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TAMU Course Reviews

Texas A&M University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AGEC 217Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics Analysis00000
AGEC 285Directed Studies00000
AGEC 315Food and Agricultural Sales00000
AGEC 325Principles of Farm and Ranch Management00000
AGEC 344Food and Agricultural Law00000
AGEC 413Agricultural Cooperatives00000
AGEC 420Food Security, Climate and Conflict00000
AGEC 429Agricultural Policy00000
AGEC 432Rural Real Estate and Financial Analysis00000
AGEC 437Tax Planning00000
AGEC 441Financial Planning Capstone00000
AGEC 453International Agribusiness Marketing00000
AGEC 105Introduction to Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 223Establishing Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Networks I00000
AGEC 291Research00000
AGEC 317Economic Analysis for Agribusiness Management00000
AGEC 335Financial Readiness00000
AGEC 350Environmental and Natural Resource Economics00000
AGEC 414Agribusiness and Food Market Analysis00000
AGEC 422Land Economics00000
AGEC 425Agribusiness Entrepreneurship – Financial Analysis00000
AGEC 435Financial Planning for Professionals00000
AGEC 439Retirement Planning00000
AGEC 448Agricultural Commodity Futures00000
AGEC 481Ethics in Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 489Sptp:Intrnl Ag & Indstry Pract00000
AGEC 606Water Resource Economics00000
AGEC 620Food Security Climate Conflict00000
AGEC 625Environment Of Agbusiness00000
AGEC 636Agbu Mkts Apply Welfare00000
AGEC 643Appl Simul In Ag Eco00000
AGEC 672Ag Markets & Info Econ00000
AGEC 685Directed Studies00000
AGEC 117Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 235Foundations of Money Education00000
AGEC 314Marketing Agricultural and Food Products00000
AGEC 324Agribusiness Entrepreneurship – Budgeting00000
AGEC 340Agribusiness Management00000
AGEC 408Economics of Foreign Intervention, Conflict and Development00000
AGEC 416Sales Management and Advanced Techniques in Professional Technical Selling for AgriFood Firms00000
AGEC 424Agribusiness Entrepreneurship – Economic Analysis00000
AGEC 431Cases in Agribusiness Finance00000
AGEC 436Insurance and Estate Planning00000
AGEC 440Agribusiness Strategic Analysis00000
AGEC 452International Trade and Agriculture00000
AGEC 484Internship00000
AGEC 601Comm Futures & Options00000
AGEC 607Research Methodology00000
AGEC 614Global Food & Agbus Plcy00000
AGEC 629Strategic Agbus Managmnt00000
AGEC 638Managerial Econ Reg Sci00000
AGEC 652Intl Agbu Trade Analysis00000
AGEC 662Appl Ecmt Mtds Ag Resour II00000
AGEC 677Frontiers Res&Envir Econ00000
AGEC 691Research00000
AGEC 101Concepts In Agec Fye00000
AGEC 603Land Economics00000
AGEC 608Econ Of Conflict And Dvlmnt00000
AGEC 621Econometrics For Agbu00000
AGEC 634Rural Finc Mkts & Plan00000
AGEC 641Oper Rsch Meth In Ag00000
AGEC 659Ecological Economics00000
AGEC 673Resource & Environ Econ00000
AGEC 684Professional Internship00000
AGEC 695Frontiers Agbus&Mgr Econ00000
AGEC 485Directed Studies: In-Ab00000
AGEC 604Natural Resource Econ00000
AGEC 619Managerial Econ In Agbu00000
AGEC 630Fin Anly For Agbus Firms00000
AGEC 639Comp Global Std Food Sys00000
AGEC 661Appl Ecmt Mtds Ag Resour I00000
AGEC 676Frontiers Mkts&Info Econ00000
AGEC 689Sptp: Adv Ag And Food Policy00000
AGEC 491Hnr-Research00000
AGEC 605Rrl Rl Est Aprsl Orgnt00000
AGEC 613Intl Agricultural Dev Policy00000
AGEC 622Agbu Anly & Forecasting00000
AGEC 635Consmr Dem Anly For Food00000
AGEC 642Dyn Optim In Ag And Appl Econ00000
AGEC 671Agbu & Managerial Econ00000
AGEC 681Seminar00000
AGEC 693Professional Study00000
AGEC 216Fundamentals of the AgriFood Sales Industry00000
AGEC 289Special Topics in...00000
AGEC 316Building Customer Relationships in AgriFood Selling00000
AGEC 330Financial Management in Agriculture00000
AGEC 402Survey of International Agricultural Economics: Study Abroad00000
AGEC 415Food and Agribusiness Strategic Market Planning00000
AGEC 423Establishing Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Networks II00000
AGEC 430Macroeconomics of Agriculture00000
AGEC 434Rural Financial Markets and Financial Planning00000
AGEC 438Investment Planning00000
AGEC 447Food and Agricultural Price Analysis00000
AGEC 460Cross-Cutting Issues in Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 495Intl Agrbu Industry Practices00000