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U of I Course Reviews

University of Idaho

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CE 441Reinforced Concrete Design00000
CHE 454Process Analysis and Design II00000
ANTH 572Topics in Biological Anthropology00000
BUS 252Introduction to Business Analytics00000
ARCH 461Building Assemblies00000
ANTH 103Introduction to Archaeology00000
CE 563Seepage and Slope Stability00000
AGED 251Principles of Agricultural Communications and Leadership00000
ARCH 154Introduction to Architectural Graphics00000
AGED 454Facilities Organization and Management00000
ART 407New Media00000
ARCH 574Building Performance Simulation for Integrated Design00000
AIST 404ST:Native Knowledge Systems00000
CE 325Fundamentals of Hydrologic Engineering00000
AGEC 498INTERN:Selling Per. Fin. Mgmt.00000
CE 513Bridge Design00000
ANTH 417Social Data Analysis00000
CHE 299DS:Exploring Chemical Engineer00000
AERO 313Leadership Laboratory III00000
CHE 527Thermodynamics00000
AGED 358Supervising FFA and SAE Programs00000
ARCH 386Global History of Architecture II00000
AGEC 278Farm and Agribusiness Management00000
ARCH 511Native American Architecture00000
AGED 502DS:ParliamentaryProcedureAgEd00000
ART 323History of Typography00000
ART 122Art & Design Process00000
AIST 316American Indian History00000
ART 504ST: Pedagogy Seminar00000
AGEC 469Risk Management: Commodity Trading00000
BUS 499DS: Vandal Solutions Exec Brd00000
ALCP 012Elementary Integrated Skills00000
CE 404ST: Transportation Safety00000
ACCT 598INTERN: Acctg. Internship00000
CE 494Senior Design Project00000
ANTH 241Introduction to the Study of Language00000
CE 542Advanced Design of Steel Structures00000
AGEC 534Production Economics00000
CE 599RES:Research00000
ANTH 436North American Prehistory00000
CHE 423Reactor Kinetics and Design00000
ACCT 500Master's Research and Thesis00000
CHE 502DS: Engr of Pilot Scale System00000
AOLL 570Introduction to Research in Adult/Organizational Learning an...00000
CHE 541Chemical Engineering Analysis I00000
AERO 412USAF National Security, Leadership, and Commissioning Prepar...00000
ARCH 353Architectural Design III00000
AGED 450Leading People and Teams00000
ARCH 416Social Sustainability in Contemporary Cities00000
ACCT 502DS: Federal Taxation00000
ARCH 498INTERN: internship00000
AGED 481Advanced Agricultural Communication and Leadership00000
ARCH 552Alternate Graduate Design Experience00000
AGEC 303Principles of Agricultural Economics00000
ART 100Introduction to Art: Why Art Matters00000
AGED 561Beginning Teacher Induction in Agricultural Education II00000
ART 272Introduction to Experiential Design00000
ART 213History and Theory of Modern Design00000
AGLS 495CALS Ambassadors00000
ART 360Intermediate/Advanced Ceramics00000
AGEC 447International Development Economics00000
ART 495Critical Art Writing Seminar00000
AIST 321Tribal Elders Series00000
ART 513Pedagogy Seminar00000
ACCT 585Estate and Elder Planning00000
BUS 404ST: Bus. for STEM Professional00000
AIST 484American Indian Literature00000
CE 105Civil Engineering Drafting00000
AGEC 489Understanding and Using Futures and Options Markets00000
CE 357Properties of Construction Materials00000
AMST 301Studies in American Culture00000
CE 422Hydraulic Structures Analysis and Design00000
ACCT 482Enterprise Accounting00000
CE 474Traffic Systems Design00000
ANTH 220Peoples of the World00000
CE 507River Restoration00000
AGEC 506Faculty Seminar Series00000
CE 522Hydraulic Structures Analysis and Design00000
AGLS 498INTERN:CALS Student Newsletter00000
CE 554Environmental Hydrodynamics00000
AERO 202USAF Team and Leadership Fundamentals II00000
CE 574Public Transportation00000
ANTH 430Archaeological History, Ethics, and Theory00000
CHE 204ST:Computer Programming in Che00000
AGEC 599Non-thesis Master's Research00000
CHE 340Transport and Rate Processes I00000
ANTH 462Human Issues in International Development00000
CHE 445Digital Process Control00000
ACCT 315Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
CHE 499DS:Chemical Engr Concepts00000
AOLL 504ST:On Being a Faculty Member00000
CHE 515Transport Phenomena00000
AGED 299DS: Social Media in Ag00000
AOLL 598Internship00000
ACCT 201Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 404ST: Acct and Fin for STEM00000
ACCT 530Accounting for Public Sector Entities00000
AGEC 404ST:Water Econ & Policy Analysi00000
AGED 566Advanced Philosophies of Teaching & Learning in Agricultural...00000
ART 231Painting I00000