TAMUK Course Reviews

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

BUAD 3366Intro to Business Intelligence00000
CEEN 5350Transportation Eng I00000
ANSC 5306Thesis00000
BIOL 4304Research Projects in Biol00000
ANTH 4382Methods of Social Research00000
AGSC 5399Thesis Topics00000
CEEN 4326Construction Engineering00000
AGBU 3320Intro Systems Thinking Ag00000
ANSC 6335Quantitative Genetics00000
AGBU 4350Agricultural Finance00000
BIOL 1307General Biology II00000
ARTS 3301Digital Painting00000
AGSC 4353Agric Building Requirements00000
BIOL 4435Biology of Forensic Science II00000
AEEN 4310Computer Modeling00000
CEEN 3304Reinforced Concrete Design00000
ANSC 3313Repro Physiol of Dom Animals00000
CEEN 5305Graduate Research Project00000
ADED 5330Admin of Adult Educ Programs00000
CHEM 3125Organic Chemistry Lab II00000
AGBU 3370Agr. Sales and Consulting00000
ANTH 4301Social Theory00000
ADED 5389Eval and Meas in Adult Educ00000
ARTS 2313Graphic Design00000
AGBU 5306Thesis00000
ARTS 5300Graduate Drawing00000
ARTS 4300Advanced Drawing00000
AGSC 1352Welding00000
BIOL 3403Plant Taxonomy00000
AEEN 3337Electrical Systems-Buildings00000
BIOL 4410T: Entomology00000
AGSC 5305Graduate Research Project00000
BIOL 5320Research Problems III00000
ACCT 5331Accounting and Value Creation00000
CEEN 2301Mechanics I00000
ANSC 3302Swine Management00000
CEEN 3392Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics00000
AEEN 4336T: Eng Proj Est, Plan & Ctrl00000
CEEN 4364Dsgn Wtr and Wstwrt Convey Sys00000
ANSC 4305International Animal Agric00000
CEEN 5326Adv Construction Management00000
ACCT 4310Accounting Systems00000
CHEM 1311Gen Inorganic Chemistry I00000
ANSC 5337Ruminant Nutrition and Physiol00000
CHEM 3325Organic Chemistry II00000
ADED 5379Adult Learning and Development00000
ANTH 2303Intro to Physical Anthrop00000
AGBU 3390Agriculture Leadership00000
ANTH 4348Multicultural Groups00000
ACCT 4314Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ARTS 1312Design II00000
AGBU 4371Strategic Management00000
ARTS 2323Life Drawing00000
ADED 5392Adult Educ Res Practium00000
ARTS 3350Art Desn Wildlife Photo00000
AGBU 5395Advance Problems in Agribus00000
ARTS 4358Package Design00000
ARTS 4333Advanced Printmaking00000
AGRI 4171Seminar00000
BCOM 3306Business Communication (WI)00000
AEEN 3304Reinforced Concrete Design00000
BIOL 2401Human Anatomy and Physiol00000
AGSC 3363Prog Plan in Ag Sci and Tech00000
BIOL 3407Ecology00000
ACCT 4345Fraud Investigation00000
BIOL 4355T: Bio, Res, Ethics, & Culture00000
AGSC 4395Probs in Agricultural Sci00000
BIOL 4429Mammalogy00000
AEEN 3350Facility Management00000
BIOL 5202Research Problems II00000
AGSC 5361Prog Building in Agric Educ00000
BUAD 2341Business Law00000
ACCT 3338Financial Statement Analysis00000
BUAD 5301MBA Foundations II00000
ANSC 1211Preparation for Animal Ag00000
CEEN 3167Hydraulics/Fluid Mechanics Lab00000
AEEN 4326Construction Engineering00000
CEEN 3342Geotechnical Engineering00000
ANSC 3305Mkt Class and Grade Livestock00000
CEEN 4314Matrix Methds and Struc Analys00000
ADED 5319Methods of Adult Education00000
CEEN 4350Professional Preparation00000
ANSC 3390T: Intensive Cattle Management00000
CEEN 4399Civil Engineering Internship00000
AGBU 2301Prin of Agribusiness Mgmt00000
CEEN 5315Hydraulics of Open Channels00000
ANSC 4308Statistics in Agriculture00000
CEEN 5335Prestressed Concrete00000
ACCT 3311Intermediate Accounting I00000
CEEN 5361Adv Structural Steel Design00000
ANSC 5335International Animal Agric00000
CHEM 1405General Introd to Chemistry00000
AGBU 3350Marketing of Farm Products00000
ANSC 5390T: Advanced Meat Science00000
ACCT 2302Prnc of Accounting II00000
ACCT 3314Cost Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 4328Advanced Tax Accounting00000
AEEN 1320Intro to Architectural Design00000
AGRI 3330Decision Tools for Ag Systems00000
ARTS 4356Typography00000