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TAMU Course Reviews

Texas A&M University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AGSM 284Internship00000
AGSM 291Research00000
AGSM 315/NFSC315 Food Process Engineering Technology00000
AGSM 337Technology for Environmental and Natural Resource Engineering00000
AGSM 417/NFSC417 Food Process Engineering Technology II00000
AGSM 440Management of Agricultural Systems II00000
AGSM 473Project Management for Agricultural Systems Technology00000
AGSM 481Seminar00000
AGSM 485Directed Studies00000
AGSM 491Research00000
AGSM 125Introduction to Agricultural Systems Management00000
AGSM 285Directed Studies00000
AGSM 301Systems Analysis in Agriculture00000
AGSM 325Agri-Industrial Applications of Electricity00000
AGSM 360Occupational Safety Management00000
AGSM 435Irrigation Principles and Management00000
AGSM 470Agricultural Electronics and Control00000
AGSM 477Air Pollution Control and Regulatory Compliance00000
AGSM 484Internship00000
AGSM 489Special Topics in...00000
AGSM 315Food Process Engr Tech00000
AGSM 105Wrld Drnk Prob Glb Wtr Scarc00000
AGSM 201Agricultural Energy and Power Systems00000
AGSM 289Special Topics in...00000
AGSM 310Agricultural Machinery Management00000
AGSM 335Water and Soil Management00000
AGSM 403Processing and Storage of Agricultural Products00000
AGSM 439Management of Agricultural Systems I00000