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SW Mich Course Reviews

Southwestern Michigan College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MUSI 141Class Piano00000
MUSI 224Chamber Singers III00000
HIMS 210Quality Assurance00000
MUSI 106Aural Skills II00000
ISYS 229Scripting Languages00000
ENGL 251Children's Literature00000
MUSI 206Aural Skills IV00000
COMM 110Introduction to Mass Communication00000
INTE 126Introduction to Manufacturing Systems00000
CONS 255Internship00000
MRI 261Clinical Practice 100000
MATH 141Analytical Geometry and Calculus I00000
ELEC 131Digital Electronics00000
MUSI 118Concert Choir00000
CHEM 100Fundamentals of Chemistry00000
MUSI 202Music Theory IV00000
HEED 117ECG Technician00000
MUSI 217Symphonic Band III00000
AUTO 234Automatic Transmissions00000
MUSI 251Applied Music III: Voice00000
CONS 145Administration and Scheduling00000
ISYS 181Spreadsheets00000
BIOL 118Plant Biology00000
MATH 101Introductory Algebra00000
CRIM 235Legal Issues in Corrections00000
MRI 220MRI Physics 100000
MEDA 212Diagnostic and Lab Procedures00000
EDUC 221Early Childhood Curriculum/Cognitive and Communication00000
MUSI 102Music Theory II00000
BUSI 240Professionalism Workshop00000
MUSI 113Jazz Ensemble00000
ENGL 103WFreshman Eng. II with Workshop00000
MUSI 123Chamber Singers00000
AUTO 148Engine Repair II00000
MUSI 143Applied Music II: Voice00000
FISC 112Fire Service Tactics00000
MUSI 204Music History II00000
CMUS 1160Enrichment Symphonic Band00000
MUSI 214Jazz Ensemble III00000
HEED 190Health Career Exploration I00000
MUSI 219Concert Choir III00000
ART 212Painting II00000
MUSI 226Men's Ensemble III00000
HIST 230Michigan History00000
MUSI 252Applied Music IV: Voice00000
BDWI 201Intermediate Potawatomi Lang.00000
INTE 245Robot Integration and Automation00000
CONS 169Green Professional00000
ISYS 207Managing and Maintaining PC's00000
ART 225Digital Photography00000
LEGA 206Civil Litigation00000
CRIM 112Introduction to United States Legal Systems00000
MATH 130Precalculus Mathematics00000
BUSI 101Introduction To Business00000
MATH 154Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II00000
CRIT 103Critical Thinking and Analytical Reading00000
MRI 201Computer Apps/Medical Imaging00000
MEDA 250M A Administration Internship00000
EDUC 210Diversity in Early Childhood00000
MRI 230MRI Procedures/Pathophys 100000
BUSI 221Advertising00000
MUSI 101Music Theory I00000
EDUC 255Internship00000
MUSI 105Aural Skills I00000
AUTO 119Electrical I00000
MUSI 110Music Appreciation00000
ELEC 218Process Control Instrumentation I00000
MUSI 116Symphonic Band00000
CADD 104Engineering Graphics II00000
MUSI 122Show Choir00000
ENGL 228Proposal Writing00000
MUSI 125Men's Ensemble00000
ART 120Three Dimensional Design00000
MUSI 142Applied Music I: Voice00000
ENGL 282Survey of British Literature II00000
MUSI 201Music Theory III00000
CHEM 201Organic Chemistry I00000
MUSI 203Music History I00000
FISC 213Intro to Fire Detec & Suppres00000
MUSI 205Aural Skills III00000
AUTO 227Engine Performance I00000
MUSI 213Jazz Ensemble II00000
HEED 132Emergency Medical Technician II00000
MUSI 216Symphonic Band II00000
CMUS 1250Enrichment Men's Ensemble00000
MUSI 218Concert Choir II00000
HIMS 201ICD Coding00000
MUSI 223Chamber Singers II00000
ART 100Introduction to Digital Art and Design00000
MUSI 225Men's Ensemble II00000
HIST 101Western Civilization I00000
MUSI 240Music for the Classroom Teacher00000
CONS 117Print Reading for Construction Trades00000
HUMA 204Introduction to Film00000
ACCO 203Federal Income Tax00000
ART 104Ceramics II00000
ART 265Portfolio Production00000
BUSI 208Business Law II00000
EDUC 101Intro Profession of Teaching00000
MEDA 251Medical Assisting Seminar00000