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TCC Course Reviews

Tulsa Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CVTC 2145Clinical Practicum III00000
DMS 1213Acoustical Physics and Instrumentation II00000
CHEM 1114Principles of Chemistry00000
CSYS 2023A+ I00000
CHLD 2413Professionalism and Leadership in Early Care and Education00000
BIOT 2512Biotechnology Apprenticeship00000
DHYG 1333Pathology, Etiology, and Immunology00000
AVST 2262Air Traffic Control Enroute and Nonradar00000
CHLD 2032Early Field Experience in Teaching Early Childhood00000
AVST 2991Selected Topics in Aviation Sciences Technology00000
CSCI 2163Windows Operating Systems00000
COMM 2103Interpersonal Communication00000
BIOT 1314Biotechnology Lab Methods/Tech00000
CSYS 2793Mobile Development Android00000
AVST 2162Comm Cross-Country Flight Lab00000
DGMD 23433D Digital Foundations00000
BUSN 2053Intercultural Communication00000
DHYG 2321Community Dental Health II00000
ASLE 1373American Sign Language II00000
DRFT 1442Descriptive Geometry00000
AVST 2343Flight Instructor Pilot Ground School00000
CHLD 2213Children With Special Needs00000
ASTR 1104General Astronomy00000
COLL 1003College Success00000
BIOL 1324Basic Microbiology00000
CSCI 1901Beginning UNIX/Linux00000
COMM 2503Contemporary Issues in Communication00000
BIOL 2213Brain and Behavior00000
CSCI 2843C++ Programming Language00000
AVST 1403Advanced Theory of Flight00000
CSYS 2493Principles of CyberSecurity00000
BIOT 2101Biotechnology Quality Assurance00000
CVTC 1034Cardiovascular Skills Practicum00000
ART 2823Film Internship Filmmaking II00000
DGMD 1223Digital Photography00000
BUSN 1053Introduction to Business00000
DGMD 24433D Animation Using Lightwave00000
AVST 2226Air Traffic Control Tower Operations II00000
DHYG 1412Dental Radiography Foundation00000
BUSN 2503Principles of Project Management00000
DHYG 2382EthicsLawDentalPractMgmt00000
ART 2273Intermediate Ceramics00000
DMS 2123Abdominal Sonography II00000
CHEM 2145Organic Chemistry I00000
DRFT 2053CATIA Solids and Surfacing00000
ASLE 2414American Sign Language III00000
CHLD 2103Child Guidance00000
AVST 2442Flight Instructor Pilot Flight Lab00000
CHLD 2253Child Development Practicum00000
ART 2413Typography I00000
CHNS 1213Chinese II00000
BIOL 1114General Biology for Non-Majors00000
COMM 1113HONORS Public Speaking00000
AVST 1113Private Pilot Ground School00000
COMM 2343HONORS Forensics Performance Competition00000
BIOL 1404General Botany00000
CSCI 1011Introduction to Personal Computers00000
CRIM 2113Criminalistics00000
BIOL 2154Human Physiology00000
CSCI 2043Access00000
AVST 1354Air Traffic Control Tower Operations I00000
CSCI 2483PowerPoint/Multimedia00000
BIOL 2991Undergraduate Research00000
CSYS 1211Introduction to Mac OS00000
ART 2553Intermediate Glassblowing I00000
CSYS 2073Microsoft Office00000
BIOT 1533Cell Culture Techniques00000
CSYS 2743Python Programing00000
AVST 2132Instrument Flight Lab00000
CVTC 1003Intoduction to Cardiovascular Technology00000
BIOT 2246HONORS Molecular Biology and Techniques00000
CVTC 2103Invasive Procedures I00000
ACCT 2323Intermediate Accounting II00000
DGMD 1113Digital Foundations1:Photoshop00000
BMET 2343Biomedical Electronics Theory I00000
DGMD 2313Digital Foundations 3:InDesign00000
AVST 2182Commercial Flight Lab00000
DGMD 2413Interaction Design 100000
BUSN 1153Introduction to Hospitality Operations: Hotels, Restaurants...00000
DHYG 1013Oral Anatomy, Embryology and Histology00000
ART 2993Ceramic Theory00000
DHYG 1382Clinical Dental Hygiene I00000
BUSN 2363Supervisory Management00000
DHYG 1512Dental Pain Management00000
AVST 2253Aviation Meteorology00000
DHYG 2362Dental Hygiene Theory III00000
BUSN 2613Labor and Food Cost Management00000
DHYG 2992Oral Embryology and Histology00000
ACCT 2243Payroll Administration00000
DMS 1242Sonography Clinical Practice I00000
CHEM 1365General Chemistry for Engineers00000
DMS 2145Sonography Clinical Practic IV00000
AVST 2283Aviation Human Factors00000
CHLD 1402CDA: Competencies 5 and 600000
ACCT 2213Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 2263QuickBooks Pro Comprehensive00000
ART 2503Professional Practice00000
AVST 1232ATC Flight Training Lab00000
BIOL 1604Zoology00000
CRIM 2143Criminal Law II00000