TAMUT Course Reviews

Texas A&M University Texarkana

ENGR 431Engineering Internship I00000
HIST 454The Culture and History of Mexico00000
CS 430Mobile App Development00000
ENG 491Capstone in English Studies00000
ED 486Content Knowledge for EC-6 Educators00000
COUN 516Pre-Practicum00000
FIN 565Managerial Finance00000
BIOL 2401Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ECE 401Early Childhood Education: History and Philosophy00000
CHEM 499Independent Research00000
EE 2305Electric Circuits I00000
EDLD 567Supervision of Instruction00000
CJ 497Spl Topics: CJ Career Devlpmnt00000
ENGL 1302Composition II00000
BIOL 520Global Change00000
FIN 470International Finance00000
CS 353Advanced Object-Oriented Programming00000
GEOG 1303World Regional Geography00000
BIOL 310Genetics (EL)00000
HONR 345Advanced Academic Argument Seminar/Continental Philosophy00000
CHEM 340Quantitative Chemical and Instrumental Analysis00000
ED 311Growth and Dev (EL)00000
BIOL 421Endangered Ecosystems00000
ED 557Innovative Learner-Centered Strategies for Student Success00000
CHEM 2423Organic Chemistry I00000
EE 445Embedded Systems00000
EDLD 663Statistical Methods in Educational Leadership00000
CJ 430Constitutional Issues: Rights of Accused and Convicted Offen...00000
ENG 350Technical Writing (EL)00000
BIOL 470Internship in Biology00000
ENG 580Sem in Lit: South & Sexuality00000
COMM 1307Introduction to Mass Communication00000
ENGR 304Engineering Graphics I00000
AHED 532Transformational Leadership and Human Relations00000
ESL 400Foundations of English as a Second Language (ESL) Education00000
COUN 585Crisis Intervention: Theory and Practice00000
FIN 484Financial Institutions Management00000
BIOL 1108Biology for Non-science Majors I Lab00000
GBUS 440International Business (EL)00000
CS 370Programming Language Design00000
HIST 352Europe, 1920 to the Present00000
ACCT 427Auditing00000
HIST 500Historiography00000
CS 483User Design Methodology00000
HSCI 347Foundations of Health Care Ethics00000
BIOL 332Molecular Pharm and Toxicology00000
ECO 577History of Economic Thought00000
CHEM 410Biochemistry I00000
ED 403Curriculum for Teaching Young Children00000
ACCT 526Accounting for Managers00000
ED 496Clinical Co-Teaching Semester (EL)00000
CHEM 1305Introductory Chemistry00000
ED 590Curriculum Alignment for School Improvement00000
BIOL 437Herpetology00000
EDLD 588Principal Internship00000
CJ 312Guns and Violence in American Society00000
EE 305Fundamentals of Power Systems00000
EDLD 691Superintendent Leadership in Public Schools00000
CJ 360Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections00000
EE 490EE Senior Design I00000
BIOL 456Medical Microbiology00000
ENG 320Understanding Grammar00000
CJ 470Police and Community Relations00000
ENG 430Studies in Women's Literature00000
ACCT 2302Principles of Accounting II00000
ENG 518Thesis00000
COMM 500Theories of Communication00000
ENGL 0399Integrated Reading and Writing00000
BIOL 481Seminar in Biology00000
ENGL 2326American Literature00000
COUN 511Introduction to Counseling Services00000
ENGR 365Statistical Quality Control00000
ACCT 422Advanced Accounting00000
ENGR 1201Introduction to Engineering00000
COUN 526Internship00000
FIN 354Financial Management00000
BIOL 1106Biology for Science Majors I Lab00000
FIN 474Intermediate Financial Management00000
CS 332C++ Programming00000
FIN 545Finance for Managers00000
BE 474Biliteracy for Bilingual and Dual Language Classrooms (EL)00000
GBUS 315Legal Aspects of Sports Management00000
CS 360Artificial Intelligence00000
GBUS 452Business Ethics for Non-Accounting Majors00000
BIOL 1307Biology for Science Majors II00000
HIST 310The Ancient World00000
CS 420Computer Networks00000
HIST 428The United States in the Twentieth Century00000
AAS 1100University Foundations for Adult Learners00000
HIST 490Internship (EL)00000
CS 472Digital Forensics, Law, and Ethics00000
HIST 597Spl Tps: African-American Hist00000
BIOL 2406Environmental Biology00000
DRAM 310Myths, Mysteries, and Murders00000
AAS 305The Adult Learner and Self-Development00000
ACCT 323Intermediate Accounting III00000
ACCT 557Advanced Accounting Systems00000
BIOL 449Vertebrate Histology00000
CJ 330Institutional Corrections, Theory, and Practice00000
EDLD 698Administrative Leadership00000