TCC Course Reviews

Tulsa Community College

COMM 2093Leadership and Professional Communication00000
CSCI 2843C++ Programming Language00000
BIOL 2164Microbiology00000
CHLD 2052Early Field Experience in Teaching Secondary00000
BMET 2343Biomedical Electronics Theory I00000
AVST 2413Aircraft Dispatch I00000
CSCI 1203Computer Concepts and Applications00000
ART 2543Introduction to Glassblowing00000
BIOT 1534Cell Culture Techniques00000
ASLE 1373American Sign Language II00000
CHEM 2145Organic Chemistry I00000
BUSN 2053Intercultural Communication00000
AVST 2152Multi-Engine Flight Lab00000
CHNS 1213Chinese II00000
ART 2263Introduction to Ceramics00000
CRIM 2103Criminal Evidence00000
BIOL 1224Introduction to Biology for Majors00000
CSCI 2133Introduction to JAVA00000
ART 1013Art Foundations: 2-D Design00000
CSYS 2063Windows Server Administration00000
ART 2853Photography00000
BIOT 2334Biotechnology Proteomics and Instrumentation00000
ART 1063Art History Survey II00000
BUSN 1143Introduction to Ethics: Business Issues00000
ASTR 1104General Astronomy00000
CHEM 1134General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry00000
BUSN 2403Guest Relations and Customer Service00000
AVST 2113History of Aviation00000
CHLD 2003Child Development in the Lifespan00000
ART 2143Figure Drawing I00000
CHLD 2413Professionalism and Leadership in Early Care and Education00000
AVST 2182Commercial Flight Lab00000
COMM 1113HONORS Public Speaking00000
ACCT 2563Accounting Internship00000
COMM 2351Forensics Competition Practicum00000
AVST 2454Aircraft Dispatch II00000
CRIM 2143Criminal Law II00000
ART 2313Metal Arts and Jewelry I00000
CSCI 1901Beginning UNIX/Linux00000
BIOL 1404General Botany00000
CSCI 2473C Language00000
ACCT 2313Intermediate Accounting I00000
CSYS 1393Web Design and Marketing00000
BIOT 1113Introduction to Biotechnology00000
CSYS 2293Social Media00000
ART 1033Painting II00000
BIOT 2245HONORS Molecular Biology and Techniques00000
ART 2993Ceramic Theory00000
BIOT 2512Biotechnology Apprenticeship00000
ACCT 2333Cost Accounting00000
BUSN 1053Introduction to Business00000
ASLE 2414American Sign Language III00000
BUSN 1173Introduction to Health Care Business Operations00000
ART 1113Art Appreciation00000
BUSN 2313Business Law I00000
AVST 1222Private Pilot Flight Lab00000
BUSN 2723Principles of Hotel Management00000
BUSN 2503Principles of Project Management00000
AVST 1364Air Traffic Control Radar Operations I00000
CHEM 1365General Chemistry for Engineers00000
ART 2083Sculpture I00000
CHLD 1302CDA: Competency 200000
AVST 2132Instrument Flight Lab00000
CHLD 2032Early Field Experience in Teaching Early Childhood00000
ACCT 2523Accounting Capstone00000
CHLD 2243Language and Cognitive Development: Birth to Eight00000
AVST 2162Comm Cross-Country Flight Lab00000
CHLD 2613Health, Safety and Nutrition: Birth to Eight00000
ART 2223Printmaking I00000
COLL 1003College Success00000
AVST 2343Flight Instructor Pilot Ground School00000
COMM 2073Oral Interpretation00000
ACCT 2253Sage 5000000
COMM 2333Forensics00000
AVST 2442Flight Instructor Pilot Flight Lab00000
COMM 2503Contemporary Issues in Communication00000
ART 2273Intermediate Ceramics00000
CRIM 2123Criminal Law I00000
BIOL 1113Introduction to Environmental Science00000
CRIM 2333Criminal Procedures II00000
ALDH 1323Medical Terminology00000
CSCI 1273Customer Support00000
BIOL 1324Basic Microbiology00000
CSCI 2033Excel00000
ART 2423Graphic Design I00000
CSCI 2163Windows Operating Systems00000
BIOL 2134Human Anatomy00000
CSCI 2683Data Structures00000
ACCT 2223Managerial Accounting00000
CSYS 1203Introduction to Computer Programming00000
BIOL 2313Principles of Ecology00000
CSYS 2023A+ I00000
ART 2813Filmmaking I00000
BIOT 1315Biotechnology Laboratory Methods and Techniques00000
ACCT 1003Introduction to Accounting00000
ACCT 2243Payroll Administration00000
ACCT 2393Accounting Information Systems00000
ART 1133Drawing II00000
AVST 1343Introduction to Air Traffic Control00000
BUSN 2523Project Management Certification Preparation00000