Truman College Course Reviews

Truman College

CHLDMUS 2107Private Piano for Children00000
CRMJUS 256Constitutional Law00000
BIOLOGY 113The Biology Of Women00000
CHLDDV 102Human Growth & Development II00000
BR175 251Early Childhood Education Intermediate ABE Language Arts00000
ART 145-1Three Dimensional Design00000
COMPSFI 102Information Security Essentials00000
ABEGED 971GED Bas Skl Gen Adv Lev Spn00000
BOTANY 201General Botany I00000
ADLTART 1019Introduction to Photography Seminar00000
CHEM 212Survey of Organic & Biochemistry00000
BUSINES 205Intermediate Accounting00000
ART 115-2Photography00000
CHLDDV 205Development of Exceptional Child00000
ABEGED 507ABE Reading High Int Level00000
CIS 144Java Object Oriented Programming I00000
ASTROMY 201Descriptive Astronomy00000
COSMET 108Barber Salon Technology II00000
ABEGED 231Adult Secondary Education Science00000
ENGLISH 96Aligned Reading and Composition00000
ADLTART 1003Watercolor Painting00000
BR175 159Early Childhood Education Low ASE Language Arts00000
ABEGED 264High Intermediate ABE Math 7CH00000
BUSINES 111Introduction To Business00000
ADLTLANG 1402Beginning Korean I00000
CHEM 121Basic Chemistry I00000
BUSINES 236Advertising00000
ANTHRO 202Cultural Anthropology00000
CHEM 295-1Independent Research in Chemistry I00000
ABEGED 446Intermediate Supplemental Writing I00000
CHLDDV 142Methods & Materials for Infant Toddler Care00000
ART 142-1Figure Draw & Composition00000
CHLDDV 262-1Child, Family & Community Relations00000
ABEGED 204High Intermediate ABE Math00000
CIS 116Operating System I00000
ART 200-LArt Projects: Figure Drawing00000
CIS 250Systems Analysis and Design00000
ABEGED 870GED Bsc Skll Gen Adv Lvl Sp00000
COSMET 104Basic Chemical Technology00000
AUTOTEC 204Electrical Systems II00000
COSMET 224Principles and Practice in Cosmetology Education00000
ABEGED 148Positive Communications00000
EDUC 220Theoretical Foundations of 2nd Language Acquisition and Lear...00000
BIOLOGY 122Biology II00000
ENGLISH 100Basic Writing Skills00000
ABEGED 255Test Taking Strategies Intermediate00000
BR175 110Healthcare Bridge Low ASE Language Arts00000
ADLTART 1014Studio Lighting Workshop00000
BR175 166Healthcare Language Arts Intermediate II00000
ABEGED 167Low Intermediate Reading00000
BR175 253-4Early Childhood Education Intermediate Abe Math00000
ADLTART 1022Community Creative Clay00000
BUSINES 181Financial Accounting00000
ABEGED 401ABE Rdng Intermediate Level00000
BUSINES 216Entrepreneurship00000
ADLTLANG 1428Conversational Spanish for Absolute Beginners00000
CADTEC 172CAD Technology IV00000
BUSINES 250Computerized Accounting Systems00000
ADLTMUS 1512Private Piano for Adults00000
CHEM 203General Chemistry II00000
ABEGED 421ABE Math Intermediate Level00000
CHEM 219Chemistry for Education I: Matter & Structure00000
ART 113Beginning Digital Photography00000
CHLDART 1717Parent & Child Creative Clay — Ages 5 to 900000
ABEGED 184-2Beginning ABE Math00000
CHLDDV 109Language & Literacy Development in Early Childhood00000
ART 131-2General Drawing00000
CHLDDV 149Creative Activities For Young Children00000
ABEGED 463Abe Basic Skl Gen Int Level00000
CHLDDV 258Principles & Practices of Pre-School Education00000
ART 144-1Two Dimensional Design00000
CHLDMUS 2101Beginning Piano Ages 6-1000000
ABEGED 138-2Beginning ABE Reading00000
CIS 101Computer Science 10100000
ART 167Advanced Oil Painting Techniques00000
CIS 122Intro to Word Processing on Microcomputers00000
ABEGED 801GED Reading Advance Level00000
CIS 242C++ Object Oriented Programming II00000
ART 200-TArt Projects: Oil Painting00000
COMPSFI 101Networking Essentials00000
ABEGED 209-2Low ASE Mathematics00000
COSMET 102Hair Cutting Technology00000
AUTOTEC 104Electrical Systems & Power Accessories00000
COSMET 106Salon Technology II00000
ABEGED 896Basic Skll Gen Adv Lvl Sp00000
COSMET 211Post-Graduate Cosmetology Training I00000
AUTOTEC 210Performance & Driveability00000
CRMJUS 202Issues In Criminal Justice00000
ABEGED 118Low ASE Reading for Transition00000
EDUC 101Introduction To Education00000
BIOLOGY 119Environmental Biology00000
EDUC 223Assessment of the Second Language Learner00000
ABEGED 1830Low Adv GED-Gen Studies (SP)00000
BIOLOGY 227Human Structure and Function II00000
ABEGED 103ABE Reading Beg. Level00000
ABEGED 123ABE Math Beginning Level00000
ABEGED 181High Intermediate Reading00000
ABEGED 406ABE Reading Intermediate Lv00000
ADLTMUS 1503Adult Piano00000
CADTEC 130CAD Technology I00000