Suny Purchase Course Reviews

State University of New York at Purchase

CMS 1400Introduction to Video Techniques and Technology00000
CWR 4000Special Topics in Creative Writing00000
ARH 3565Photography in Africa and the African Diaspora00000
CIN 3513Film, History, and Trauma00000
CHE 1561General Chemistry II Lab00000
ARH 3107Flash-points, Fiascos, and Freak-outs: Art and Controversy,...00000
COM 3370Crisis Communication00000
AMG 5040Seminar in Arts Entrepreneurship00000
BIO 4620Molecular Biology00000
ANT 2555Magic, Witchcraft, and Modernity00000
CIN 2600Film Programming00000
CHE 3890Chemistry Junior Seminar00000
ARH 2230Early Italian Renaissance Art00000
CIN 3757New Waves of East Asian Cinema00000
AMG 3520Marketing the Arts00000
COM 1400Introduction to Video Techniques and Technology00000
ARH 3251The Russian Avant-Garde00000
CWR 2500Fiction Writing I00000
ACT 4250Voice and Speech IV00000
DES 3265Social Design00000
AMG 5150Enterprise Creation00000
CAP 3998Learning Assistant00000
ACT 4550Acting for Camera00000
CHE 3311Organic Chemistry I Lab00000
ANT 3350Myth, Ritual, and Performance00000
CIN 1500Introduction to Cinema Studies I00000
CHI 1010Beginning Chinese I00000
ARH 1025Exhibition as Exploration: Topics00000
CIN 3040Film Sound: Technique and Theory00000
AMG 3080Entertainment Public Relations00000
CIN 3705American Film Genres00000
ARH 3010The Avant-Gardes00000
CIN 3870Melodrama00000
ACT 3670Improvisation II00000
CMS 3100Film and Artistic Expression00000
ARH 319320th-Century Photography00000
COM 3130Public Communication Campaigns00000
AMG 4120Creative Producing Practicum00000
COM 3703Stand-Up Comedy00000
ARH 3455Impressionism00000
CWR 3400Poetry Writing II00000
ACT 2310Movement II00000
DES 2600Word and Image II00000
ARH 4000Writing Art Criticism00000
DES 3510Word and Image III00000
ACT 4320Movement IV00000
BIO 4760Behavior Genetics00000
ANT 1500Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology00000
CAP 4800Senior Capstone00000
ACT 2700Introduction to Rehearsal and Performance00000
CHE 3150Chemical Instrumentation and Analytical Methods00000
ANT 3150Classics in Anthropological Literature00000
CHE 3321Organic Chemistry II Lab00000
ACT 4720Rehearsal and Performance II00000
CHE 3998Learning Assistant00000
ANT 3560Fieldwork: Qualitative Methods00000
CIN 1030History of Film Art00000
CHI 2010Intermediate Chinese I00000
ARH 1010History of Art Survey I (Ancient through Medieval)00000
CIN 2200Music Video and Popular Culture00000
AMG 3025Arts in Education Practicum00000
CIN 3005Cinema and the Archive00000
ARH 2060Art Since 194500000
CIN 3140Cinema and the City00000
ACT 3210Voice III00000
CIN 3600Kubrick00000
ARH 2550Introduction to the Arts of Africa and the African Diaspora...00000
CIN 3740From Transformers to Trump00000
AMG 3170Arts and Entertainment Law00000
CIN 3830Italian Cinema After Neorealism00000
ARH 3055Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture of the Middle E...00000
CIN 3997Independent Study00000
ACT 1355Stage Combat I00000
CMS 3060Frontline Reporting: Global Conflict00000
ARH 3170African American Art00000
CMS 3235The City on Film00000
AMG 3880Arts Management Junior Seminar00000
COM 3040Mass Media: A Cultural History00000
ARH 3225Albrecht Durer and the German Renaissance00000
COM 3200American Film, Reflections of a Century III: The 21st Centur...00000
ACT 3720Rehearsal and Performance I00000
COM 3700Teamwork Through Meetings00000
ARH 3285Design and Culture00000
CWR 1000Poetic Techniques00000
AMG 5015Leadership and Management Techniques00000
CWR 3200The Art of the Novella00000
ARH 3526Art and/as Performance00000
CWR 3995Internship00000
ACT 1160Speech I00000
DES 2450Digital Media for Designers I00000
ARH 3880Junior Seminar in Art History00000
DES 3190Motion Graphics for Designers00000
AMG 5090Law and the Arts00000
ARH 4035Museology00000
ACT 1020Acting I00000
ACT 1220Voice I00000
ACT 3020Acting III00000
AMG 2200Finance for the Arts I00000
AOA 1000Discovering the Arts00000
CHI 2996Tutorial00000