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TAMU Course Reviews

Texas A&M University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AGCJ 105Introduction to Agricultural Communications00000
AGCJ 305Theory and Practice of Agricultural Publishing00000
AGCJ 312Editing for Agricultural Audiences00000
AGCJ 404Communicating Agricultural Information to the Public00000
AGCJ 408Advertising Copy and Design00000
AGCJ 466Advanced Radio Broadcasting00000
AGCJ 491Research00000
AGCJ 285Directed Studies00000
AGCJ 306Theory and Practice of Agricultural Public Relations00000
AGCJ 313Agricultural Media Writing I00000
AGCJ 405Agricultural Publications Production00000
AGCJ 409Television Production for Agricultural Journalists00000
AGCJ 481Senior Seminar00000
AGCJ 289Special Topics in...00000
AGCJ 307Design for Agricultural Media00000
AGCJ 314Agricultural Media Writing II00000
AGCJ 406Agricultural Public Relations Methods00000
AGCJ 411Audience and Communications Research Methods00000
AGCJ 485Directed Studies00000
AGCJ 494Internship00000
AGCJ 281Journalism Concepts for Agriculture00000
AGCJ 291Research00000
AGCJ 308Agricultural Photography00000
AGCJ 366Radio Broadcasting00000
AGCJ 407Web Authoring in Agricultural Communication00000
AGCJ 413Emerging Media in Agriculture00000
AGCJ 489Special Topics in...00000