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Suny Poly Course Reviews

State University of New York Polytechnic Institute

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 370Software Engineering00000
CS 532Cryptography & Data Security00000
BIO 270Cell Biology00000
COM 495Senior Practicum/Communication00000
CBH 491Independent Study in CBH00000
ACC 641Acc Info Syst & Data Analytics00000
CS 498Capstone Project00000
CE 303Environmental Engineering00000
BLW 570Bus Law, Ethics, Intel Proprty00000
CE 448Green Bldg Strategies:LEED Lab00000
COM 416Interactive Animation00000
CE 432Water & Waste Water Unit Desig00000
CHE 230TOrganic Chemistry I Lecture00000
CS 220Computer Organization00000
BUS 505Multinational Economics/Tech00000
CS 451Distributed Systems00000
BIO 103LBiology I Laboratory00000
CS 520Computer Architecture00000
BIO 130LPlant Biology Laboratory00000
CS 598Project00000
CE 422Transportation Terminal Design00000
BUS 591Independent Study/Business00000
BIO 241TForensic Biology Lecture00000
CE 304Geotechnical Engineering00000
CET 102Electric Circuits00000
COM 375Design/Writing Interactiv Text00000
COM 307Business Communications00000
CHE 110LEssentials of Chemistry Lab00000
COM 429Professional Game Productions00000
BIO 491Independent Study/Biology00000
CPT 400Curricular Practical Training00000
ACC 475Advanced Accounting Problems00000
CS 330Operating Systems & Networking00000
BIO 103TBiology I Lecture00000
CS 409Software Project Management00000
ANT 382Cultures, Health & Healing00000
CS 489Co-Op Work Study/Computer Sci00000
CBH 490Topic: Biopsychosocial Context of Aging00000
CS 505Object-oriented Programming00000
BIO 216LAnatomy & Physiology II Lab00000
CS 524Distributed Systems00000
ACC 685Adv Financial Accountng Theory00000
CS 542Machine Learning00000
BIO 380Evolution00000
CSC 101JIntro Computng & JAVA Programg00000
BIO 222Nutrition and Health00000
BUS 306Business Law II00000
CE 440Construction Management00000
CBH 377Multi Displ Apprch/Underst Dis00000
ANT 303Cultural Diversity00000
CE 220Professionalism00000
CE 490Topic: Earthquake Loads00000
CE 412Finite Element Analysis00000
BIO 275TMicrobiology Lecture00000
COM 295Topic:Contemp Chall/Graph Dsgn00000
CET 210Digital Systems I00000
COM 341Video and Communication00000
COM 309Machinima & 3D Animation00000
CET 429Micropro, Microprog/Cmptr Arct00000
COM 400Computer Software Documentatn00000
BIO 401Phylogenetics00000
COM 419Video Game Design Studio00000
CHE 130TIntroductory Chemistry I Lect00000
COM 491Independent Study/Communicatn00000
ART 350History Of American Art00000
COM 499Portfolio Review/Prof Devlpmnt00000
ACC 310Income Tax I00000
CS 100Intro to Computing Seminar00000
BUS 420Employee Benefits00000
CS 249Object-Oriented Programming00000
ACC 591Independent Study-Grad Acct00000
CS 350Information & Knowledge Mgmnt00000
ACC 630Fund Accounting00000
CS 377Intro to Theory of Computing00000
ANT 110Intro to Cultural Anthropology00000
CS 431Principls Programmng Languages00000
CBH 375Biopsychosoc Cntxt of Hlth/Wel00000
CS 477Algorithms00000
ART 140Painting Technique & Style00000
CS 491Independent Study/Computer Sci00000
BIO 106Solutions for Sust. World00000
CS 502Machine Structures00000
BIO 130TPlant Biology Lecture00000
CS 511Formal Mthds Sftw Cnstr & Verf00000
CE 210Elementary Surveying00000
CS 522Computer Networks00000
BIO 225Biology Of The Sexes00000
CS 530Algorithms & Complexity00000
ACC 386Intermediate Accountng II00000
CS 540Artificial Intelligence00000
BIO 300TEcology Lecture00000
CS 548Topic: Modeling and Simulation00000
CE 410Structural Steel Design00000
BIO 472Oncology00000
ACC 205Managerial Accounting00000
ACC 585Financial Reporting/Analysis00000
ANT 490Topic:Anthropology of Business00000
BIO 350Advanced Physiology00000
CET 416Computer Networks00000
COM 319Asset Production00000