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Tufts Course Reviews

Tufts University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 0084Research IV00000
CHEM 0405Grad Teaching Assistant00000
CEE 0406Graduate Research Assistant00000
CHBE 0204Advanced Transport Phenomena00000
CH 0104Gender, Sexuality, and Health00000
CEE 0202Data Analysis and Statistical Methods00000
CHEM 0172Biochemistry II00000
BME 0298Doctoral Thesis00000
CERC 0064Ceramics: Wheel Throwing00000
CEE 0034Environmental Chemistry00000
CHBE 0159Synthetic Biology00000
CH 0181Stress and Health in Communities00000
CEE 0150Field Methods For Global Health00000
CHEM 0011General Chemistry00000
BME 0193Special Topics00000
CHEM 0144Spectroscopic Methods Of Analysis00000
CEE 0251Biology of Water & Health00000
CHEM 0267Special Topics In Inorganic Chemistry00000
BME 0034Biomedical Concepts at the Molecular, Protein and Cellular S...00000
CHNS 0078Youth And Culture In Modern China00000
CBUN 0857Health Economics and Financial Management for Public Health00000
CH 0031Introduction To Statistics For Health Applications00000
BME 0066Engineering Design Process00000
CH 0131Applied Quantitative Research Methods00000
CEE 0093Special Topics In Civil And Environmental Engineering A00000
CHBE 0102Reactor Design00000
CH 0196Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Global Health00000
CEE 0131River Hydraulics And Restoration00000
CHBE 0168Biotechnology Processing Projects Lab00000
BME 0162Molecular Biotechnology00000
CHBE 0401Master's Degree Continuation - Part Time00000
CEE 0158Occupational And Environmental Health00000
CHEM 0053Organic Chemistry I Lab00000
BME 0005Biomedical Engineering Junior Design And Research I00000
CHEM 0135Biophysical Chemistry00000
CEE 0212Chemical Principles In Environmental & Water Resources Engin...00000
CHEM 0157Molecular Medicine00000
BME 0290BME Graduate Project00000
CHEM 0199Senior Thesis II00000
CEE 0295Master's Thesis00000
CHEM 0296Graduate Research Ms00000
BIO 0260Teaching Biology: Pedagogy And Practice00000
CHNS 0004Intermediate Chinese00000
CER 0121Ceramics Sculpture00000
CHNS 0081New Chinese Cinema00000
BME 0056Quantitative Biomaterials Characterization Laboratory I00000
CH 0010Public Health Engineering00000
CEE 0022Structural Analysis00000
CH 0056Introduction to Global Health00000
BIO 0293Special Topics00000
CH 0110Data Analysis and Management for Health Research00000
CEE 0057Public Health00000
CH 0142Independent Study00000
BME 0090Honors Thesis B00000
CH 0186Seminar In International Health Policy00000
CEE 0099Internship In Civil And Environmental Engineering00000
CHBE 0094Independent Study00000
CHBE 0011Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics00000
CEE 0122Solid Mechanics00000
CHBE 0121Principles Of Polymerization00000
BME 0152Biomechanics00000
CHBE 0164Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine00000
CEE 0146Foundation Engineering00000
CHBE 0193Special Topics00000
BIO 0501Doctoral Degree Continuation00000
CHBE 0295Master's Thesis Research00000
CEE 0155Epidemiological Methods00000
CHBE 0502Doctoral Degree Continuation - Full Time00000
BME 0175Tissue Engineering Research Laboratory00000
CHEM 0034Physical Chemistry Lab00000
CEE 0188Building Information Modeling00000
CHEM 0081Research I00000
BIO 0254Graduate Student Research Rotation00000
CHEM 0131Statistical Thermodynamics00000
CEE 0207Environmental Law00000
CHEM 0139Chemistry of Complex Interfaces, Catalysts, and Devices00000
BME 0251Graduate Introduction To Biophotonics00000
CHEM 0151Physical Organic Chemistry00000
CEE 0242Advanced Soil Mechanics00000
CHEM 0165Physical Methods In Inorganic Chemistry00000
BME 0025Biophysics00000
CHEM 0193Special Topics00000
CEE 0291Master’s Seminar00000
CHEM 0248Special Topics In Analytical Chemistry.00000
BME 0294Special Topics00000
CHEM 0292Professional Skills in Chemical Research, Training and Learn...00000
CEE 0299Doctoral Thesis III00000
CHEM 0298Graduate Research00000
BIO 0193Independent Research00000
CHNS 01/2Intensive Elementary Chinese00000
CER 0100Individual Ceramics Studio Projects00000
CHNS 0052Chinese Characters00000
BME 0405Grad Teaching Assistant00000
CER 0172Directed Study00000
BIO 0132Biostatistics00000
BIO 0241Advanced Genetics: DNA Repair and Genome Editing00000
BIO 0298PhD Dissertation00000
BME 0100Design Of Medical Instrumentation00000
CEE 0112River Hydraulics and Stream Restoration00000
CHBE 0051Chemical And Biological Engineering Laboratory00000