SW Mich Course Reviews

Southwestern Michigan College

MEDA 221Insurance Claims Processing00000
NURS 202Nursing Care of the Child-Theory & Clinical00000
ELEC 233Programmable Logic Controllers00000
LEGA 102Law in the United States00000
HIMS 210Quality Assurance00000
CRIM 270Correctional Institutions00000
MUSI 213Jazz Ensemble II00000
BUSI 225Human Resource Management00000
ENGL 282Survey of British Literature II00000
CHEM 102General Chemistry II00000
ISYS 275C# / .Net Programming00000
HUMA 205Great American Films00000
CONS 169Green Professional00000
MATH 130Precalculus Mathematics00000
BIOL 202Microbiology00000
MUSI 116Symphonic Band00000
EDUC 217Early Childhood Development00000
MUSI 253Applied Music V: Voice00000
ART 265Portfolio Production00000
PHED 210Organization and Administration of Sports00000
CCON 155Builder Prelicensure Education00000
FISC 211Instructional Techniques00000
AUTO 131Manual Transmissions00000
HIST 202United States History II00000
CMUS 1160Enrichment Symphonic Band00000
ISYS 241Introduction to Web Development00000
INTE 245Robot Integration and Automation00000
CONS 135Electrical and Mechanical Systems00000
ISYS 285Network Security00000
BDWI 201Intermediate Potawatomi Lang.00000
LEGA 230Wills, Trusts, and Probate00000
CRIM 112Introduction to United States Legal Systems00000
MATH 201Calculus III00000
ART 219Graphic Design I00000
MRI 230MRI Procedures/Pathophys 100000
EDUC 101Intro Profession of Teaching00000
MUSI 201Music Theory III00000
BUSI 201Principles of Management00000
MUSI 219Concert Choir III00000
ELEC 131Digital Electronics00000
NURS 177Psychosocial Nursing-Theory & Clinical00000
ART 104Ceramics II00000
NURS 241Nursing Care of Adults III-Theory & Clinical00000
ENGL 232American Literature II00000
PHIL 101Intro to Philosophical Thought00000
AUTO 116Brake Systems00000
FISC 111Building Construction00000
CHEM 100Fundamentals of Chemistry00000
GEOG 110Physical Geography00000
ART 110Art Appreciation00000
HIST 101Western Civilization I00000
CHEM 202Organic Chemistry II00000
HIST 290Special Topics: Slavery00000
AUTO 216Heating and Air Conditioning00000
INTE 126Introduction to Manufacturing Systems00000
CMUS 1230Enrichment Chamber Singers00000
ISYS 228JAVA Programming II00000
ISYS 182Database I00000
CONS 114Intermediate Construction Practices00000
ISYS 260Wireless Communications00000
AUTO 246Alt. Fuel and Hybrid Elec Veh.00000
ISYS 282Linux00000
CONS 150Solar Energy Technology00000
ISYS 289Implementing Desktop Environments00000
ART 210Drawing II00000
LEGA 205Criminal Litigation00000
CRIM 102Serial Killer00000
MATH 101Introductory Algebra00000
BIOL 102General Biology II00000
MATH 150Statistics00000
CRIM 220Supervision and Management in Criminal Justice00000
MEDA 211M A Pharmacology00000
ART 101Two Dimensional Design00000
MEDA 251Medical Assisting Seminar00000
CRIT 103WCritical Thinking w/ Workshop00000
MUSI 102Music Theory II00000
BISC 111Biological Science00000
MUSI 141Class Piano00000
EDUC 208Infant/Toddler Care00000
MUSI 204Music History II00000
ART 230Digital Publishing00000
MUSI 217Symphonic Band III00000
EDUC 240Early Childhood Education/Internship00000
MUSI 226Men's Ensemble III00000
BUSI 210Personal Finance00000
NURS 167Principles of Medication Admin00000
ELEC 218Process Control Instrumentation I00000
NURS 187Psychosocial Care Clinical00000
ACCO 204Microcomputer Accounting Applications00000
NURS 212Nursing Leadership00000
ENGL 115Critical Reading and Writing00000
OADM 138Formatting00000
CADD 101Introduction to CAD/Auto CAD00000
ENGL 261Creative Writing/Fiction00000
ACCO 201Principles of Accounting I00000
ACCO 214Cost Accounting00000
ART 203Art History I00000
AUTO 229Engine Performance III00000
CMUS 2520ENRICH App IV -Ind Instr Voice00000
ISYS 215Sel Top:Software Enginering II00000