TTU Course Reviews

Texas Tech University

ENGL 2307Introduction to Fiction23121
PSY 4305Abnormal Psychology55441
MUHL 2310History of Rock and Roll22311
COMS 2300Public Speaking33231
SOC 1301Introduction to Sociology54551
SOC 3300Special Topics in Sociology: Pandemic and Society43541
PSY 2400Statistical Methods44341
ME 3303Solid Mechanics00000
PHIL 2340Meaning and Value in the Arts00000
RHIM 4314Travel and Destination Management and Marketing00000
CARS 2301Introduction to Counseling and Addiction Recovery Sciences00000
IE 5335Practicum in Industrial Engineering00000
ME 3264Computational Techniques00000
PSY 5352Seminar in Memory00000
ENTX 6314Chemical Warfare and Protective Countermeasures00000
ARCH 5385Design for Resilient Environments00000
RETL 4350Retail Global Sourcing00000
CMLL 3303Introduction to Translation and Interpretation00000
CHIN 3310Chinese Culture and Chinese Characters00000
HDFS 3686Practicum III: Curriculum Development and Implementation00000
ADRS 6330Process Addictions00000
ECE 3308Probability, Statistics, & Discrete Math00000
ENTX 3300Biological Effects of Chemicals in the Environment00000
HIST 5320Studies in the Atlantic World00000
CRIM 2335Homicide00000
DAN 5308Graduate Dance Histories: 1850-Present00000
ID 2383Environment and Behavior00000
MBIO 3303Microbiomes00000
MATH 6353Stochastic Calculus with Applications to Financial Derivativ...00000
EDPL 5394Personalized Learning Coaching and Critical Communities of P...00000
PCOM 6315Special Topics in Professional Communication: Interactivity...00000
NS 4311Dietetic Counseling Strategies00000
RETL 3395Internship in Retailing00000
CARS 4331Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy00000
WGS 3323Women in Modern America00000
RETL 3380Retail Buying And Control00000
ASL 3304Gestural and Visual Communication in American Sign Language00000
FIN 5326Seminar in Investment Management00000
CARS 4330Professional Skills and Leadership00000
SPAN 5390Language Idealogies00000
CS 6343Cryptography00000
ASL 4320American Sign Language to English II00000
EDPL 5391Blended Learning / Personalized Learning and Student Agency00000
CARS 4320Research in Counseling and Addiction Recovery Sciences00000
AAEC 3100Seminar00000
CS 5342Network Security00000
CS 5388Neural Networks00000
HRM 6315Curriculum Dev HRM00000
CARS 2300Communication, Civility, and Ethics00000
ECE 3363Microcontrollers with C00000
DAN 2204Dance Improvisation II: Dance Improvisation II00000
HRM 6345Consumer Behavior in the Services Industries00000
EDPL 5390Foundations in Blended and Personalized Learning00000
EPCE 5377Crisis Intervention Counseling00000
ID 2382History of Interior Design00000
ESTM 6399STEMinar: History & Current Trends in Technology, Design & E...00000
FSCI 4355Forensic Trace Evidence00000
HRM 6388Current Literature in Hospitality, Tourism, and Retail Manag...00000
MATH 5376Modern Geometry II00000
IE 3329Fundamentals of Project Management00000
ECE 5370Machine Learning00000
MATH 5331Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations II00000
ME 2207Engineering Design Graphics00000
ME 2315Computer-Aided Analysis00000
CARS 4000Individual Study00000
MUCP 5332Music Informatics II00000
MUCP 4332Music Informatics II00000
PFP 4395Comprehensive Financial Planning Review00000
ENGL 3394Asian American Literature00000
RETL 3350Visual Mechdg & RTL Promotion00000
PFP 3385Behavioral Finance from a Personal Financial Planning Perspe...00000
RETL 4335Practices in Web-based Retail00000
ARTH 3388Animation and Modern and Contemporary Art00000
SPMT 5348Sponsorship and Endorsement in Sport00000
RETL 1320Fashion and Culture00000
ANSC 4411Advanced Animal Behavior and Training00000
ESTM 6373Theories of STEM Education00000
ARCH 5604Architectural Design and Research III00000
RETL 4330Retail Management Research00000
BIOL 5407Advanced Population Biology00000
CE 5385Micro Applications in Environmental Engineering00000
CARS 3325Interviewing and Relational Counseling Skills00000
RHIM 6350Advanced Travel and Tourism00000
CARS 4390Senior Capstone in Counseling and Addiction Recovery Science...00000
FSCI 5252The Foundations of Homeland Defense and Security00000
CS 3350Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming00000
WGS 2307Psychology of Gender00000
DAN 5312Thesis Project Presentation00000
ANSC 5305Advanced Therapeutic Riding00000
ECE 5340Steady-State Analysis of Power Systems00000
ASL 4332Interpreting Internship00000
ENGL 2382Heroes and Anti-Heroes: Quests for Knowledge00000
HIST 3393Special Topics in History I: Race and Religion in American H...00000
ECE 2305Introduction to C Programming00000
IE 2401Work Design for Production Operations00000
HDFS 3381Practicum II: Curriculum Development and Implementation00000
HDFS 5000Directed Studies: Portfolio00000
IE 4306Advanced Systems Safety Engineering00000
HIST 4375Social and Cultural History of Europe, 1800 to the Present00000
HRM 5355Advanced Entrepreneurship in the Services Industry00000