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Swarthmore Course Reviews

Swarthmore College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECON 031Introduction to Econometrics42441
CHEM 102Topics-Mod. Organic Chemistry00000
ECON SHMStudy Hall Meetings00000
EDUC 093Practice Teaching (1)00000
DANC 049FDance Perf: Repertory- Kathak00000
BIOL 125Development & Cancer (1)00000
ECON 135Advanced Econometrics00000
ARTT HAVHAV:Arts Fndtn Photography00000
ARTT 075Advanced Studies: Archit Drawi00000
CHIN 020ABusiness Conversation Chinese00000
CLST UPAUPA:Scandalous Arts00000
DANC 022Euro/America:19th/20th c.(W)00000
BIOL 030Animal Behavior00000
DANC 056Dance Technique: Tabla00000
ARTH 063Architecture and Amer Landscap00000
ECON 044Urban Economics00000
CHEM UPAUPA: Inorganic Chemistry00000
EDUC 023Adolescence00000
ARAB 002Intensive Elem Mod Stnd Arabic00000
ENGL HAVHAV: Reading Poetry00000
ARTT 041Photography II: Color00000
CHIN 086Chinese Food Culture/Farming00000
ARTH UPAUPA:MLA Prosem:Global&Nat.Iden;00000
ASTR 016Astrophysics:Stars,ISM&Galaxie00000
CLST 094Ancient Drama in Performance00000
CPLT 096Thesis00000
DANC 001AIntro Dance Stdy: Pwr/Resistan00000
BIOL 020Animal Physiology00000
DANC 044Dance Technique: Tap00000
ARTH 034Colloquium: Asian Calligraphy00000
DANC 051PPE Dance: Ballet II00000
BIOL 098Neuroscience Thesis00000
DANC 071Salsa Dance/Drumming00000
ANTH 079BDancing Desire Bollywood Film00000
ECON 012Game Theory/Strat Behavior00000
BLST UPAUPA:Law & Social Change00000
ECON 083East Asian Economies00000
ARTH 097Thesis00000
EDUC 014Pedagogy/Pwr:Intro to Educ (W)00000
CHEM 043Analytical Mthds&Instrum (W)00000
EDUC 045Literacies/Soc Identities (W)00000
ANTH 002DFYS:Culture & Gender (T)00000
EDUC 153Latinos and Education (1)00000
CHIN 002BIntro-Mandarin Chinese00000
ENGL 001FFYS:Trans to College Wrtg (W)00000
ARAB 012AAdvanced Arabic Conversation00000
CHIN 033Intro to Classical Chinese00000
ARTT 070Advanced Studies:Ceramics00000
CHIN 099Senior Colloquium00000
ANTH 021DAnthro of Art & Aesthetics00000
CLST 026Athletics&Competitive Anc Gree00000
ASIA 015Intro to East Asian Humanities00000
COGS 001Intro to Cognitive Science00000
ARTH 001FFYS: Picasso (W)00000
ASTR 121Rsch Tech Observatio Astronomy00000
CPSC 000SRStuRun:Introduction to Unity00000
CPSC 035Data Structures and Algorithms00000
CPSC 082Mobile Robotics00000
BIOL 013Stem Cell Biology00000
DANC 011ADance Production Practicum00000
ARTH 026Colloq: Art, Chemistry&Conserv00000
DANC 041PPE Dance: Ballet I00000
BIOL 025Plant Biology00000
DANC 049EPPE Dance: Repertory- Ballet00000
ANTH 051BDrugs and Governmentality00000
DANC 049DDance Repertory:Swat Taiko Ens00000
BIOL 041Ecology, Evolution and Develop00000
DANC 053Dance Technique: African II00000
ARTH 046Socially Engaged Art in Americ00000
DANC 060Dance Tech:Contemp Modern III00000
BIOL 116Microbial Process/Biotech(W)100000
DANC 094Senior Project00000
ANTH HAVHAV: Place,People,Collab Phila00000
ECON 002CFYS: Health: Policy & Practice00000
BIOL 136Molecular Ecology/Evolution(1)00000
ECON 032Operations Research00000
ARTH 076Colloq:Hist Of Muse(1476-2016)00000
ECON 073Race,Ethnicity&Gender in Econ00000
BLST 091Thesis00000
ECON 098Independent Study00000
ANTH 116Anthropology of Capitalism (1)00000
ECON 176Environmental Economics(1)00000
CHEM 003ADiscovery: Diagnosis/Drugs00000
EDUC 018CritPrspctv:Child/YngAdultLit00000
ARTH 153Mdrn Architecture&Urbanism(1)00000
EDUC 033Black Education00000
CHEM 058Experimental Biological Chemis00000
EDUC 053Educating Emergent Bilinguals00000
ANCH 017Fys:Pompeii/Shadowvesu(W)00000
EDUC 121Motivation and Learning(1) (W)00000
CHEM 122Tpcs in Phys Organic Chemistry00000
EDUC 180Honors Thesis (W)00000
ARTT 021Ceramics II: The Potter's Whee00000
CPSC 046Theory of Computation00000
CHIN 006Chinese for Adv Beginners II00000
ANCH HAVHAV:Culture&Crisis; Golden Age00000
ANCH 044The Early Roman Empire (W)00000
ANTH 042DPolitical Anthropology (T)00000
ARTH 014Facing Race&Identity Amer Art00000
BIOL 001SPBiology Scholars Program00000