SWIC Course Reviews

Southwestern Illinois College

CAD 220Advanced CAD I00000
CIS 180Introduction to Programming00000
AVIA 212Flight Training Instrument Helicopter00000
BLA 268Construction Bricklayer Apprentice Vi00000
AVIA 280Internship00000
AVIA 133Human Factors in Aviation00000
CCA 238Carpentry Welding Basics I00000
ART 111Basic Design I00000
AVIA 260Aviation Meteorology00000
ART 217Photography II00000
BIOL 250Microbiology00000
AVMT 150Fundamentals & Operations00000
AVIA 105Introduction to Civil Aviation00000
CAD 100Print Reading for Tech Trades00000
AOJ 258Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime00000
CAD 299Special Topics In Drafting00000
AVIA 201Instrument Flight Theory00000
CIS 155Basic Web Page Design00000
ANTH 160Physical Anthropology00000
CIS 250C++ Programming I00000
ART 150Drawing I00000
AVIA 269Multi-Engine Flight Theory00000
AOJ 105Police Administration00000
AVMT 132Charging Systems & Environmental Systems00000
ART 252Life Drawing00000
BIOL 110Introduction to Marine Biology00000
AVMT 172Aircraft Fuel Metering Systems00000
ATY 101Astronomy00000
BLA 128Construction Bricklayer Apprentice II00000
AOJ 203Criminal Law &Admin of Justice00000
BUS 205Economic and Business Statistics00000
AVIA 114Flight Training Private Helicopter Part ll00000
CAD 201Introduction to Architectural Drafting00000
ACRT 201Automotive Repair Internship00000
CAD 2303D Architectural CAD00000
AVIA 155Flight Training, Commercial II00000
CCA 118Concrete Formwork I00000
ART 104Art History I: Prehistoric-Gothic00000
CHEM 201Organic Chemistry I00000
AVIA 207Garmin G 1000 System Training00000
CIS 173Graphics and Animation00000
ACRT 113Non-Structural Repair III00000
CIS 212Web Development II00000
AVIA 222Transport Aircraft Systems00000
CIS 257Electronic Publishing00000
AOJ 100Intro to Administration of Justice00000
AVIA 264Mgmt of Aircraft Maintenance00000
ART 208Printmaking II00000
AVIA 272Flight Training Helicopter Instructor00000
ACRT 122MIG Welding00000
AVMT 122Fuel Systems, Inspection & Aircraft Rigging00000
ART 240Digital Imaging I00000
AVMT 137Landing Gear Systems00000
AOJ 145Introduction to Firearms00000
AVMT 158Ignition and Starting Systems00000
ART 292Studio in Drawing00000
BIOL 105Human Biology00000
AVMT 186Reciprocating Engine Overhaul00000
AS 102Foundations of USAF II00000
BIOL 158Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
AOJ 155Community Policing00000
BIOL 299Special Topics in Biology00000
AVIA 103Simulator Private00000
BLA 148Construction Bricklayer Apprentice IV00000
ACRT 141Steering and Suspension I00000
BUS 101Introduction to Business00000
AVIA 111Private Pilot Flight Theory Helicopter00000
BUS 215Business Law00000
AOJ 252Organized Crime00000
CAD 102Intermediate Drafting00000
AVIA 126UAS Pilot Certification00000
CAD 204Manufacturing Drafting00000
ACCT 269Accounting AAS Internship00000
CAD 222Machine CAD Post Assessment00000
AVIA 151Commercial Pilot Flight Theory00000
CAD 233Structural Detail CAD00000
AOJ 299Spec Topics In Admin Of Justice00000
CAN 130Cannabis Operations00000
AVIA 161Commercial Pilot Flight Theory Helicopter00000
CCA 128Interior Systems Framing I00000
AGRI 152Agricultural Economics00000
CHEM 103Introductory Organic & Biological Chemistry00000
AVIA 203Simulator Instrument00000
CIS 120Introduction to the PC00000
ART 107Graphic Design I00000
CIS 168Graphic Design00000
AVIA 209Simulator-Garmin GNS 1000 IFR00000
CIS 177Web Development I00000
ACCT 111Managerial Accounting00000
CIS 185Intro to Information Technology00000
AVIA 216Advanced Instrument Approaches00000
CIS 241Visual Basic for Applications00000
ART 114Ceramics II00000
AVIA 237Human Resources in Aviation00000
ACCT 105Basic Accounting Procedures00000
ACCT 211Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACRT 132Automotive Refinishing II00000
AOJ 151Policing: Methods and Ethics00000
ART 297Studio in Life Drawing00000
BIOL 101Principles of Biology I00000