TAMIU Course Reviews

Texas A&M International University

COMM 3329Fund of Advertising00000
CRIJ 3325Drugs in Our Society00000
BIOL 4170Biology Seminar00000
COMM 3102Video Production Lab00000
BIOL 5401Biometry00000
BIOL 2301Anatomy & Physiology I Anatomy & Physiology I- Rotation00000
COMM 5398Thesis I00000
ARTS 4304Advanced Sculpture00000
BIOL 4473Undergraduate Research00000
BA 4390Business Strategy-WIN00000
CHEM 4499Methods of Drug Delivery WIN00000
CHEM 1101Supplemental Laboratory00000
BIOL 1111Principles of Biology II-Lab00000
COMM 3310Meth Inquiry:Quant-WIN- RELLIS00000
ARTS 3324Intermediate Ceramics00000
COMM 4345Advanced UG Research00000
BIOL 3401Environmental Science-WIN00000
COSC 4395Undergraduate Research00000
ANTH 4303Archae Reality&Fantasies-WIN00000
CRIJ 4390Undergrad Research in CRIJ00000
ASTR 1110Principles of Astronomy Lab00000
BIOL 5197Biology Research00000
ARAB 1312Beginning Arabic II00000
BIOL 5471Adv. Infectious Diseases00000
BA 5310Business Research Methods00000
CHEM 4120Chemistry Seminar00000
CHEM 2023Organic Chem I Lab00000
BA 6698Directed Read for Comp Exams00000
COMM 1311Fundamentals of Comm00000
ARTS 2356Photography I00000
COMM 3232Video Production II00000
BIOL 1371Human Biology00000
COMM 3321Political Communication-WIN00000
ACC 5398Accounting Internship00000
COMM 3338Travel Photography (WM- Jan 06 to Jan 17)00000
BIOL 3005Human Physiology Lab00000
COMM 5310Media, Cult&Ident US-MX Border00000
ARTS 3365Intermediate Photography00000
COSC 3301Algorithms&Data Structures00000
BIOL 3413Intro to Genetics- Rotation00000
CRIJ 3306Law & Society00000
ACC 4398Accounting Internship00000
CRIJ 4325Statistics in Criminal Justice00000
BIOL 4407Behavioral Ecology-WIN00000
CRIJ 5301Adv Smnr in Crij System (Sub II- Mar 22 to May 07)00000
ARAB 1311Beginning Arabic I00000
BIOL 5002Adv. Mammalogy Lab00000
BA 3310Legal Envrmnt of Business-WIN00000
BIOL 5397Biology Research00000
ACC 5315Advanced Accounting00000
BIOL 5407Behavioral Ecology00000
BA 5202Concepts in Acc and Info Sys (Sub I- Jan 25 to Mar 13)00000
BIOL 5597Biology Research00000
ARTS 1304Art Hist Surv: Ren-Modern00000
CHEM 1311General Chemistry I- Rotation00000
BA 5398Business Internship00000
CHEM 3451Biochemistry I- Rotation00000
CHEM 2425Organic Chemistry II Rotation00000
BA 6330Advanced Regression Models00000
CHEM 4398Investigations in Chemistry00000
ARTS 2326Sculpture I00000
CMAT 0324Co-req DEV for MATH 1324 CC B00000
BA 6999Dissertation Research00000
COMM 2144Forensics III00000
ACC 5375Forensic Accounting00000
COMM 3133Video Editing&Post Prod Lab00000
BIOL 1306Principles of Biology I Rotation00000
COMM 3305Interpersonal Comm- RELLIS00000
ARTS 3309Intermediate Sculpture00000
COMM 3320Teamwork&Communication-WIN00000
BIOL 2021General Microbiology Lab00000
COMM 3325Mass Communication Processes00000
ACC 4370Auditing and Systems00000
COMM 3332Broadcasting Production I00000
BIOL 2421General Microbiology Rotation00000
COMM 4325Organizational Communication00000
ARTS 3335Intro to Computers and Art00000
COMM 5301Communication Theories00000
BIOL 3013Intro to Genetics Lab00000
COMM 5330Organizational Communication00000
ANTH 2346Introduction to Anthropology00000
COSC 1137Object-Oriented Program Lab00000
BIOL 3406Evolution- Rotation00000
COSC 4101Soft Engr&Proj Develop I Lab00000
ARTS 4173Undergraduate Research00000
CRIJ 2313Correctional Systems&Practice00000
BIOL 4002Mammalogy Lab00000
CRIJ 3309Probation and Parole00000
ACC 3320Intermediate Accounting II00000
CRIJ 4320Women & Criminal Justice00000
BIOL 4373Undergraduate Research00000
CRIJ 4335Death Penalty00000
ARTS 4333Practicum Seminar in Art WIN00000
BIOL 4460Geographic Info Systems00000
ACC 3310Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACC 3350Federal Taxation00000
ACC 5330Advanced Taxation00000
ARTS 1316Drawing I00000
BA 6310Advanced Business Rsrch Meths00000
CHEM 3051Biochemistry I Lab00000