Suny Poly Course Reviews

State University of New York Polytechnic Institute

CS 498Capstone Project00000
CTC 222Strength of Materials00000
CHE 231LOrganic Chemistry II Lab00000
CS 350Information & Knowledge Mgmnt00000
COM 108Intro to Digital Media Prod00000
CE 481Capstone Design II00000
CS 598Project00000
BIO 401Phylogenetics00000
CJ 210Crime Investigation00000
BUS 505Multinational Economics/Tech00000
CPT 400Curricular Practical Training00000
COM 306Report Writing/Tech Communcatn00000
CE 411Reinforced Concrete Design00000
CS 431Principls Programmng Languages00000
BIO 241TForensic Biology Lecture00000
CS 524Distributed Systems00000
CET 423Microprocessor Interfacing00000
CSC 310Computers & Society00000
ART 135Drawing00000
CTC 490Capstone Design00000
BLW 570Bus Law, Ethics, Intel Proprty00000
CJ 491Independent Study/Crim Just00000
BIO 103LBiology I Laboratory00000
COM 239Gamification Theory00000
CBH 377Multi Displ Apprch/Underst Dis00000
COM 429Professional Game Productions00000
COM 320Information Design00000
CE 302Transportation Engineering00000
CS 249Object-Oriented Programming00000
BIO 216LAnatomy & Physiology II Lab00000
CS 370Software Engineering00000
CE 432Water & Waste Water Unit Desig00000
CS 477Algorithms00000
ANT 303Cultural Diversity00000
CS 511Formal Mthds Sftw Cnstr & Verf00000
CET 103Electronics I00000
CS 540Artificial Intelligence00000
BIO 300TEcology Lecture00000
CSC 111FPresentation Graphics00000
CHE 130LIntroductory Chemistry I Lab00000
CTC 101Intro to Enginering Technology00000
ACC 595Internship00000
CTC 450Water & Wastewater Systems00000
CHE 490Special Topics in Chemistry00000
ECE 101Introduction to Engineering I00000
AST 222Astronomy00000
CJ 350Sexual Offenders00000
BUS 451Issues in Business & Society00000
CMT 600Continuous Registration-CS00000
ACC 640Financial Stmnt Investigations00000
COM 216Digital Media/Info in Society00000
CBH 290Topic: Biopsychosocial Context of Aging00000
COM 290Topic: Intro to Char Desgn/Dev00000
BIO 104TBiology II Lecture00000
COM 309Machinima & 3D Animation00000
CBH 450PsychSoc Impact Tech on Health00000
COM 417Visual Identity & Branding00000
COM 350Visual Thinking and Writing00000
CE 220Professionalism00000
COM 492Digital Media Internship00000
BIO 130LPlant Biology Laboratory00000
CS 220Computer Organization00000
CE 330Fluid Mechanics00000
CS 307UNIX Programming Environment00000
ANT 110Intro to Cultural Anthropology00000
CS 351Web Developmnt & Internet Prog00000
CE 422Transportation Terminal Design00000
CS 381Princ Comp Secur & Cryptgraphy00000
BIO 224Biology of Aging00000
CS 451Distributed Systems00000
CE 442Found. Engineering & Design00000
CS 490Topic: System Studies00000
ACC 585Financial Reporting/Analysis00000
CS 503Data Structures00000
CET 101Fund Elec & Comp Eng Tech00000
CS 521Operating Systems00000
BIO 275LMicrobiology Laboratory00000
CS 531Automata-Computblty/Forml Lang00000
CET 299Quality Contrl/Workplce Issues00000
CS 543Introduction to Systems Theory00000
ANT 490Topic:Anthropology of Business00000
CSC 110Computers & Society00000
CET 445System-on-Chip Embedded Sys I00000
CSC 117Computer Systems & C Programng00000
BIO 351Genetics00000
CSC 311CSpreadsheets I00000
CHE 131TIntroductory Chemistry II Lect00000
CTC 215Sustainable Energy Systems00000
ACC 385Intermediate Accounting I00000
CTC 424Design of Concrete Structures00000
CHE 430LBiochemistry Laboratory00000
CTC 470Construction Administration00000
BIO 487Senior Biology Seminar00000
CHI 101Elementary Chinese00000
ACC 205Managerial Accounting00000
ACC 475Advanced Accounting Problems00000
ACC 650Advanced Auditing Theory00000
BIO 115Basic Human Anatomy & Phys. I00000
CBH 493Proj Sem/Health and Well-being00000
COM 400Computer Software Documentatn00000