Tufts Course Reviews

Tufts University

BCHM 0292Graduate Seminar00000
BIO 0094Research in Biology00000
ANTH 0174Thinking with Plants: Plants, People, and Society00000
AST 0009Concepts Of The Cosmos00000
ARB 0005Colloquial Arabic: Levantine00000
ANTH 0137Language & Culture00000
BIO 0008Microbiology of Food00000
AMER 0141Innovative Social Enterprises00000
ANTH 0197Directed Research00000
AMER 0194Special Topics00000
ARCH 0052Special Topics In Archaeology00000
ARB 0091Special Topics00000
ANTH 0128Mesoamerican Archaeology00000
AST 0191Special Topics00000
AMER 0050Social Movements00000
BIED 0356What does it mean to be a “normal” cell?00000
ANTH 0153Medicine, Bodies, and Minds in South Asia00000
BIO 0049Experiments In Physiology00000
AFR 0113Urban Sociology00000
BIO 0115General Physiology I00000
AMER 0175(seminar) Immigration: Public Opinion, Politics, And Media00000
ARB 0002Elementary Modern Standard Arabic00000
AFR 0167Critical Race Theory00000
ARB 0051Arabic Music Ensemble00000
ANTH 0020Global Cities00000
ARB 0198Arabic Honors Thesis A00000
ARB 0121Advanced Modern Standard Arabic00000
ANTH 0044Primate Social Behavior00000
ARCH 0163Aegean Archaeology00000
AMER 0045Antebellum And Civil War America, 1815-187700000
AST 0032Galactic and Extragalactic Astrophysics00000
ANTH 0132Myth, Ritual, And Symbol00000
BCHM 0230Biochemistry of Gene Expression & Signal Transduction00000
AFR 0039History of African American Music00000
BCHM 0404PhD Degree Only00000
ANTH 0147Sex and Money: Anthropology of Sex Work00000
BIED 0377How do we treat cancer?00000
AMER 0099Internship In American Studies00000
BIO 0013Cells And Organisms W/lab00000
ANTH 0159Practicing in Food Systems00000
BIO 0055Microbiome Research Lab00000
ACL 0100Learning With Style: Managing Your Undergraduate Career00000
BIO 0106Microbiology Lecture00000
ANTH 0185Current Topics In Anthropology00000
BIO 0118Plant Physiology00000
AFR 0147Special Topics00000
ANTH 0199Senior Honors Thesis B00000
AMER 0187The Latino Presence In Art And Visual Culture00000
ARB 0003Intermediate Standard Arabic00000
ACL 0252Advanced Discussion and Interaction Skills for Academic Cont...00000
ARB 0021Arabic Reading, Composition & Conversation00000
AMER 0199Senior Honors Thesis B00000
ARB 0057Arab And Middle Eastern Cinemas00000
AFR 0199Independent Study00000
ARB 0093Directed Study00000
ANTH 0026Anthropology of Socialism and Postsocialism00000
ARB 0193Advanced Directed Study00000
ARB 0130Monsters in Literature and Film00000
ANTH 0039Gateway Course In Sociocultural Anthropology00000
ARCH 0026Ancient Egypt00000
AMER 0031Rise of the Modern Woman00000
ARCH 0126Ancient Egypt00000
ANTH 0099Internship In Anthropology00000
ARCH 0191Advanced Study Or Seminar In Archaeology00000
AFR 0022Black World Literature00000
AST 0015Special Topics In Astronomy And Astrophysics00000
ANTH 0131Anthropology Of Religion00000
AST 0122Extragalactic Astronomy00000
AMER 0048Introduction To American Politics00000
AST 0194Topics In Astronomy And Astrophysics00000
ANTH 0135Visual Anthropology00000
BCHM 231BDrug Design00000
ACL 0013RISE seminar00000
BCHM 0297Graduate Research00000
ANTH 0142American Meat00000
BIED 0221How do we get better?00000
AMER 0053American Fiction From 1900-195000000
BIED 0366What can go wrong in cancer cells?00000
ANTH 0149Selected Topics00000
BIO 0005Neuroanatomy00000
AFR 0088Slave Revolts and Maroons00000
BIO 0010Plants And Humanity00000
ANTH 0155Environment, Communication and Culture00000
BIO 0041General Genetics00000
AMER 0134Politics Of The American South00000
BIO 0051Experiments In Ecology00000
ANTH 0166Historical Anthropology00000
BIO 0075Comparative Vertebrate Physiology00000
AAST 0182Asian America00000
BIO 0104Immunology00000
ANTH 0178Animals and Posthuman Thought00000
BIO 0108Plant Development00000
AMER 0155American Women Writers00000
ANTH 0189How to Pay Attention00000
AAST 0012Race in America00000
AAST 0198Capstone Project00000
AFR 0011Sociology of Race & Ethnicity00000
AMER 0014Intro To Sociology00000
ANTH 0030Food, Nutrition And Culture00000
ARB 0155Visualizing Colonialism00000