Peoples00000
ARTS 010Critical Reading for International Students00000
ART 390AEIntermediate Printmaking00000
ASTR 119Astrobiology00000
ADMN 228First Nation Public Administration in Canada00000
AWEI 300AXProgram Evaluation in the non-profit sector: Building capaci...00000
ART 416Senior Group Studio00000
BIOC 390AEBiochemical Basis of Toxicology00000
ANTH 242ABThe Anthropology of Violence and Conflict00000
BIOC 428AEAdvanced Microscopy with Application to Medicine00000
ART 423Senior Photography II00000
BIOC 800Literature Review00000
ACSC 044Actuarial Science Internship Term 400000
BIOC 827APSystems Biology And Network Medicine00000
ART 434Senior Drawing V00000
BIOC 901Research00000
ANTH 310Race, Ethnicity, and Nation00000
ART 450Senior Sculpture I00000
ACSC 041Actuarial Science Internship Term 100000
ACSC 217Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics00000
ACSC 456Applied Stochastic Processes00000
ADMN 310Strategic Marketing00000
ART 221Three-Dimensional Design00000
ART 840AEGraduate Painting: Refiguring the Body00000