TAMUCC Course Reviews

Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

SMTE 3315Foundational Approaches to the Physical Sciences55531
BIOL 1308Science for Life I (Non-Majors Biology)00000
CHEM 4344Chemical Oceanography00000
CMSS 6305Natural Systems Modeling00000
BIOL 5452Ecology and Evolution of Fishes00000
BIMS 4295Biomedical Practicum00000
CLSC 3102Essentials Laboratory for Clinical Laboratory Science00000
ARTS 4391Gallery and Museum Practices00000
ARTS 5399Gallery and Museum Practices00000
BIOL 3410Cell Biology00000
BIOL 4323Global Change Ecology00000
BIOL 5397Directed Research00000
BIMS 3100Essentials for Applied Forensics Laboratory Sciences00000
CEEN 3320Geotechnical Engineering I00000
ARTS 3352Modern Art00000
CHEM 5369Advanced Molecular Spectroscopy00000
BIMS 4396Directed Independent Study00000
CLSC 4380Intro To The Clin Lab Professi00000
ARTS 1304Art History Survey II00000
CMSS 6370Coastal Management and Ocean Law00000
ARTS 5316MFA Studio in Art: Photography00000
BIOL 3455Plant form and Function00000
ARTS 2311Design III: Color00000
ATSC 4302Dynamic Meteorology II00000
BIOL 4370Mariculture00000
BIOL 4411Animal Behavior00000
BIOL 5319Biology of Marine Mammals00000
BIEM 4696DIRECTED IND STUDY: BIEM 4345 (Language Acquisition and Dev...00000
BIOL 5425Ornithology00000
ARTS 3307Lithography and Planographic Process00000
BUSI 0011Cob Student Code of Ethics and Plagiarism00000
BIMS 3325Professional Practice in Forensic Science00000
CHEM 1412General Chemistry II00000
ACCT 5391Integrative Seminar in Accounting00000
CHEM 4423Physical Chemistry I00000
BIMS 4333Medical Entomology00000
CHEM 5490Advanced Mass Spectrum Techniques00000
ARTS 4301Advanced Drawing00000
CLSC 4325Clinical Chemistry I00000
BIMS 5311Principles Of Oncology00000
CMSS 5393Thesis II: Thesis Research00000
ACCT 3340Fraud Examination00000
CMSS 6330Spatial System Science00000
BIOL 2416Genetics00000
CMSS 6996Research00000
ARTS 1316Drawing I00000
BIOL 3425Functional Anatomy00000
ARTS 5393SEMINAR IN ART HISTORY; Art Since 194500000
BIOL 4301Embryology00000
ACCT 4311Auditing Principles and Procedures00000
BIOL 4336Marine Ecology00000
ATSC 3305Physical Meteorology00000
BIOL 4396Directed Independent Study00000
ARTS 2326Sculpture I00000
ATSC 4498Internship in Atmospheric Science00000
BIOL 4425Ornithology00000
BIOL 4433Parasitology00000
BIOL 5308Biogeography00000
BIEM 4356Content Area Studies in the Bilingual Curriculum00000
BIOL 5393Thesis Research00000
ARTS 3304Fabrication Sculpture00000
BIOL 5411Ethology00000
BIMS 2171Medical Terminology00000
BIOL 5437Ecology of Marine Plants00000
ACCT 5355Information Systems in Accounting00000
BLAW 3310Legal Environment of Business00000
BIMS 3300Animal Nutrition00000
BUSI 3315Entrepreneurship, Creativity, & Innovation00000
ARTS 3322Art Activities II00000
CEEN 4396DIS Geomatics Surveying Engineering00000
BIMS 4085Major Field Test in Biology00000
CHEM 3417Quantitative Analysis00000
ACCT 3321Federal Income Tax I00000
CHEM 4402Biochemistry II00000
BIMS 4325Clinical Chemistry I00000
CHEM 5317Advanced Instrumental Analysis00000
ARTS 3366Analogue Photography00000
CHEM 5393Thesis Research00000
BIMS 4340Forensic Science in Criminal Law00000
CHEM 6362Chemical Oceanography00000
ARAB 1312Arabic II00000
CLSC 4280Introduction to the Clinical Laboratory Profession00000
BIMS 4420Hematology00000
CLSC 4370Clinical Microbiology I00000
ARTS 4304Advanced Sculpture00000
CLSC 4420Hematology00000
BIMS 5374Molecular Medical Microbiology00000
CMSS 5596DIS: Application of Programming Language in Marine Carbonate...00000
ACCT 3311Intermediate Accounting I00000
CMSS 6310Fundamentals of Remote Sensing00000
BIOL 2371Principles of Evolution00000
CMSS 6359Marine Ecosystem Dynamics00000
ARTS 5301Workshop in Art00000
BIOL 4444Estuarine Organisms00000
BIOL 2472Principles of Botany00000
ACCT 2301Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 3314Cost Accounting00000
ACCT 5337Taxes and Business Strategy00000
ARTS 2346Ceramics I00000
BIEM 4345Language Acquisition and Development00000