U of Mn Course Reviews

University of Minnesota, Duluth

ARTH 3331European Architecture and its Legacy00000
BIOL 2110Cell and Molecular Biology00000
ART 1105Fundamentals of Painting00000
ART 4909Interactive Design II00000
ART 2911Graphic Design I00000
ANTH 4653Senior Seminar00000
AST 4110Observational Astronomy00000
AMIN 4640American Indians in the Movies00000
ART 2040Digital Filmmaking: Visual Narratives00000
AMS 8099Graduate Seminar00000
ART 4600Photography: Digital Portfolio00000
ART 3500Jewelry and Metals II00000
ANTH 4621Myth and Sacred Symbols00000
ARTH 2390US Art and Visual Culture in the 20th Century00000
AMIN 3430Global Indigenous Studies00000
ASL 3003Intermediate American Sign Language I00000
ART 903Art Education Portfolio Review00000
BHSC 5432Clinical Psychopharmacology00000
AIR 3102Leading People and Effective Communication00000
BIOL 3401Evolution00000
AMIN 5102Tribal Natural Resource Program Management 200000
ART 2500Jewelry and Metals I00000
AMIN 1020American Indian Experiences: 1900-present00000
ART 3300Printmaking II00000
ANTH 1620Introduction to Public Culture: Earth Citizenship, Science,...00000
ART 4200Sculpture III00000
ART 3814Digital Media in Art Education00000
ANTH 3691Independent Study in Anthropology00000
ART 4812Senior Seminar00000
AMIN 3206Federal Indian Policy00000
ARTH 1303History of World Art I00000
ANTH 4640Medical Anthropology00000
ARTH 3130Modern and Contemporary Mexican Art00000
AIR 2101Team and Leadership Fundamentals00000
ARTH 4999Senior Paper Art History00000
ANTH 4910Teaching Assistantship in Anthropology00000
ASL 4298American Sign Language Skill Building Workshop00000
AMIN 3830Fundamentals of Tribal Operations Management00000
BA 4497Business Analytics Internship00000
ART 1009Fundamentals of Drawing00000
BIOL 1011General Biology I00000
ACCT 4600Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning00000
BIOL 2802Ecology Laboratory00000
ART 1900Visual Literacy00000
BIOL 3601Plant Diversity00000
AIR 4102Leadership Responsibilities00000
ART 2300Printmaking I: Intaglio, Relief00000
AMS 5101Materials Analysis & Design I00000
ART 2905Design Technology I00000
ACCT 5505International Accounting00000
ART 3100Painting II00000
ANTH 1602Biological Anthropology and Archaeology00000
ART 3400Ceramics II00000
AMIN 1606Introduction to American Indian Literature00000
ART 3700Drawing II00000
ANTH 3300Energy, Culture and Society00000
ART 4091Individual Study in Electronic Arts00000
ART 3922Graphic Design II00000
ANTH 3635Peoples and Cultures of Europe00000
ART 4400Ceramics III00000
AMIN 2605Survey of American Indian Arts00000
ART 4691Individual Study in Photography00000
ANTH 4500The New Commons: Governing Shared Resources for Present and...00000
ART 4898Art BA Senior Exhibition00000
AIR 1101Heritage and Values00000
ART 4944Graphic Design IV00000
ANTH 4632Anthropology of Landscapes00000
ARTH 2300The City as a Work of Art00000
AMIN 3420American Indians in Sports00000
ARTH 2901History of Graphic Design00000
ANTH 4651Development Of Anthropological Theory00000
ARTH 3150Contemporary Global Exhibition00000
ACCT 4402Advanced Business Taxation00000
ARTH 3360Art and Social Change in Europe, Russia, and the United Stat...00000
ANTH 4697Anthropology Internship00000
ARTH 5391Directed Study in Renaissance and Baroque Art00000
AMIN 3660American Indian Novel00000
ASL 4100Linguistics of American Sign Language00000
ANTH 8593Directed Study00000
AST 2050General Astronomy00000
AIR 3001AFROTC POC Lead Lab00000
BA 4440Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis00000
ART 1002Introduction to Art00000
BA 5490Business Analytics Capstone00000
AMIN 4250American Indian Diplomacy: Treaties, Compacts, and Agreement...00000
BHSC 6652Social and Behavioral Medicine I00000
ART 10112-D Design00000
BIOL 1170Human Biology00000
ACCT 3705Volunteer Income Tax Assistance00000
BIOL 2410Ecology and Evolution00000
ART 1405Fundamentals of Ceramics I00000
BIOL 3100Cell Biology00000
AMIN 4990Directed Research in American Indian Studies00000
ART 2018Digital Arts: Interactive Media00000
ACCT 3401Individual Income Taxation00000
ACCT 3797Internship in Accounting00000
AHS 3300Health and Physical Education in the Elementary School00000
AMIN 2103Intermediate Ojibwe I00000
ANTH 3624Archaeology of North America00000
ART 3937Typography II00000