U of L Course Reviews

University of Lethbridge

BIOL 3460Plant Physiology00000
CAAP 6611General Counselling Practicum00000
ART 3005Print Media Without a Press00000
BCHM 7850Introduction to Bioinformatics/NEUR 785000000
ART 3350Indigenous Art Studio Advanced/INDG 335000000
ARHI 3270Global Art Since 198000000
BIOL 4840Limnology00000
AMHP 5011Tba00000
ART 3032Sculpture I00000
ANTH 2410Anthropological Approaches to Prehistory00000
BCHM 3700Introduction to Bioinformatics/NEUR 370000000
ART 7160Theory in Art Studio00000
ARHI 1002World Art Since 140000000
BIOL 3000Gene Expression and Regulation00000
AGEM 2600Business of Agriculture00000
BIOL 4155Cannabis and Health00000
ARKY 3600Human Evolution/LBED 360000000
BIOL 5850Biogeochemistry00000
ADCS 2120Counselling II (Group Counselling)00000
CHEM 2120Chemistry for Life Sciences II00000
ANTH 2020Indigeneity00000
ART 3062Media Arts (Adv Dig. Studio)00000
ADCS 3050Internship in Addictions Counselling I00000
ART 4995Undergraduate Thesis00000
ANTH 3000Anthropological Thought00000
ASTR 3020Introduction to Cosmology00000
ASCI 3016Co-op Work Experience VI00000
ANTH 3850Perspectives in Psychological Anthropology00000
BCHM 5400Essential Bioinformatics/NEUR 540000000
ADCS 3850Counselling Children and Youth00000
BIOL 2002Research Internship II: Scientific Data and Analysis00000
ARHI 3152Critical Issues in Contemporary Indigenous Art History00000
BIOL 3115Principles of Cell Growth00000
ACSA 5006Biological Bases of Addiction00000
BIOL 3700Ecosystem Ecology00000
ARKY 1000Introduction to Archaeology00000
BIOL 4570Plant Breeding and Genetics00000
AGST 4300Advanced Modelling of Agricultural Systems00000
BIOL 5210Environmental Genomics00000
ARKY 5120Plains Archaeology00000
BKFT 2000Spoken Blackfoot II00000
ACCT 3130Cost Accounting00000
CAAP 6999CAAP Placeholder00000
ART 3022Introduction to Painting00000
CHEM 2500Organic Chemistry I00000
ADCS 2245Assessment of Addictions00000
ART 3040Advanced Studio00000
ANTH 2200The Ethnographic Imagination00000
ART 3261Art NOW00000
ACCT 3160Auditing00000
ART 4049Senior Studio00000
ANTH 2600Anthropology of Gender00000
ART 5149Graduate Studio II00000
ADCS 3140Behavioural Pharmacology00000
ASCI 3013Co-op Work Experience III00000
ANTH 3115Anthropology of Environmental Conflict and Management00000
ASIA 3850Population Dynamics in South Asia00000
ASCI 5013Co-op Work Experience III00000
ANTH 3520Medical Anthropology00000
BCHM 2300Elements of Human Nutrition00000
ADCS 3420Ethics in Addictions Counselling00000
BCHM 4850Biophysics00000
ANTH 6000Master's Thesis00000
BCHM 6000Master's Thesis00000
ACCT 4151Advanced Tax00000
BIOL 1020Diversity of Life00000
ARHI 2255Art and Popular Culture00000
BIOL 2200Principles of Ecology00000
ADCS 4850Addiction and Addictive Disorders00000
BIOL 3005Genomes00000
ARHI 3220Art from 1945 to 198000000
BIOL 3310Developmental Biology00000
ACCT 2400Management Accounting00000
BIOL 3560Integrative Plant Biology00000
ARHI 5150Critical Issues in Contemporary Indigenous Art History00000
BIOL 3850Community Ecology00000
AGEM 3635International Trade00000
BIOL 4230Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cancer00000
ARKY 3120Plains Archaeology00000
BIOL 4710Evolutionary and Ecological Modelling00000
ADCS 1020Introduction to the Counselling Interview00000
BIOL 5105Signal Transduction00000
ARKY 4100Theory and Methodology00000
BIOL 5500Current Topics in Biological Sciences00000
AMHP 5001Theories of Addiction and Mental Health Psychotherapy00000
BIOL 7500Current Topics in Biological Sciences00000
ART 2031Foundation Studio (Drawing and Image)00000
BMOL 8000Doctoral Thesis00000
ABHL 3300Traditional Aboriginal Health Concepts00000
CAAP 6631Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behaviour00000
ART 3010Drawing (Principles and Practices)00000
CHEM 1000General Chemistry I00000
AMHP 5017Practicum II00000
ART 3026Photo-Arts I00000
ABHL 1000Introduction to Aboriginal Health00000
ABHL 3850Ethical Practice in Indigenous Communities00000
ACCT 3190Not-for-Profit and Public Sector Accounting and Performance...00000
ADCS 3150Adult Psychopathology00000
ANTH 3310Race and Ethnicity00000
ASIA 2020Japan, Asia, and the World00000