Truman Course Reviews

Truman State University

BIOL 645GReadings in Biology II00000
CHEM 145Chemistry Freshman Seminar00000
AT 312Athletic Training Practicum 500000
BIOL 506GOrnithology with Lab00000
BIOL 100Biology with Lab00000
ART 408Fibers V00000
BSAD 443WE/Management Info Systems00000
ARAB 102Elementary Arabic II00000
AT 632GInterprofessional Ldrshp in AT00000
ART 222Caves to Cathedrals00000
BIOL 404Medical Microbiology with Lab00000
BIOL 302Comparative Anatomy with Lab00000
ART 332We/Baroque Art00000
BIOL 535GElectron Microscopy00000
AGSC 375Equine Exerc Physiology w Lab00000
BSAD 365Consumer Behavior00000
ART 486Analysis & Eval Of Internship00000
BSAD 554Global Supply Chain Management00000
AGSC 152Horsemanship Level I00000
CHEM 331Organic Chemistry II00000
ART 2113D Design00000
AT 659GAthletic Training Clinical 300000
AGSC 218Intro to Horticulture with Lab00000
BIOL 145On Being a Biologist00000
ART 307Fibers II00000
BIOL 362Embryology & Dev Biology w Lab00000
BIOL 315Animal Physiology with Lab00000
ART 326Contemporary Art00000
BIOL 502Biometry00000
AGSC 334Companion Animal Mgmt00000
BIOL 517GMammalogy with Lab00000
ART 341Motion Graphics00000
BIOL 551WE/Genetics of Human Disorders00000
ACCT 620GForensic Acct & Fraud Exam00000
BSAD 301Intro to Financial Management00000
ART 426BA Capstone Exper: Exhibition00000
BSAD 414IMC and Social Media00000
AGSC 429Domestic Animal Behavior00000
BSAD 516GBusiness Analytics00000
ART 498WE/Capstone Exp/Sculpture00000
BSAD 660GInternational Financial Manage00000
ACCT 509Advanced Financial Accounting00000
CHEM 320Found of Organic Chem w Lab00000
AT 615GBracing, Wrapping & Taping Tec00000
CHEM 335Biochem I:Structure & Function00000
AGSC 180Introduction to Equine Science00000
AT 639GAthletic Training Clinical 200000
ART 218Painting I00000
AT 667GMaster's Research in AT00000
ACCT 520GCorporate Taxation00000
BIOL 106General Zoology with Lab00000
ART 303Art Bus: Profnl Encounters00000
BIOL 210WE/Intro Writing abt Biology00000
AGSC 306Integrated Pest Management00000
BIOL 309Histology with Lab00000
ART 314Photography III00000
BIOL 333Intro to Neurobiology00000
BIOL 320Homo sapiens:A Biological Pers00000
ART 322TopicsinVisualArts: Web Design00000
BIOL 370Introduction to Bioinformatics00000
AGSC 327Gen of Animal & Plant Improve00000
BIOL 442Biology Research II00000
ART 330Painting III00000
BIOL 504Herpetology with Lab00000
ACCT 611GManagerial Acct Seminar00000
BIOL 513Microbial Genetics with Lab00000
ART 337Animation00000
BIOL 520GImmunology with Lab00000
AGSC 350WE/Equine Business00000
BIOL 545Biology Senior Capstone00000
ART 405Ceramics IV00000
BIOL 616GGraduate Seminar III00000
ACCT 505GAcct for Nonbusiness Entities00000
BSAD 131Introduction To Business00000
ART 422Printmaking V00000
BSAD 349Organizational Behavior00000
AGSC 414Agricultural Policy00000
BSAD 401Project Management00000
ART 436Senior Thesis I00000
BSAD 420Investments00000
AGSC 108Intro to Agri Systems with Lab00000
BSAD 453International Management00000
ART 495Capstone: Praxis00000
BSAD 534GCommercial Law00000
AGSC 442Agriculture Research00000
BSAD 555Ind Studies Legal Research00000
AT 210Athletic Training Practicum 200000
CHEM 130Chemical Principles I00000
ACCT 367Accounting Information Systems00000
CHEM 245Chemistry Sophomore Seminar00000
AT 410Athletic Training Practicum 600000
CHEM 326WE/Physical Chemistry II Lab00000
ART 201Design Software and Process00000
AT 625GPrin of Performance Enhancemnt00000
ACCT 302Inter Financial Accounting I00000
ACCT 417Auditing00000
ACCT 555GIndependent Studies Found Audi00000
AGSC 314Principles of Soil Science00000
ART 317Printmaking III00000
BIOL 325Human Physiology with Lab00000