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Truman Course Reviews

Truman State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 621GFund Processes in Chemistry II00000
CML 452Eval & Anly of Internship00000
BIOL 312Local Flora with Lab00000
BSAD 646GData Science for Business00000
BIOL 511Comparative Animal Physiology00000
AT 625GPrin of Performance Enhancemnt00000
CMDS 490Professional Issues in CMDS00000
ART 306Ceramics III00000
BIOL 365Human Anatomy00000
ART 330Painting III00000
BSAD 420Investments00000
BIOL 535Electron Microscopy00000
ART 499WE/Capstone Expernce/Painting00000
CHEM 332Organic Chemistry II Lab00000
ART 203Intro Visual Arts-Watercolor00000
CLAS 352Roman Civilization00000
BIOL 100Biology with Lab00000
CMDS 669GNeurogenic Motor Spch Disorder00000
AGSC 260Agri Markets & Production00000
COMM 278Business and Professional Comm00000
ART 320Web UX/UI Design00000
BIOL 444Reviewing the Sci Lit.00000
AGSC 333Dairy Production00000
BIOL 517GMammalogy with Lab00000
ART 404Advanced 3D Studio00000
BSAD 360Marketing Research00000
BIOL 607GGraduate Seminar II00000
ART 485Internship in the Arts00000
BSAD 470Special Topics in Business00000
AGSC 441Agriculture Research00000
CHEM 310Modern Methods in Biochemistry00000
AT 350Therapeutic Modalities00000
CHEM 442Chemistry Research II00000
AGSC 153Horsemanship Level II00000
CHIN 302Third Year Chinese II00000
AT 650GTherapeutic Exer/Rehab Techniq00000
CMDS 460Language Development00000
ART 220Typography00000
CMDS 568GSpeech Sound Disorders00000
BIOL 210WE/Intro Writing abt Biology00000
CMDS 685GAcquired Cog-Ling Disorders00000
ACCT 522GAdvanced Taxation00000
COMM 251WE/Media Writing00000
BIOL 330Cell Biology00000
COMM 315WE/Family Communication00000
AGSC 314Principles of Soil Science00000
BIOL 404Medical Microbiology with Lab00000
ART 324WE/Renaissance Art00000
BIOL 504Herpetology with Lab00000
ACCT 608GCorporate Taxation00000
BIOL 513GMicrobial Genetics w Lab00000
ART 337Animation00000
BIOL 520GImmunology with Lab00000
AGSC 350WE/Equine Business00000
BIOL 550GEndocrinology00000
ART 413Photography IV00000
BSAD 325Principles of Marketing00000
BIOL 645GReadings in Biology II00000
ART 428WE/Topics:RococoToRomanticism00000
BSAD 403Selling & Sales Management00000
AGSC 416Global Crop Plants00000
BSAD 444Electronic Commerce00000
ART 494Capstone Exp /Photography00000
BSAD 554Global Supply Chain Management00000
AGSC 110Prin Plant Agriculture w/Lab00000
CHEM 145Chemistry Freshman Seminar00000
AT 220Prin Of Athletic Training00000
CHEM 324WE/Physical Chemistry I Lab00000
ARAB 102Elementary Arabic II00000
CHEM 350WE/Analytical Chem: Life Sci00000
AT 460Capstone in Athletic Training00000
CHEM 474Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory00000
ACCT 509Advanced Financial Accounting00000
CHIN 201Intermediate Chinese I00000
AT 635GAthletic Training Administratn00000
CLAS 205WE/ Animals in the Anct World00000
ART 216Sculpture I00000
CMDS 200Intro to Comm Disorders00000
AT 667GMaster's Research in AT00000
CMDS 475Sign Language00000
AGSC 181Introductory Equine Mgmt Lab00000
CMDS 564Voice Disorders00000
BIOL 108Introductory Biology II w Lab00000
CMDS 660GFluency Disorders00000
ART 302Indep Studio: Ceramics Sets00000
CMDS 681GAdvanced Clinic Practice00000
BIOL 302Comparative Anatomy with Lab00000
CML 210Spec Topic:Chinese Calligraphy00000
ACCT 400Internship00000
CML 472Modern Lang Capstone Exp II00000
BIOL 318Mycology00000
COMM 272Speech Comm Activities00000
ART 314Photography III00000
BIOL 345Intro to Mathematical Biology00000
ACCT 220Intro to Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 502GFinancial Accounting I00000
ACCT 667GAdv Accounting Inform Systems00000
AGSC 391Internship in Agriculture00000
ART 418Painting IV00000
BSAD 153Intro Business Data Analytics00000