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Suny Purchase Course Reviews

State University of New York at Purchase

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ASL 1100American Sign Language II00000
CHE 3321Organic Chemistry II Lab00000
ARH 3151Craft Revivals00000
ARH 5250The Russian Avant-Garde00000
ARH 3630French Art From LaTour to David00000
AOA 1001Think Wide Open: Discovering the Arts II—Exploring Creativ...00000
BIO 3530Cell Biology00000
AMG 3997Independent Study00000
ARH 3260Venetian Art and Architecture00000
AMG 5030Finance for the Arts00000
ARH 5055Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture of the Middle E...00000
ARH 4035Museology00000
ANT 3255Urban Life in Africa00000
ARH 5530New Media and Contemporary Art00000
ACT 4700Rehearsal and Performance II00000
BIO 3160Genetics00000
ARH 2240Italian High Renaissance and Mannerism00000
BIO 4770Scanning Electron Microscopy and Digital Imaging00000
ACT 3010Acting III00000
CHI 1020Beginning Chinese II00000
AMG 5000Entrepreneurship in the Arts00000
ARH 3507The Fictional Visual Arts00000
ACT 3220Voice III00000
ARH 4000Writing Art Criticism00000
AMG 5070Advanced Fund Development00000
ARH 5025Exhibition I00000
ARH 4225Theories of Painting00000
ANT 2730New Black Ethnographies00000
ARH 5171African American Art00000
ACT 4310Movement IV00000
ARH 5405Design History and Theory: 1750–Today00000
ANT 3995Internship00000
ARH 5815Mexican Art From the Revolution to the NAFTA Era00000
ACT 2320Movement II00000
BIO 1520Human Anatomy and Physiology II: Physiology and Nutrition00000
ARH 1500Introduction to Art History00000
BIO 3205Biotechnology II00000
AMG 2300Communicating the Arts00000
BIO 4300Genomics00000
ARH 3040Vermeer in the World00000
CHE 1561General Chemistry II Lab00000
ACT 1355Stage Combat I00000
CHE 3998Learning Assistant00000
ARH 3215Photography: The First Century00000
CHI 2010Intermediate Chinese I00000
ACT 3170Speech III00000
ARH 3335Latin American Art in the Age of Globalization00000
AMG 5015Leadership and Management Techniques00000
ARH 3531New Media and Contemporary Art00000
ACT 2010Acting II00000
ARH 3815Mexican Art From the Revolution to the NAFTA Era00000
AMG 5050Strategic Planning and Evaluation00000
ARH 4026Exhibition II00000
ACT 3365Stage Combat II00000
ARH 4045The Art of the Document00000
AMG 5100Master's Thesis: Enterprise Creation00000
ARH 5006Investigating Normal00000
ARH 4705Art and History After 198900000
ANT 2320Performing Arts in Cross-Cultural Perspective00000
ARH 5037Critical Curatorial Studies00000
ACT 4020Acting IV00000
ARH 5101Proseminar: Method and Theory in Art History00000
ANT 3150Classics in Anthropological Literature00000
ARH 5202The Inclusive Museum00000
ACT 2210Voice II00000
ARH 5325Masters Colloquium I: History and Theory of Modern Art00000
ANT 3415Anthropology of Sound and Listening00000
ARH 5507The Fictional Visual Arts00000
ACT 4500The Business of Acting00000
ARH 5705Art and History After 198900000
ANT 4070Current Anthropological Literature00000
ARH 5997Independent Study00000
ACT 1250Dramatic Structure00000
BCM 4880Biochemistry Senior Seminar I00000
ARH 1020History of Art Survey II (Renaissance through 20th Century)00000
BIO 1560General Biology II00000
ACT 4730Rehearsal and Performance II00000
BIO 3171Developmental Biology Lab00000
ARH 2061Art Since 1945 Discussion00000
BIO 3360Microbiology00000
ACT 2620Stage Makeup00000
BIO 3996Tutorial00000
ARH 2551Introduction to the Arts of Africa and the African Diaspora...00000
BIO 4651Transmission Electron Microscopy and Cell Ultrastructure Lab00000
AMG 3540Visual Arts Management II: Curatorship and Connoisseurship00000
CAP 4800Senior Capstone00000
ARH 3056Metropolis: Architecture and Urbanism in the Twentieth Centu...00000
CHE 3310Organic Chemistry I00000
ACT 1030Script Analysis00000
CHE 3890Chemistry Junior Seminar00000
ARH 3190History of Photography00000
CHE 4880Chemistry Senior Seminar I00000
AMG 4110Cross-Disciplinary Partnerships in the Arts00000
ARH 3240Dutch Art00000
ACT 1010Acting I00000
ACT 1160Speech I00000
ACT 2100History of Theatre00000
ACT 3710Rehearsal and Performance I00000
AMG 5995Internship00000
ARH 4820Food and Feasting in the Visual Arts00000