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TNState Course Reviews

Tennessee State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 5120Thesis Writing00000
CHEM 3210Physical chemistry I00000
AITT 3351Digital Logic System Lab00000
BIOL 2220Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ART 3010Ceramics I00000
AGSC 6530Advanced Geospatial Metadata00000
BMGT 3600International Management00000
AGSC 3430Animal Health Disease00000
AREN 4440Foundation Engineering00000
AGSC 4100Org and Contemporary Issues00000
BIOL 1019Intro to Biology II and Lab00000
ART 3710Art Education Methods00000
AGSC 5310International Agr Trade and MK00000
BIOL 4121Principles of Ecology Lab00000
AGSC 3010Farm Production and Management00000
BISI 3260Object Oriented Programming00000
AITT 2500Flight Fundamentals00000
CHEM 1041Chem Chem Lab Non Sci00000
AERO 4510National Security Affairs00000
CHEM 4700Biochemical Analysis00000
AGSC 3540Energy Resource Sustainability00000
ART 1310Design I00000
AFAS 2030African Diaspora00000
ART 3250Arts and Social Practice00000
AGSC 4410Dairy Production and M00000
ASTL 6726Diagnosing Literacy IV K-800000
ART 4400Intro Desktop Publishing00000
AGSC 5130Advanced Animal Nutrition00000
BIOL 1123Honors General Biology II Lab00000
AGSC 1600Introductory Biotechnology00000
BIOL 3401Intro Microbial Physiology Lab00000
AGSC 5560Food Prod Devel & Sensory Sci00000
BIOL 4724Student Teaching00000
AERO 2021Sophomore Leadership Lab00000
BIOL 6210Intro to Neuropharmacology00000
AGSC 7510Ecosystem Science and Mgmt00000
BISI 4800Internship00000
AGSC 3130Sample Survey Theory and Techn00000
BUSN 2360International Business00000
AITT 3120Human Factors In Aviation00000
CHEM 2012Honors Organic Chemistry I00000
ACCT 6170Federal Tax Research00000
CHEM 4100Scientific Communication00000
AITT 3950Aviation Safety00000
CHEM 5000Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
AERO 4521Senior Leadership LA00000
ART 1030Art Appreciation00000
AGSC 4020Quant Tech Decision Making00000
ART 2210Painting I00000
ADMN 1309Records Management00000
ART 3100Adv Drawing & Pictorial Dsgn I00000
AGSC 4290Omics00000
ART 3410Sculpture I00000
AFAS 3100Psych Impact of Enslave-Coloni00000
ART 4150Sculpture III00000
AGSC 4555Prin of Organic Agriculture00000
ASTL 5729Remediation of Literacy00000
ART 4550African-American Art II00000
AGSC 5060AGSC5060 Statistics for Research00000
ASTR 1020Astronomy II00000
AGRI 1020Introduction to Animal Science00000
BIOL 1111General Biology I Lab00000
AGSC 5230Advanced Propagation of Horticultural Plants00000
BIOL 2110Cell Biology00000
AERO 2010USAF Air and Space Power00000
BIOL 3120General Ecology00000
AGSC 5470Immunochem in Biotechnology00000
BIOL 4112Bioinformatics00000
AGSC 2400Fundamentals of Envir Science00000
BIOL 4273Physiology and Pathophys Lab00000
AGSC 6010Gene Structure and Function00000
BIOL 5010Graduate Seminr I00000
ACCT 4800Accounting Internship00000
BIOL 5410Molecular Genetics00000
AGSC 6585Internship in Applied GIS00000
BIOL 8110Dissertation Research00000
AGSC 3070Tchg & Lrn Meth in Ag & Ext Ed00000
BISI 4230Analysis Dign Implementation00000
AITT 2001Circuits Analysis Lab00000
BISI 6750Contemporary Information Syst00000
AERO 3515Air Force Leadership Studies00000
BUSN 1340Small Business Management00000
AITT 3010Static & Strength of Materials00000
CHEM 1010Intro to Chemistry I with Lab00000
AGSC 3340Natural Resource and Mgmt00000
CHEM 1121General Chemistry II lab00000
AITT 3200Introduction To Robotics00000
CHEM 2023Honors Organic Chemistry II La00000
ACCT 2399Accounting Capstone00000
CHEM 3411General Biochemistry I Lab00000
AITT 3550Commercial Ground Instruction00000
CHEM 4505Senior Project I00000
AGSC 3470Small Ruminant Prod and Mgmt00000
AREN 3011Architectural Design I00000
ACCT 2010Prin Financial Acctg I00000
ACCT 4010Adv Accounting-Consolidation00000
AERO 1013Freshman Leadership Lab00000
AFAS 3950The Great Debate00000
AGSC 5015Prin of Organic Agriculture00000
ASTL 5709Action Research00000