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TAMU Course Reviews

Texas A&M University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BICH 440Biochemistry I43551
BICH 101/GENE101 Perspectives in Biochemistry and Genetics00000
BICH 289Special Topics in...00000
BICH 403Cellular Biophysics00000
BICH 407Horizons in Biological Chemistry II00000
BICH 412Biochemistry Laboratory I00000
BICH 431/GENE431 Molecular Genetics00000
BICH 456RNA World00000
BICH 485Directed Studies00000
BICH 285Directed Studies00000
BICH 291Research00000
BICH 404Biochemical Calculations00000
BICH 409Principles of Biochemistry00000
BICH 411Comprehensive Biochemistry II00000
BICH 419/GENE419 Computational Techniques for Evolutionary Analysis00000
BICH 441Biochemistry II00000
BICH 460Genome Annotation with Ontologies00000
BICH 464Bacteriophage Genomics00000
BICH 491Research00000
BICH 431Molecular Genetics00000
BICH 603Prin Biochemistry & Biophysics00000
BICH 625Nuc Acid-Prot Interact00000
BICH 655Crystallography Methods00000
BICH 664Fluorescence Spectro00000
BICH 674Prot Folding & Stability00000
BICH 679Building Scientific Reltnships00000
BICH 691Research00000
BICH 432Molecular Genetics Lab00000
BICH 605Methods Of Bich Analysis00000
BICH 628Computational Biology00000
BICH 656Rna World00000
BICH 665Biochemical Kinetics00000
BICH 675Plant Bich & Genomics00000
BICH 681Seminar00000
BICH 697Teaching Biochem Labs00000
BICH 602Funds Of Biochem II00000
BICH 631Biochemical Genetics00000
BICH 658App Scientific Values Res Prac00000
BICH 673Gene Expression00000
BICH 678Metal Ions00000
BICH 690Theory Of Biochem Res00000
BICH 419Cmptl Tech Evol Analy00000
BICH 601Funds Of Biochem I00000
BICH 624Enz Prot & Nuc Acids00000
BICH 654Structural Biochem00000
BICH 661Adv Genome Annot Ontol00000
BICH 671Macromolec Fold & Design00000
BICH 677Chem Gene & Drug Discvry00000
BICH 685Directed Studies00000
BICH 101Perspectives In Bich And Gene00000
BICH 450Genomics00000
BICH 608Critical Analy Bich Lit00000
BICH 650Genomics00000
BICH 657Intro To Structural Biol00000
BICH 667Molecular Probes00000
BICH 676Bacteriophage Biology00000
BICH 689Sptp: Foundations Biochemistry00000
BICH 281Seminar in Biochemical Research00000
BICH 303Elements of Biological Chemistry00000
BICH 406Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Interactions00000
BICH 410Comprehensive Biochemistry I00000
BICH 414Biochemical Techniques I00000
BICH 432/GENE432 Laboratory in Molecular Genetics00000
BICH 450/BIOL450 Genomics00000
BICH 461Advanced Genome Annotation with Ontologies00000
BICH 489Special Topics in...00000