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TSU Course Reviews

Texas Southern University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 497Adv Topics00000
EDAS 876Fundamentals Of Athletic Admin00000
CLSC 359LMicro Human Disorders Lab I00000
COUN 733Sem Soc & Cult Diff00000
CM 664Graduate Practicum I00000
CIVT 224Soil Engineering00000
ECE 235Digital Systems II00000
CFDV 434Practicum I00000
CM 332Computers Applications in Comm00000
CHEM 322Quan Analysis Lab00000
CONS 331Models & Presentations00000
COMM 135Business & Professional Comm00000
CIVE 233Dynamics00000
CS 120Intro to Programming using C++00000
CCE1 101Concurrent Enrollment COLABS00000
DRFT 133Architectural Drafting00000
CLSC 252LSero Pract & Proc Lab00000
ECE 438Power System Analysis00000
BIOL 447Human Physiology00000
EDCI 330Content Foc TCHG: Mathematics00000
CFDV 578Curr Analy Early Chd Dev00000
CM 554Intercultural Communication00000
BIOL 461Environ Sampling & Analysis00000
CMET 435Advanced Microcomp Networks00000
CHEM 445LBiochem Lab00000
COMM 1315Public Address00000
COMM 331Persuasion00000
CHEM 1312Chemistry II00000
CONS 436Const Mgmt II00000
BIOL 1306Biological Science I00000
COUN 916Sem Comm Col Stu Pers Servs00000
CIVE 339Reinforced Concrete Design00000
CS 343Assembly & Comp Archi00000
BIOL 401Undergraduate Research00000
CS 591Web Services00000
CIVT 335Geom Des Of Highways00000
ECE 110Intro to E/C Engineering00000
CFDV 234Survey Early Childhood Dev00000
ECE 339Real-Time Embedded System00000
CLSC 353Clinical Micro & QC00000
EDAS 680Seminar in Human Resources00000
BIOL 211Cell Biology Lab00000
EDAS 973Leadership Seminar00000
CLSC 407Capstone Review00000
EDCI 404Cert Sem00000
BIOL 452Intermediary Cellular Metabol00000
CM 530Media Law & Ethics00000
CHEM 132Chemistry II00000
CM 563Health Communicaton Campaigns00000
BIOL 245LHuman Anat & Phys Lab00000
CMET 412Senior Project I00000
CHEM 350Forensic Chemistry I00000
CMET 470Java Programming00000
BIOL 623Neurobiology00000
COMM 230Studies Urban Rhetorical00000
CHEM 454Research00000
COMM 560Gender and Communication00000
COMM 337Media Criticism00000
CHEM 625Spec Topics In Chem00000
CONS 141Const Materials & Application00000
BIOL 725Biochemical Ecology00000
CONS 344Const Mgmt I00000
CIVE 110Intro to Civiil Engineering00000
COUN 539School Counseling00000
BIOL 341Organismic Biology00000
COUN 810Coun Children & Adolescents00000
CIVE 334Transportation Engineering00000
COUN 944Topics in Aging00000
BIOM 332Biomedical Anatomy & Phys00000
CS 246Data & File Structures00000
CIVE 434Water/Wastewater Engineering00000
CS 444Operating Systems00000
BIOL 135Human Anat & Phys I00000
CS 545Computer Networks00000
CIVT 301Water and Wastewater Engring00000
CS 697Independent Master's Prjt00000
CCE6 106Concurrent Enrollment JHJ00000
DRFT 331Pipe System Design00000
CIVT 340Structural Steel Design00000
ECE 211Circuit Analysis Lab II00000
BIOL 441Histology00000
ECE 331Electronic Circuits00000
CLSC 307Comprehensive Clinical Lab II00000
ECE 432Communication Systems00000
CFDV 333Meth & Proc in Early Child Dev00000
EDAS 532School & Public Relation00000
CLSC 355LMedical Chemistry Lab I00000
EDAS 836School Law00000
BADM 450Organl Policy & Strategy00000
EDAS 950Schools & The Community00000
CLSC 364LBlood Bank Lab II00000
EDAS 985Seminar In Supervision00000
CFDV 531Guidance of Children00000
CLSC 469Clinical Biochemistry Precept.00000
AVST 105LPrivate Pilot Lab00000
BIOL 112Biological Science Lab II00000
BIOL 332Bioinformatics00000
BIOL 648Experimental Biology00000
CHEM 499Seminar00000
COMM 433Health Communication00000