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TTU Course Reviews

Texas Tech University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MUHL 2310History of Rock and Roll22311
ENGL 2307Introduction to Fiction23121
SOC 3300Special Topics in Sociology: Pandemic and Society43541
SOC 1301Introduction to Sociology54551
PSY 2400Statistical Methods44341
COMS 2300Public Speaking33231
PSY 4305Abnormal Psychology55441
CFAS 2300Communication, Civility, and Ethics00000
ADRS 6301Couple and Family Dynamics of Addiction00000
CHE 4393Colloid Science And Engineering00000
COMS 4330Special Topics in Interpersonal Communication00000
BIOL 3303Tropical Marine Biology00000
ADM 4350Apparel Portfolio Development00000
CHE 4020Internship00000
ACCT 5307Income Tax Accounting for Managers00000
CHE 5366Biomicrofluidics00000
ADV 3390Internship in Advertising00000
AAEC 5317Financial and Commodity Futures and Options00000
COMS 6302Seminar in Interpersonal Communication: -- The Dark Side of...00000
ACCT 6301Archival Research in Accounting00000
AERS 3305Air Force Leadership Studies I00000
CONE 4300Construction Safety00000
CRIM 3357Prison and Society00000
ACOM 3300Communicating Agriculture to the Public00000
AGED 5001Contemporary Issues in Agricultural and Extension Education00000
AGED 5340Educational Law00000
BIOL 1113Environmental Problems Laboratory00000
ADM 3325Study Tour in Apparel Design00000
CE 5364Groundwater Transport Phenomena00000
ACCT 3307Income Tax Accounting00000
CHE 2306Exposition of Technical Information00000
ADRS 3325Family Dynamics of Addiction and Recovery00000
CHE 4363Biochemical Engineering00000
AAEC 5303Advanced Production Economics00000
CHE 5335Intermediate Transport Phenomena00000
ADV 3312Advertising Writing00000
COMS 2358Speaking for Business00000
ACCT 5318Income Tax Research and Planning00000
COMS 5304Communication in Organizations00000
ADV 5326Advertising and the Consumer: Strategic Communication Proces...00000
CONE 2302Surveying00000
AAEC 4305Agricultural and Public Policy00000
CONE 5331Special Topics in Construction Engineering: Topics in Constr...00000
AGED 4000Internship00000
CS 1411Programming Principles I00000
AAEC 5330Graduate Studies in Natural Resource Law00000
AGED 5309Evaluation of Programs in Vocational, Technical, and Extensi...00000
ACOM 3311Web Design in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources00000
AAEC 4313Natural Resource Economics00000
AGED 7000Research00000
AAEC 6305Economic Optimization00000
ACOM 4310Development of Agricultural Publications00000
AGLS 1300Introduction to Agricultural Leadership Development00000
AGLS 3314Team Leadership Development in Agriculture and Natural Resou...00000
ACOM 5302Knowledge Management And Data Visualization In Agriculture O...00000
AGLS 4330Interrelationships of Agricultural Agency Information System...00000
AGLS 5307Evaluating Leadership in Agricultural Organizations00000
BECO 4366Global Business Economics and Policy00000
ADM 3310Knitwear Product Development: Knitted Textile and Apparel De...00000
BIOL 1404Biology II00000
ACCT 3101Seminar in Professional Practice00000
CE 5344Design of Steel Structures00000
ADM 4309Surface Design00000
CE 5383Bioremediation of Wastes in Soil Systems00000
AAEC 4385The Economics of Food Security, Terrorism, and Conflict00000
CFAS 4380Development and Evaluation of CFAS Programs00000
ADRS 2125Collegiate Community Seminar00000
CHE 3232Chemical Engineering Transport Laboratory00000
ACCT 4310Energy Accounting00000
CHE 4341Polymerization Engineering00000
ADRS 4000Individual Study00000
CHE 4375Analysis of Electrochemical Systems00000
AAEC 4301Special Problems in Applied Economic Analysis00000
CHE 5310Advanced Chemical Engineering Techniques00000
ADRS 7000Independent Research in Addictive Disorders and Recovery Stu...00000
CHE 5343Reaction Kinetics00000
ACCT 5310Energy Accounting for Managers00000
CHE 5391Chemical Engineering Application in Energy Science00000
ADV 3340Internet and New Media Advertising00000
COMS 3355Communication in Organizations00000
AAEC 5310Advanced Market Analysis00000
COMS 5300Communication Theory00000
ADV 4304Advanced Creative Strategy00000
COMS 5309Conflict Management and Problem Solving00000
ACCT 5334Professional Accountancy Capstone00000
COMS 6350Master's Report or Exam00000
AERS 1105Heritage and Values I00000
CONE 3310Construction Structural Analysis and Design00000
AAEC 3303Cooperatives00000
CONE 4324Construction Contracts and Specifications00000
AERS 4304National Security, Leadership Responsibilities and Commissio...00000
CONE 8000Doctors Dissertation00000
ACOM 2300Professional Development in Agricultural Communications00000
AAEC 6311Applied Econometrics II00000
ACOM 5307Methods of Technological Change00000
AGSC 3301Service Leadership in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Reso...00000
AGSM 4303Laboratory Methods in Agricultural Systems Management00000
ADM 1304Intermediate Clothing Construction00000
ANSC 1404The Meat We Eat Introduction to Meat Production, Selection a...00000
ATMO 5316Dynamics of Severe Storms00000