Suny Potsdam Course Reviews

State University of New York Potsdam

CIS 303Analysis of Algorithms11331
CHEM 342Organic Chemistry 2-Lec42351
GEOL 101Environmental Geology-Lec54551
COMM 201Mass Media and Society00000
CIS 280ASelect Lang-Python Mach Lrng00000
ARTS 379Photography 100000
APLE 150General Honors Colloquium00000
COMM 430Employment Seeking Commnctn00000
BIOL 111Adirondack Ecology00000
COMP 402Composition Theory00000
BIOL 304Sustainable Agriculture-Lec00000
CHEM 452Physical Chemistry 2-Lec00000
ARTS 319Graphic Design & Media Arts 100000
CIS 420Database Systems00000
ANTH 402Forensic Anthropology00000
COMM 312Practicum at the Racquette00000
ARTS 461Ceramics III00000
COMP 304Technical Writing00000
ANTH 295Intro To Forensic Anthropology00000
DANC 112Beginning Jazz Dance00000
ARAB 350North African Lit & Culture00000
ANTH 347Humans, Disease And Death00000
BIOL 331Nat Hist Higher Vertebrtes-Lec00000
ARTE 301Art Education Child/Adolescent00000
BIOL 403Human Anatomy&Physiology 1-Lec00000
BIOL 431Developmental Biology-Lec00000
CHEM 425Biochemistry 1-Lec00000
ARTS 130Three Dimensional Design00000
CIS 105Intro to Computing00000
ANTH 370Art & Culture Of China00000
CIS 356Assbl Lang & Comp Archtectur00000
ARTS 340Printmaking II00000
CIS 490@Computer Science Internship00000
ANTH 195Crafting Maple Syrup00000
COMM 302Multimedia Editing00000
ARTS 431Painting III: Thematic R&D00000
COMM 340Public Relations00000
ANTH 457Dental Anthropology00000
COMP 101Writing & Critical Thinking00000
ARTS 493Senior Exhibition Seminar00000
COMP 311Writing in a Digital Age00000
ANTH 106Ancient People and Places00000
COMP 419Screenwriting Workshop II00000
BIOL 210Intro To Anatomy & Physiology00000
DANC 207@Technical Theatre Prod I00000
ANTH 319Public And Private Archaeology00000
BIOL 320Microbiology-Lec00000
ARMA 300@Marketing&Public Rel In Arts00000
BIOL 352VTrop Ecology & Conserv-Travel00000
ANTH 111Introduction to Anthropology00000
BIOL 415Virology00000
ARTH 101RSurvey Art: Ancient to Ren Rec00000
ANTH 356Neanderthals:Fact,Fict&Fantasy00000
BIOL 455Molecular Genetics00000
ARTH 102RSurvey Art: Ren-Modern Recitat00000
BIOL 479Issues in Health Care00000
CHEM 102Chemistry in the News- Lec00000
CHEM 408Chemistry Topics00000
ARTS 110Foundations of Drawing I00000
CHEM 434Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory00000
ANTH 363Arch Of Eastern North America00000
CHEM 598Chemical Education Research00000
ARTS 211Foundations of Drawing 200000
CIS 201RComputer Science I Recitation00000
ANTH 165Language And Magic00000
ARTH 358X-Cultural Approach To Art00000
CHEM 105RGeneral Chemistry 1 Recitation00000
ARTS 329Painting I00000
CIS 395Security In Computer Science00000
ANTH 391Anthropological Theory00000
CIS 443Programming Languages00000
ARTS 359Ceramics I00000
COMM 108Introduction to Mass Comm00000
ACCT 450@Fraud Examination00000
COMM 245Interpersonal Communication00000
ARTS 395Mural & Public Art Projects00000
COMM 308Writ for Mass Communication00000
ANTH 422Linguistic Diversity00000
COMM 321War On Film00000
ARTS 442Printmaking IV00000
COMM 372Rhetoric Of The Black Church00000
ANTH 203Intro Language & Culture-Lec00000
COMM 470African American Rhetoric00000
ARTS 482Photography IV00000
COMP 301Advanced Research Writing00000
ANTH 495Digital Storytelling00000
COMP 307Creative Nonfiction Workshop I00000
BIOL 105Introduction To Human Genetics00000
COMP 321Writing About The Environment00000
ACCT 202@Principles of Accounting II00000
COMP 413Poetry Workshop II00000
BIOL 151General Biology-Lec00000
DANC 101Intro to Performance Studies00000
ARAB 101Arab Level 1 Calligraphy Art00000
CHEM 301Fundamentals Of Environmtl Sci00000
BIOL 300Ecology-Lec00000
ACCT 195Survey Of Accounting00000
ACCT 360@Federal Individual Taxation00000
ANTH 130The Native Americans00000
ANTH 359Archaeology Of Black Lives00000