Taft Course Reviews

Taft College

MGMT 1500Introduction to Human Resources Management00000
PHED 1523Beginning Weight Lifting and Physical Fitness00000
ECEF 1521Practicum Field Experience00000
IES 1500Occupational Safety and Health Compliance00000
ENER 1510Introduction to Energy00000
DNTL 2241Practice and Financial Management00000
OSH 1112Forklift Training for Operators00000
COSC 1703Introduction to Spreadsheets Microsoft Excel00000
ECEF 1612Curriculum and Intervention for Children with Special Needs00000
CTRP 1133140 WPM Machine Shorthand Speed Building: Literary and Jury...00000
IES 1102Passport Safety Training00000
ENGL 1750Creative Writing: Fiction00000
DNTL 2024Clinical Practice I00000
MATH 0240Pre-algebra00000
CHEM 1520Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry00000
MGMT 1560Management Capstone00000
DS 1503Introduction to Medication Support00000
OSH 2065Trainer Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards00000
BIOL 2257Human Physiology with Lab00000
PHED 1721Offseason Intercollegiate Golf00000
CTRP 1070Legal Terminology I00000
ECEF 2041Administration II: Personnel and Leadership in Early Care an...00000
BUSN 1050Business Mathematics00000
ENGL 0800Introductory Writing and Grammar00000
CTRP 115180 WPM Machine Shorthand Speed Building: Literary and Jury C...00000
HLED 1535Emergency Medical Technician00000
GEOG 1510Physical Geography00000
DNTL 1512Head and Neck Anatomy00000
IES 1112Forklift Training for Operators00000
BUSN 2001College Keyboarding and Document Processing00000
INTC 1000Career Readiness in Industrial Technology00000
DNTL 2132Dental Materials00000
MATH 1530Plane Trigonometry00000
BIOL 1510Fundamentals of Biology with Lab00000
MGMT 1530Conflict Resolution00000
DRAM 1510Introduction to Theatre00000
OSH 1102Passport Safety Training00000
CJA 2135Public Safety Communications00000
OSH 1532Industrial Hygiene00000
DS 1507Introduction to Supporting People with Disabilities00000
PHED 1508Women's Intercollegiate Basketball00000
ART 1640Painting00000
PHED 1539Fundamentals of Baseball00000
ECEF 1583Using Infant Cues00000
PHED 1728Offseason Intercollegiate Volleyball00000
BIOL 2370Nutrition Science00000
ECEF 2021Introduction to the Primary Grade Classroom00000
CTRP 1090Punctuation and Grammar00000
ECON 2120Principles of Economics Micro00000
ART 1820Computer Imaging: Adobe Photoshop00000
ENER 1530Electricity and Basic Electronics00000
CTRP 1142100 WPM Machine Shorthand Speed Building: 2-Voice00000
ENGL 1600Critical Thinking, Literature, and Composition00000
BUSN 1056QuickBooks00000
ENGR 2200Statics00000
CTRP 1154200 WPM Machine Shorthand Speed Building: Literary and Jury...00000
HLED 1059Pediatric First Aid00000
HIST 2202Western Civilization to 160000000
CTRP 1260Machine Shorthand Speed Building Dictation/Transcription00000
HUM 1500Introduction to the Humanities00000
BUSN 1601Beginning Keyboarding00000
IES 1107Medic First Aid Training/CPR00000
DNTL 1517Critical Thinking for Health Sciences00000
IES 1116Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)...00000
ARTH 2040Survey of African, Oceanic, and Indigenous North American Ar...00000
IES 2058Occupational Safety and Health Stds. for the Const. Ind./OSH...00000
DNTL 2027Critical Thinking for Health Sciences00000
KINE 1500Introduction to Kinesiology00000
BUSN 2275Business Law00000
MATH 1500Math for a Modern Society A Liberal Arts Course00000
DNTL 2135Community Oral Health I00000
MATH 2120Analytic Geometry and Calculus II00000
ART 1620Drawing and Composition00000
MGMT 1515Communication00000
DNTL 2244Community Oral Health II00000
MGMT 1545Customer Service00000
CJA 2131Control and Supervision in Corrections00000
MGMT 2900Management Capstone00000
DS 1501Introduction to Disabilities00000
OSH 1107Medic First Aid Training/CPR00000
BIOL 2202General Zoology00000
OSH 1116Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)...00000
DS 1505Teaching Individuals with Disabilities and Dealing with Chal...00000
OSH 2058Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Constructio...00000
COMM 1511Public Speaking00000
PHED 1505Womens Intercollegiate Golf00000
ECEF 1031Introduction to the Child in Family/Community Relationships00000
PHED 1511Men's Intercollegiate Soccer00000
ADMJ 1506Introduction to Forensics00000
PHED 1533Walking for Fitness00000
ECEF 1531The Child in Family/Community Relationships00000
PHED 1644Introduction to Physical Education00000
COSC 2020Introduction to Computer Information Systems00000
ECEF 1601Diversity in Early Care, Education and Family Studies00000
ADMJ 1503Criminal Court Process00000
ADMJ 1508Introduction to Corrections00000
ARTH 1510Prehistoric to Renaissance Art History00000
BUSN 1500Introduction to Business00000
CTRP 1163160 WPM Machine Shorthand Speed Building: 4-Voice00000
HIST 2231History of the United States to 187700000